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Ian's New Do by Mike P

It was the week of Thanksgiving break, Ian was off from school and he had been arguing with his father about his hair. Ian's father kept telling him he needed a haircut. Ian's hair came to almost his shoulders and Ian was also tired of his long hair, but he was afraid to cut it.

One day Ian had wanted an expensive watch so he made a deal with his dad. He would get a haircut in 10 days for the watch.

Ian had put off getting a haircut for several days until one day his dad told him to get in the car to go grocery shopping. They left but instead of going to the grocery store they stopped at a local barber shop. Ian's heart sank. They walked in. Ian was called to the chair and he sat down. The barber asked what he wanted but without letting Ian say what he wanted his dad interrupted: " do a number 3 on top and a 1 on the sides" the barber said ok and picked up the clippers.

The barber popped on the one guard and turned the clippers on. He took the clippers and dug right in to Ian's long brown hair and giant chunks fell onto his lap. Ian felt scared. He had never had a clipper cut before. The barber continued as Ian watched his long brown locks fall. The barber then switched to a number three and dug right into the hair on top leaving a short stubble on Ian's head. The cut was finished and Ian felt it. He felt odd with such little hair.

As the week went on he felt much lighter and didn't feel as worried about his hair.

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