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Short by philip

I stood in front of the headmaster " i told you to get your hair cut Paul before Monday didn't i" "i forgot sir" he looked at me " right you leave school and go to the barbers and if you forget you be straight back here and you get a real hair cut.

Went into the barbers and sat on a chair at the waiting area to take my turn when " next " i got up from the chair took off my school blazer " take a seat " said the barber to me and i did " how short " just short its a bit long please sir " off he went cutting away, i got up from the chair paid him put my school blazer back on and left. On the other side of the road i did not see John Wilson who was from my school who liked getting me into trouble took out his phone and called the school " sir Paul john came out of the barbers with just a trim on his hair" he tuned off his phone " Paul you are in trouble".

John sat in front of his computer in his room and went onto the school hard drive " that's what i want " and changed my marks to my school work " Paul you are in so much trouble" after he shut down the school hard drive he spent 1 hour trying to get into my computer at home " yes got in now what are you looking at..art that's all " he smiled " put this in and this your life is going to change Paul".

Walked into school that morning with my new hair cut when " Paul my office ", i stood in front of the headmaster " i told you Paul what would happen " " my hair is cut sir" a man walked into the headmaster office " you are going to get a real short hair cut boy" "its cut sir " i was put in a chair and i was given a 1930 boys hair cut bloody short, now i am in 5th year when i took a look at my self in a mirror i thought i was a junior " much better Paul oh your school work has gone down so you are put back a year to get them up" " sir! my school work has gone down " " yes " " couldn't have sir no way " " you are going back to 4th year and your hair will be kept short from now on" " 4th year school shorts white PE kit, my school work is up sir" the headmaster did not listen to me " if your marks don't go up you be in 4th year for the rest of the year Paul come along".

I came out in my full school uniform school shorts then it hit me " bloody John Wilson he did this i get him for this"

Readers you want to find out what happens next let me know.

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