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Wills New Look by P.J.

To understand the references here you should go back and read Part 1 - Hunting Camp.

Will called yesterday and asked when it would be convenient to come over and have me do the nasty deed. He was ready to donate his impressive mane and then have me give him a cut suitable for job interviewing, and NOT a buzz cut.

I said how about Saturday morning, the house would be quiet, my wife would be grocery shopping. I asked if he had any idea what kind of cut he wanted, and to bring a pic or two of it for reference. He laughed and said, he'd be able to do more than that, and he'd see me Saturday morning.
Hot damn, I was actually going to get my hands into that plush mane. and cut it short no less. I was almost beside myself. This was a barbers dream, shearing a mane like that. By now it was another 3 or 4 inches longer too. I looked up donations and determined he had 2 possibilities, depending on how short he wanted to cut it. Pantene took minimum of 8 inches, Locks of love wanted 12 inches minimum. I was pretty sure we'd be able to meet the Locks of Love length, unless he really wanted to keep a short pony tail going forward. I hoped not, I wanted to talk him into something clipper short if possible.

Saturday came around and I was pacing the floor with anticipation. I heard a knock on the kitchen door, then Will walked in as was customary for Dan and his family at our house. To my surprise, another guy about his age walked in with him. This kid had model quality good looks, and striking auburn hair, professionally groomed into a great looking cut, quite long on top, with long tapered sides and back, sides just breaking over his ears, back a bit longer than his nape. Slightly wavy, and very thick. When your an amateur barber with a haircut fetish, you notice the guys haircut first, I'm just sayin'. Hi Adam, this is Nick, my roommate from Palo Alto. Oops, sorry, let me start again, this is Nick, my boyfriend from Palo Alto, Will said with a tentative smile. Without missing a beat I reached out to shake Nicks hand. Pleasure to meet you Nick. Sorry to spring that on you Adam, are you cool with it? Will, thank you for telling me, it's a bit of a surprise but doesn't change a thing in my book. I gave Will a big hug for reassurance. Nick, I hope my surrogate son is treating you well, and you are treating him the same, I said, in my best fatherly voice, smiling at the two of them.

Yes sir, pleasure to meet you sir, Nick replied. Will has told me a lot about your two families over the past couple of years. Nick and I have been living together for the last three years, Will said. I finally had to come out to mom an dad when we moved back here. I wanted to tell you myself, before you and dad had a chance to talk. So far things have been going O.K. moms cool about it. It's taking dad a bit to get used to us, but my brothers have been good about it. We just promised each other to keep an open dialog and be respectful. Nicks going to look for a professorship here along with me so we can stay together Will explained. His Post Doc is in Physics. Mines in Chemistry. I'm glad to know that you've had someone important in your life while you were out there Will, I said, smiling at him, I kind of wondered when we never heard about a girl friend. I guess we just weren't asking the right question, I said, and laughed.
We all trooped down stairs to the cutting room as we called it. I said, so, have you decided what type of cut you want, and did you bring pics. That will probably determine how much of this mane gets donated I said, reaching over and giving it a tug. Well, yes, actually I have, Will said, smiling sheepishly first at me, then at Nick. Can you cut it to look something like Nicks, he asked shyly. Hmm, I said eyeing Nick critically. Nick, I don't know you very well yet, but we're about to get really well acquainted, at least from the neck up. Can I comb your hair and determine how its cut, and how long it really is son, I asked.

Nick smiled, turning a bit red, and said, sure. Nick smiled at Will and said, really, you want to get it cut like mine babe, really? Yeah, remember I haven't had a haircut as long as we've known each other, and previous to that all I've had is buzz cuts. I want a real hair style for a change, something to comb, and mess up, he said, smiling slyly at Nick. . And I think yours is really hot looking, O.K. ,Will said a bit defensively. Calm down killer, I'm just surprised, with all the potential cuts you could get now, you want one like mine, I'm humbled man, Nick said calmly.
I walked over to Nick, who had grabbed one of the low barstools from the other room, and parked himself on it for the show that was about to ensue. I ran my hands through his plush mane, destroying the perfectly quaffed look for a minute . I had a comb in my hand and began to comb it out. Nick sighed softly. Hmm, was he liking the hair play? Wow, bangs down almost to his chin, and very thick, sides and back were graduated from an inch or so at the bottom to a little over two inches at the parting. The top gradually got shorter from front to back, blending in perfectly to the upper back and sides. He wore it with a three quarter part on the left side, swept back and held in place with a paste or clay. His hair had amazing texture to it, and just enough wave to make it interesting and a bit less perfect looking. I combed it back into a semblance of what he walked in with. OMG would I like to give this head of hair a cut. Wonder what he'd look like with a nice #2 all over.
I then walked over to Will, who was still standing, arms crossed, in a nervous pose next to the big mirror. Go grab another stool bud, I said, I can't work with your hair if you're sitting in the big barber chair just yet, it's too long, at the moment, I said, with a sly grin. Will came back with a stool, and plopped down on it. I switched to a brush, and brushed his impressive mane back over his shoulders, it reached mid way down his back, even the bangs hit his shoulder blades when he flipped them back.

Well Will, you can certainly make the Locks of Love length of 12 inches I said. We can section it into top, sides, and back, and cut each to a reasonable length for me to work with to get you a cut resembling Nicks. You do know that even though I can approximate Nicks cut, it won't look identical right, I asked. Yeah, Will said, I know, even close is fine with me. Just make sure you don't cut the bangs any shorter than my chin O.K. ? I was a bit puzzled by this but, whatever. I pulled a lock of his bangs forward, it hung well past his collar bone, I think we're safe, I said. What about you Nick, will asked, you O.K. with this? Babe, Nick replied, it's your hair, actually I was kind of hoping for a short buzz cut look, I've never seen you with short hair, you might look kind of cute all clippered up. Wills eye brows shot up, have you been conspiring with my dad, Nick, Will intoned gruffly. Nope, why would you ask that Nick replied innocently, then smiled. That son of a bitch, Will barked, looking at me exasperatedly. He never quits does he Adam? I smiled, I don't think he's going to have any effect on you from now on, I said, smiling at Nick. Babe, I'm flattered you want it cut like mine, just keep in mind that I haven't had mine cut in almost 8 weeks now, Nick said, smiling back. Ah, I said, do you usually get it clipper cut then or still with shears, I asked.
Shears, Nick replied, I don't care for the clippered look for myself, smiling wickedly at Will again. So, Will do you want it present length Nick, or fresh cut Nick then, I asked. Present length Nick if you can Adam, was his reply. We can always cut it shorter, maybe we can wait a few weeks and you can cut both of us then, Will said, looking inquisitively at Nick. We'll see , Will, give this a bit of time first, O.K. remember, this haircut stuff is all new to me, Nick said. I jumped right in saying, Will, I can always take it down with a number 2 guard all over , just like old times if you want. God no! Adam, are you kidding, Will said, with a horrified look on his face. I've waited all this time to finally get out from under dads idea of a good looking haircut. I smiled back at him, just checking bud.

O.K. let's get started, this isn't going to be one of those 20 minute buzz cuts as you remember them Will. Stay on the stool for the moment, let me cape you up, and well cut the tails off while you're there, I can brush out the long hair easier than if you were in the big chair, O.K.? Sure Will said quietly. I could tell he was getting tense as the big chop got closer to being a reality.
I left Will facing the big mirror. Nick watched intently as I brushed and sectioned the sides top and back of Wills hair into four thick pony tails. God was this guys hair thick. I was in heaven. Will had thick hair, and tons of it. He had washed and dried it like I asked, before coming over. Whatever he used on it kept it healthy and shiny, that golden blonde color was amazing. I didn't want to stop running my hands through it. O.K. dude, I said, picking up the Oster 76's , moment of truth, really want to go through with this? Will sighed and looked up into the mirror one last time at his huge mane. Wow, I thought I'd be doing back flips at this point to finally cut this off Will murmured quietly. Nick looked at me an motioned for me to leave for a minute. I put the clippers down and walked around the corner, out of sight but not out of hearing range. Nick had hopped up and sat on Wills Lap as I left the room. Will, babe, I told you , there are plenty of professors out there with pony tails and man buns. You don't have to do this to get a job in this economy, not with your qualifications. And you certainly don't have to do it for me, I don't know what you look like without all this, Nick said, playfully tugging the top fountain of hair I'd pulled up and tied up. I know Nick, Will said quietly, it's just that I've never had hair to speak of, prior to growing this lions mane, dad always kept us buzzed. I've kind of become accustomed to this long mane over the last few years. I'm just anxious about what I might look like without it I guess. But, new stage in life, so new do, O.K. ?

I'm ready, Adam, get back in here and let's do this. Nick quickly hopped off Will's lap and took his seat again, this time sliding a bit closer to Will. I grabbed the Osters, fired them up and quickly lopped off the tail in the back, handing it to Nick, leaving 5 inches of hair to flop back on his head . No going back now I chirped. Will gasped, wow , that was quick, are you in a Hurry Adam, Will barked. No, why bud, I replied, I'm just a bit anxious to get to work on the new you, I said smiling innocently. We'd put the elastic bands on so that about 5 inches or so of hair would stay behind after lopping the tails off, except the top, that one would leave much more length, and just made the 12 inch requirement, this being so that Will could have his chin length bangs when it was all over with. I quickly lopped off the sides, handing both of these tails to Nick too. Good god Will, that's a lot of hair, and we haven't even done the top yet. Nick set the three tails on the shelf in front of Will. Will gave another audible sigh as I reached for the top tail. He closed his eyes in anticipation.

I motioned to Nick, I was holding the tail on the top straight up, I pointed to where to cut, and handed him the clippers. He got a s**t eating grin on his face and plowed he clippers in before Will realized it was him. The remaining bang locks flopping forward on Wills face as Nick sliced through the thick tail with the Osters. I told him to take the tail, and I quick got my phone out and had him hold up the clippers and the severed tail, He leaned in with an evil grin on his face, brandishing the clippers and triumphantly showing the severed tail over Wills head. Will, I could tell, had a none too happy expression on his face under all the thick bang hair, after he opened his eyes I snapped a pic. The deed now done, Will sat looking like he'd just lost a fight with a weed wacker. Long thick bang locks hanging completely over his face, sides an back sticking out and hanging down, awkwardly chopped off. He shook his head rapidly. Wow, that feels so weird, he said laughing. I have virtually no hair, comparatively speaking of course. four golden blonde tails now sat on the shelf in front of Will.

O.K. dude, move on over to the big chair and let's get down to work, I said motioning to the big barber chair. Will obliged and settled in, sighing audibly. You're going to look great Will, I promise, I said squeezing his shoulder gently, he was taught as a bow string still. I know, I trust you Adam, I'm just realizing that this has really been a lot this last couple of weeks. This is a culmination of sorts for me. Coming out to the family, and getting a whole new look too. Ah, now I knew where his head was at. He was sitting there all vulnerable under the cape. Still looking like he hadn't had a haircut in months, long shaggy sides sticking out , and that huge bang mop. Take a deep breath bud, and relax, this is going to take me more than a few minutes O.K.? Yes, sure Adam, Will's reflection smiled back at me in the mirror.

Nick sidled over to the chair, pushed Wills huge bang mop out of the way, looked him in the eye and said, easy babe, you are gonna look so hot, I'm sure of it, and gave him a quick kiss. Whoa, this was going to take some getting used to, guys kissing in the cutting room, yikes. I took a deep breath, Dan and I were going to have some heavy conversations next time we met up, I was sure of that. I was O.K. with Wills being Gay, but this was the first time I'd been around a gay couple, it was a whole new world.

O.K. you two, break it up, I have work to do here, I said jokingly. Nick retreated, red faced, and settled in to watch. I resectioned Will off, deep back horseshoe parting, low on the sides, to maximize the amount that was going to make up the bangs and top. Duck clipping the huge bang mop up out of the way, I was saving that for last, what a huge hank of hair! I combed through the long thick locks on the back of Wills head , now dampened thoroughly, and cut in my first guide. There was still quite a bit of hair to cut, I realized, as a thick 5 inch long shank of hair slid off, and down the cape into Wills lap. I methodically worked my way up and down across the back of his head, now we were getting someplace. I'd left about an inch below his nape and graduated it up to a bit more than 2 inches at the parting. Killer short by Wills standards. His hair looked outstanding. It was thick and full of body now that it was shorter. I realized that he had quite a bit of scruffy neck hair we'd have to deal with, not having had a cut for so long. Wait till I got the straight razor out, this was gonna be great! The back finished for now, I ruffed my hand through it from bottom to top, Will moaned, OMG that feels so weird Adam, but great at the same time. I smiled, his hair felt awesome, just like a long soft bristle brush. I longed to take the hungry Osters to it and shear it right down to stubble like old times. Your cutting my hair, and I still have hair left, that's a first here in the cutting room I think, Will said, smiling. I can still take the Osters to it if you like, that's still a lot of hair for you compared to how you used to leave this room. NO!, thanks, really, Will said, with a look of trepidation, this'll be just fine like this, thanks. We all laughed.

I took a hard look at Nick, ands with an apologetic smile quickly slid my hand into his amazing mane on the side to gage the length, and smiled at him. He nodded and smiled back. Thanks Nick, I needed to do a quick check there. Nick reached for a comb and quickly combed his perfectly clipped side back into shape again, smiling.

I told Will what I wanted to do on the sides, leaving a natural looking growth overhanging the top of his ear just a bit, similar to Nicks', and tapering up to the 2 ish inches at the parting. Will nodded silently in the affirmative, wide eyed. This would be the first real look he'd get at this new do, up to now it had all been in back, and he couldn't see anything but the long cut locks landing in his lap. He was watching me intently in the big mirror. Want me to turn you away till the big reveal Will, I asked. No, No, please, I've watched all the destruction so far, I'd like to watch the construction too please. O.K., I smiled, sure bud no problem. I noticed that Nick was also watching intently, only he was watching Will, not me.

I did the left side first , then the right, Will lost another 5 plus inches of hair on each side as I snipped them into shape. I had to admit, with his hair texture, and thickness, this was shaping up to be a great looking choice of cut. It was still quite a bit longer than I wanted to give him, but we had to start somewhere, I'd hoped he'd want the freshly clipped up Nick look but, oh, well. All I had left was the top, and bangs. The new Will was starting to emerge. All, wow, what a huge mop of top and bangs it was. I unclipped them and they flopped across Wills face, completely hiding it. I resprayed it to dampen it. Wow, running my hands through it, I'd love to take this down to a short overhanging sides look, cutting almost a foot off of it, oh, well, maybe next time, I mused to myself. I combed the huge shank of hair out and straight down, it hung just a bit below his chin. O.K. I said, smiling at NIck, we're done here, who want s beer? Nick burst out laughing, Will barked, what the F***? Sorry Will, I'm just kidding, you were both getting just a bit too intense there.

O.K. I'm going to cut it just at your chin, then comb it straight back, so I can get the length for the over direct as we get to the back. Wow this was a lot of hair to cut, it was all about a foot long. It took me a few minutes to get a guide line cut in, then I set to work reducing the huge mound of hair into some kind of shape. I'd been dampening his hair as I went along with the whole cut, the top was almost dry again by the time I was finishing. Wow, I dampened it again a bit, and gave it an initial comb back like Nicks to see how it laid. Wills chiseled features suddenly popped. With all the thick hair pulled up and back, his deep blue eyes , open wide, were locked on the big mirror. Nick almost swooned. OH!, Will!, babe, you are going to look so hot babe. I nodded my head up and down. Will, you are one handsome dude man. This is gonna be a great cut for you. Will cracked a smile for the first time since he sat down, eyes riveted to the mirror still. I could feel the tension leaving his shoulders though as I combed him out all around again. I got a bit of hot lather out, and lathered his side burns and nape. He'd never seen me do this so when I got the straight razor out he almost leaped out of the chair. What are you gonna do with that, he yelped. Relax and sit down, I'm just going to shave up your side burns and the neck fuzzies bud, jeeze. You look like Magilla Gorilla in back here. Oh, God, O.K. for a minute there I thought you were going to start to shave me bald. Hah, I replied, nice thought , but no, not this time anyway I said, and laughed evilly.

What are we doing with these wooly caterpillar side burns bud, I asked. They came down past the bottom of his ears, thick and bushy, they'd clearly been let go. Will looked at Nick, his were cleanly cut just at the point where his ears started to rise away from his face. They looked great. I think the same as Nicks to start Adam Will replied, smiling at Nick. Hot damn, I was going to be able to scrape most of this bush off on each side, one of my favorite things to do with a straight razor. Will tensed as I pulled his skin taught with my thumb and briskly scraped away the thick fur. Look at that I said smirking, all gone, and no blood! Will relaxed and laughed a bit. Whew, I'm clearly not used to all this fine detail work , man! I moved to the back, more hot lather, and much scraping with the razor later, I was done. There bud, no more gorilla back, at least from the t shirt line up. I'll leave the rest of the manscaping to Nick I said, smiling at Nick wickedly.

Now all cleaned up, I gave him a quick fluff with the blow dryer. Wow, first time I've used that on any of your clan Will, I said smirking. Yeah, don't I know it, he replied. I think that's the first time having a blow dryer pointed at me, ever, he replied. I got the jar of matte finish paste out that I used on my guys, showed it to Nick, and asked is this what you use on yours? Sure, that'll do for starters, Nick replied. I showed Will how much I was using, instructed him on how to apply it, then worked it through his hair. I still couldn't believe how great his hair felt. I could work my hands through it all day. It was so thick. I combed it into place, glancing over at Nick a couple of times for reference, then said, O.K. what do you think of the new Will?
Will was glassy eyed, staring at himself in the mirror. I almost don't recognize me, he said slowly. I took the cape off, letting the huge pile of hair slide to the floor. He stood up, walked closer to the mirror , then asked for the comb. He combed through all of his new cut. OMG, I actually have a hair style, Holy s**t!. Nick came up behind him, hugged him, and gave him a long kiss on the neck. And you have a neck babe. You look incredible by the way. Ten times better than I do, Nick said, and with the same cut no less. I had to admit, standing side by side, they looked like two Burberrys models getting ready for a photo shoot. Both were incredibly handsome.

O.K. let me clean up a bit, Will grab beer for us and we can sit and talk . I'd like to get to know Nick a bit. Unless of course, you're ready for me to have a go at your hair Nick, I asked innocently. You did say it's been awhile since you've had it cut.

Nick sighed, looking at himself in the big mirror. Will was watching Nick intently now. The two were lock eyed on each other. Nick broke the spell, I think I'll wait a couple of weeks Adam, if you don't mind. He reached for Wills head and said, I need to get used to this guys new look first, before we change mine. Hmm what did he mean by that remark I wondered.

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