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Cabin Weekend by P.J.

Drew and I had finally found a weekend where we both were available to spend the weekend at his family's cabin on forth lake. I'd been friends with Drew for as long as I could remember. We'd been coming up here together ever since we were kids. My family and His have been neighbors for all that time Since we'd graduated college and started our careers, finding time to spend together, just us guys was becoming harder and harder. I was gay and out and had been since I was a senior in high school. Drew wasn't gay, as far as I knew. We were both between relationship at the moment so it was the perfect time for a little R and R at the cabin.

We were splitting and stacking a load of logs his dad had had delivered in preparation for winter. Good exercise for a couple of software geeks who now sat ant desks staring at screens all day. Drew and I were taking turns at the woods splitter, one operating the splitter, one loading log rounds and removing the split wood. We'd take a break every now and then and shut the splitter off and stack wood. The silence was amazing. We also had time to talk and catch up on each other's lives. Not that daily texting wasn't a constant occurrence. Who didn't do that these days, right.
We were talking about our recent breakups and how hard it was to find someone compatible these days. Drew suddenly said, I think I'm done with girls altogether, I just might try guys. I thought he was joking at first, me being gay and all. He looked straight at me and asked, Dan, before you were sure you were gay, had you ever tried it with a girl? I thought for a minute before replying. We'd never covered this territory in conversations before. Well, yes, in high school, before I was sure, yes. Why, I inquired. Well, I've been with several girls, and I just don't seem to get that spark that everyone talks about. We never really click, if you know what I mean. Yep, I said, I do, I felt that way too.

What Drew didn't know was that in my senior year, after I'd admitted to myself I was gay, I had the worst man crush on him imaginable. I tried a bit of flirting with him, but he never responded to any of it, so I eventually moved on. I still had more than just friendly feelings for him but had never told him.

So, How did you finally figure out you liked guys better than girls, if I can ask, he said. I know we're great friends and all, I am kinda getting really personal. No, its fine I replied. I'd had a secret relationship with one of our classmates, I won't name him cause you know him, and I'm not sure if he's out yet or not. I haven't seen him since we graduated. We fooled around a bit, watched some gay porn on YouTube, and tried just about everything we'd seen. That's when I finally knew. Most of it was way more enjoyable for me with him , than the girls I had been with.

Drew got quiet and contemplative . We went back to splitting for awhile. When we stopped to stack again, he looked at me and said, Dan, I don't want to wreck a friendship, but since you are gay, would you be willing to help me explore what it's like to be with a guy, you and me. I was dumbfounded. He'd unsuspectingly presented me with my wildest fantasy, practically on a silver platter. I did my best to seem nonchalant about it and said, what did you have in mind. I am concerned that after a point we may not be able to go back to being friends, I said seriously.

Well, I've been checking out YouTube too, Drew stated. It seems that fundamentally there's only one difference between gay and hetro sex. Guys do it anally, guy/girl sex is usually vaginal. I thought for a moment, I'd never heard it boiled down to that before. Yeah, technically you are correct, I replied.

Well, would you help me experience all of it to see if I click with a guy. You mean and Guy, I said, or specifically me. Well, it'd be cool of we did click, that would be a bonus, he replied quietly. I hadn't thought about it that way, he replied, looking deep in thought. Think about it Dan, he said quietly, you don't have to answer right this minute.

I gave it serious thought while we went back to splitting. Dan and I already shared one passion, or fetish if you wanted to call it that. We'd been haircut buddies since Junior High. It happened quite by chance, before a wrestling match, but had continued ever since. We were both quite good at cutting each other's hair now, and had both experimented with all manner of cuts over the last 15 years or so. Drew had currently been growing out his auburn locks for over a year now. I was rocking a hot business mans cut, on the long side of course. Dan's hair was now an inch or so past his ears, below the collar in back, and bangs as long as the sides, I'd been keeping him trimmed as it grew out.

Could I possibly indulge both of my wildest fantasies here I thought to myself. I dearly wanted to clip him back down to something reasonable since we were in the heat of the summer, but he hadn't asked for that yet, and we didn't pressure each other for haircuts.

When we stopped to stack wood for the last time I broke the silence. I said, here's what I'm thinking Drew. He was all ears. Yes, I'd like to help you discover what sex is like with a guy. His eyebrows shot up, really Dan, he exclaimed. Yes, but I have a couple of stipulations . O.K., let's have 'em he chirped. Here goes nothing I thought to myself again. There are parts of sex between guys that are really enjoyable for one while being somewhat less enjoyable for the other sometimes. As an example, if you've been on YouTube, the guy that's bottoming sometimes doesn't really enjoy it. That's the case with me. Sometimes the person who's performing oral sex on the other one doesn't' really enjoy that either. I don't have a real problem with that part though.

So, I said, here's my suggestion, we first try performing oral sex with each other, after a proper warm up, of course. If you really want to take me , all the way in, and have me come in your mouth, that's the fullness of that experience, you have to let me trim that mane of yours down a bit in the morning. If while you are performing oral sex on me you decide you aren't into it, we'll stop, no harm , no foul, and no trim. I'll give you plenty of warning that I'm going to come so you have time to decide. I could see him thinking , the wheels turning. He pushed his hand through his massive thick bang shank, pulling it back off his face.

Second condition, I'm not fond of bottoming, but since we'd be trying to give you the whole gamut of experience, You bottom first to get the feel of it ,so to speak. If, after that, you decide you want me to bottom, I'm willing, on one condition, I get to give you a barbers choice haircut in the morning. Once you fully penetrate me to the hilt, and have an orgasm, its barbers choice man. Think it over, let's get cleaned up and have a cocktail before dinner. We can further discuss it while we eat. If you decide you want to try all this, I need to know, I have to pop over to the drug store for some supplies. And by the way, I have the hair cutting gear with me, I wanted to see if could give me a trim if we had time this weekend.

Drew was shocked. He ran his hands through his plush thick mane. You really want to cut my hair he said quietly. I replied, well, I don't have to, if you don't want to go through with your request, how serious are you about experiencing sex with a guy? I guess I'll just have to try it and see he said with a half smile. You'll really teach me though, he said inquisitively. Absolutely I said, what are friends for, right. I reached up and ran my hands through his gorgeous mop. This will all grow back remember, I said, smiling. Want me to run to the drug store, or are you still thinking on it. No, if your game Dan, I am too, he replied. You shower up Dan, and while I shower and start dinner you can run to the drug store. Hmm, I thought as I shucked off my sweaty clothes and climbed into the shower, this was going to be one interesting evening, and potentially the next morning too.

We shared a bottle of wine with dinner, me unabashedly flirting with Drew. I was pretty sure that he didn't know how I really felt about him, and it didn't take me long to bring the old desire back. We retired to the deck after dinner, finished the wine and got into some close couple activity. For starters he leaned into me and kissed me first. Hmm, was he just trying hard or was he really into me too, I wondered to myself. We groped each other all the way to the bedroom, having all but our skivvies off by the time we flopped on the bed. I decided on a take charge attitude, swiped his skivies off, and started man handling him playfully. I soon showed him the fine points of oral sex with a guy. He didn't shy away, he seemed to really get into it actually. After I satisfied him, we had a short interlude of kissing and cuddling, followed by Drew making his way down to my nether region. I reminded him, as he reached for me with his hand, that our deal was that if he took me all the way in, this plush mane was getting trimmed. He smiled, and slid down to take me. With just the tip in his mouth, I ran my hands through the long thick bang locks, they were hiding his emerald green eyes. I pushed the thick bangs back on his head, the eyes were blazing. I said, you don't have to do this unless you want to remember, shagging the thick bulk of his bangs again. He smiled up at me and I slid all the way in. OMG. He acted like he was slurping on a popsicle for the first time. (metaphorically speaking, he really was) I said, no trim yet, you have to take me all the way through orgasm, remember. Without disengaging, ne nodded in the affirmative. A couple of minutes more, and I was ready to blow. I gave him fair warning, twice. I had my hands woven into his thick bang shank, pulling it back so I could see his face at all times. I searched his face for signs of discomfort or apprehension , no evidence of anything but earnest pleasure. Wow , I thought, this is great. One final warning, and no sign of stopping from Drew, so I couldn't hold back any longer. He took it all. Then licked his lips as he slid off. OMG, he exclaimed, that's nothing like I imagined it would be, he flopped back onto the bed. I straddled him, smiling, and running my hands through his plush mane. I can't wait to trim you up in the morning babe, I said, smirking. He replied, totally worth it Bro, totally worth it, smiling broadly at me.

I decided to pause for a few minutes, retreating to the bathroom for a break. Drew appeared to be totally into it, and into me. Wow. I returned to the bed, snuggling up to him, and engaging in some sensory foreplay. He reached for me again, and said, I want you, all of you man. I said, O.K. I'll coach you through this, it can be a bit rough the first time. you have to tell me if it gets intolerable , O.K., I said softly. Listen to my voice, and try to do as I instruct. I laid him face up on the bed, rocked his legs back, and snuggled into his crotch. Rocking his legs back to raise his hips up, I lubed us both up liberally, then I eased up and into him gently. I'll go slow, I instructed. If you don't want to continue, just say so and I'll back out slowly. If you take me all the way in, we'll pause till your ready to continue. He smiled and said F*&% me, man. I smiled at his bravado, and eased in. I watched intently for any sign of discomfort, god he was tight. He never even wrinkled his brow though, and I was all the way in. I waited and gave him some further instructions , and we were off to the races. That was amazing. My wildest fantasy coming true. I was slow and passionate, it was genuine on my part. He was enthusiastic and willing to learn. Again he took all of me, and begged for more. All I heard was Oh, Dan, F#%$ Me Dan!. He took me all the way. It was incredible. We both collapsed, panting heavily, after my orgasm. Dan, that was amazing, he said softly, nothing like I'd ever imagined it to be man. I didn't really understand what you meant by disconnecting if it gets to be too much, now I do.

O.K. now it was my turn to bottom, I reminded him, that this was his turn for the pleasurable side, and that came with a barbers choice haircut in the morning for him, instead of just the trim. He nodded, a bit more solemn for a minute, running his hands through his mane, pushing the thick bang mop back.

I didn't have to wait long though, he positioned me, reverse of the way were a few minutes ago, and rocked my legs back. He smiled, saying, It'll grow back, right? He was a quick study, reaching for the lube and slathering us both. He started to penetrate, pausing to check my expression. This wasn't my favorite thing to do, but it also wasn't my first time either. I reached up and grabbed his bang shank, simultaneously pulling him down on top of me and pushing the huge bang mop back away from his face. God he had great hair, I thought, as he pushed the rest of the way in. I coached him a bit on how to do it so he didn't hurt me. He was so gentle at first, building as he got more into it. I could tell by his facial expression, that he was getting close, I whispered again, if you pull out now, I'll just trim this, I said, massaging both hands into his thick mane. If I take all of you, to orgasm , this is all fair game in the morning O.K., I stated. He paused for a minute, as if in a quandary, then continued enthusiastically. All of a sudden, he mouthed, Oh, God, Dan, Oh, God! I had gone to my happy place, and didn't mind the board slapping I was getting at that point. After it was over, he collapsed fully onto me, I wrapped him in my arms tightly, and we lay together for what seemed like forever. as we uncoupled, he sighed. Well, I said, pushing his bang shank off his face again, looking deep into his green eyes, was it all worth it, shaking his mop. He broke into a s**t eating grin, and said, Oh, yeah, as long as you don't shave me bald, man, Oh, yes, yeah, it certainly was! We cuddled up and fell asleep in each other's arms shortly after that.

I awoke the next morning to find a freshly showered and manly smelling Drew snuggling me awake.
Wake up sunshine, he chirped. wow, he'd never behaved like this before, I thought to myself. He reached around, and down into my crotch, grabbed on and wiggled , saying want to go again, smiling at me . I giggled, easy tiger, we have a few things to take care of first, remember. I rolled over to face him, reached up and fondled his damp locks, messing up his neat comb job. The smile disappeared. Oh, yeah, you're serious about that then. My turn to smile, yes, that was the deal, you aren't reneging are you? NO, NO, I just thought, ...well, UM, O.K. I guess then. and slid off the bed. I quickly got up, Drew, what's the matter, you've grown out and cut your hair before, well, I mean, I've cut your hair, many times, It'll grow back again, I promise. I know he said quietly, it's just that I really like it long, and I have a feeling you're going to shave it all off, as payment for last night. I hugged him to me, Drew, babe, I'm not going to shave your head, promise , O.K.? Well, he replied, I thought the way you were playing with my hair last night, you liked it long too, and might relent on cutting it. Ah, no, it's getting cut, I said, right after we eat, come on, breakfast time.
We made breakfast together, Drew was very quiet, only making the occasional comment while we discussed last night. We cleaned up the kitchen and I said, O.K. where do you want to do this, kitchen, or deck. Well, Drew replied, I thought maybe in the bathroom would be best. I smiled. Ha, no, you don't get to watch this time either. This'll be a surprise. Deck or kitchen, man. Oh, man, he said, I guess deck then. I brought a kitchen stool out on the deck, and patted it, sit down shaggy, I'll go get my things.

The cabin was very secluded, so I suggested he take off his shorts and tank top, and I cut his hair naked. Afterwards, we can take a cleanup shower together if you want I suggested, smirking slyly. His eyes brightened at that. O.K., why not, he said. This feels a bit weird with no cape though. I'm sure you've had more than one weird feeling in the last 24 hours haven't you I replied, with a smirk again. Dan, he started, about last night, thank you, I really mean it. I've been thinking a lot, and I've realized a few things. Oh, what, I inquired innocently. Well, for starters, I'm pretty sure I'm gay too, I enjoyed last night way more than any night I've ever had with a girl. O.K. I said tentatively, where was this going, I thought to myself. Was he being serious, or was he just trying to delay his inevitable shearing with a bit of talk. I realized something else last night too, he said softly. Oh, I nodded for him to continue. I think I have feelings for you, he said, and looked at me expectantly. I smiled shyly, Drew, last night was a fantasy come true for me, I've always had feelings for you, as more than a friend. But never wanted to make you uncomfortable by letting you know. I didn't want to end a friendship over it. I walked in front of him, sat in his lap facing him, and gave him a passionate kiss. I could feel him respond down below. I stood up and said, down boy, later, we have a project here first. I smiled, plowing my hands into his thick mane.

I brushed his hair out and down all the way around. God, you have great hair I said, It's almost too good to cut. Almost..., I said laughing. Dan, Drew said, do you really have to do this? Drew, I replied, to be truthful, I really don't want to, but the thing that's troubling me is that last night, while you thought I was playing with this mane, I really was trying to keep this huge bang shank off your face. When you took me in your mouth, and when you straddled me, I wanted to not take my eyes off of yours, and this kept getting in the way, I said, wiggling his huge bang mop. It's not long enough to tie back, and won't be for quite some time yet, and I know you don't like wearing a hair band. So There's no other way but to cut this, and I can't just cut this short without cutting the rest of it too, I said sadly. Ah, I see, or I don't see as the case may be, Drew replied sadly. I decided then and there to rip the band aid off. I slid the shears in just below his left eye, and snipped. 7 inches of thick, bulky, wavy, delicious bangs slid down and landed his crotch. He groaned loudly. Holy S**t man, really, he barked. I smiled, and kept snipping all the way across his face. The thick curtain of bang hair slowly fell away, still not completely revealing his shocked green eyes. Dan, seriously, now I have a shaggy Dutch boy haircut he exclaimed sadly. I cupped his chin and pulled it up, brushing the bangs aside a bit. Babe, we're just getting started, I replied with a sly grin.

I reached for the fast feed Osters, slapped a #4 guard on, and quickly plowed upwards, just in front of his left ear. His thick bushy sideburn was demolished. Next, I folded his ear down, and carved an arch around it, clipping off all the long thick waves and letting them slide off into his lap too. Drew almost swooned. I could see he was also getting a bit aroused, considering he had no clothes on, and no cape either, he couldn't hide it. Babe, I said, looks like you're really starting to enjoy this, in spite of what you say. O.K. Drew replied, I can't hide it, so, yes, clippers do this to me, he replied. That's why I don't have you use them very often, and why I like my hair on the longer side. Drew, I said, I want to you enjoy this then, man. Go with it. There's going to be a lot of clipper work, so don't hold back, I said, laughing. I proceeded to use the clippers to remove all of the almost shoulder length thick wavy hair from about his occipital bone down, all across the back of his head, huge shanks of thick bulk sliding down to join his not so little friend, now at full attention in his lap.

I didn't want to go any shorter than a #4 on the sides, I really didn't want to shave him up tight. It wouldn't look right with what I was doing with the top and bangs. This was short enough I thought to myself, running my hand gently up the now clipped nape. I loved the feel of his now short thick pelt under my hands. He still couldn't see well yet, I'd clipped his bangs below his eyes, so far. I grabbed a comb, and clipper over comb, removed the rest of the bulk on the upper sides an back, giving him a sexy taper , nice and thick up near the parting. This was shaping up to be basically a stylized short back and sides looking cut, just not shaved in tight like the brutal barbers of our youth used to do it. During all the clipper work, removing the bulk, Drew had already exploded once, without any hand work, moaning loudly. I paused with the clippers, just massaging his shoulders, and smiled. See, this isn't as bad as you thought it was going to be, is it, I said, whispering in his ear. He moaned softly again. Sides and back now finished, I did a bit of tapering and layering on the top, reducing the thick bulk down and layering it, so it was still thick and dense, but blended more with the sides. Then I pulled the bangs up, and trimmed them a bit shorter, over directing them into the thick top mop. I wanted it nice and full and thick on top, so if I ever got him in bed again, I had something substantial to grab and play with. I'd dampened the top to cut it, It was almost dry now, so I fluffed it out, and then combed it into shape. God, he looked hot. I wanted to jump him right here. I had to talk myself down off the ledge so to speak, and finish this cut first.

I cleaned him up, outlining with the tiny clippers to tighten the taper at the bottom, and around his perfect ears. I stepped back and said, there, done for now, caressing the soft thick velvet I'd left on the back of his head. We'll touch up the neck fuzzies and clean off the stubble of the sideburns in the shower with a straight razor, I said, smiling slyly at him. He reached up, and pulled down on his bang hair, pouting. It now reached just a tiny bit below his eye brows. Man, it hasn't been this short in quite awhile, he said, sighing quietly. I reached down, slowly brought my hand up the soft dense velvet on the back of his head again, and purred to him. Your right, but this feels so hot, I said. Let's get in the shower and clean up, then maybe we can test out the new cut and see if I can see your eyes now I said, then kissed him softly on the neck. He stood up, the huge pile of shorn hair hitting the deck, I noticed that his little guy was NOT at half mast, as we headed for the shower. Last one ins a rotten egg he said, smacking me on the butt and trotting ahead.

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