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Jon exits the executive suite - part 2 by Manny

The next morning, I was running a little late because I had to pick up some things for the big "Brave the Shave" fundraiser that afternoon at the office. My thoughts turned to Jon, and I imagined him blow drying his lovely stylized locks for the last time into the fastidious executive coif he sported as he got ready for the office. I had had so much fun fondling his hair the night before and kidding him about how vulnerable he'd feel once I'd left him bald for the first time. He was no "brave" shavee, that was for sure. Each time Jon kept told me he couldn't go through with it, I'd turn him over my knee for a few crisp swats. I couldn't tell if he was playing up to my fantasy or if he was truly afraid....probably both, I imagined.

When I pulled into the parking lot there was a crowd of people milling around outside. Something was going on, I could tell from their faces.

As I stepped out of my car, I was approached by my best friend, Hal. "Wes, what are you doing here? Didn't you get the word?" There was a look of panic and disgust on his face.

"No, what?!" I stammered.

"You've been fired! Mr. Stevens sent out an email to the whole staff. And the fundraiser's been canceled!" Hal explained quickly.

I pulled out my phone and sifted through my emails. There it was. Entitled, "Important Announcement from CEO Jon Stevens"

It was terse and to the point. "At the advice of our corporate attorneys, I am hereby canceling tomorrow's Brave the Shave fundraiser. Potential liability from any injuries, combined with a loss of productivity, is not in stockholders best interest. Furthermore, I must inform you that as of today, Wesley Solbrow, is no longer employed by ADB Incorporated."

As I stood there stunned, Jon Stevens' Mercedes Benz blew into the parking lot and he pulled into the prime space reserved for him right near the front door. As he stepped out of his sports car, the crowd of employees scowled at him and broke up. Jon peered at them through haughty eyes. Then, he ran his fingers through his beautiful mane that shimmered in the morning sun, knowing full well that I was watching him. His thick, brown locks with a nice wave were perfectly manicured and brushed tidily to the side, as always.

Then he called to my pal dismissively, "Hal, shouldn't you be at your desk already? Get on in there....I'm not paying you to dawdle about with unemployed, wannabe barbers!"

After Hal scurried away, Jon came over to gloat. "You won't be calling me 'Baldy' after all, Wes. I just couldn't go through with it. Although, I must admit, the idea of an underling manhandling me and stripping me of my status made my cock throb something fierce. My butt still hurts from those spankings...."

For a brief instant, his haughty look of superiority melted and a slimmer of "missed opportunity" reflected in his sad hazel-colored eyes.

Sensing an opening, a chance to salvage it all, I appealed to Jon, "You know you want it, Jon. Desperately! It can still be yours. The utter humiliation. Paraded through the office on your way to the stool. Stripped of all your trappings of authority. And then shaved bald in front of a cheering crowd. Afterwards, you'll be dressed like a lowly janitor. Made to sweep floors and clean toilets."

He stood frozen, deep in thought.

I boldly grabbed him by the hair.

Jon squirmed and tried weakly to wrestle free. It was quite apparent he was losing his will to resist, so I gave his glossy locks a good yank. He winced. Then I swatted his backside firmly with my hand.

Jon gave me the look of surrender....like, "I'm yours....give me the ultimate treatment."

I was eager to comply and wrenched him by the arm. I noted his nicely manicured nails would also require a session with an amateur hack. Some random snips with a 75 cent nail clippers after his haircut. Left short and jagged. The toilet cleansing solution would quickly put an end to the nice glossy polish.... Everything that conveyed status would be taken from him!

I burst into the front door with Jon in tow and instructed the receptionist to get on the PA system. "Please advise all employees to move immediately to the fundraising venue in the corporate auditorium. Tell them, 'Jon Stevens, CEO' is about to become 'Baldy, the office janitor'! Oh, and announce to everyone that his barber will be Wesley Solbrow, the company's interim CEO."

As the shocking news crackled throughout the facility, one could hear spontaneous cheers going up throughout cubicle land.

Then I marched Jon into the vast area where the worker bees were kept productively filling the coffers of ABD Incorporated. As we paraded down the long corridor, employees began following us, making a huge, ecstatic procession. They were eager to see the vile, arrogant Mr. Stevens shorn.

I glanced down at Jon's groin and it bulged with excitement!

"So, you're going to become a janitor, Mr. Stevens?" one employee asked.

"Yes, after we take away this corporate look!" I replied for him.

Once we got into the auditorium, I guided Jon up onto the stage where there was a sole stool waiting for the shavee. Next to it was a little work station with an array of barber shears and clippers to choose from.

But before I made him sit, I had him remove his expensive suit jacket. I tossed it out to the gathering crowd. "Will someone see that this is turned over to the Good Will?" I cackled. Then I took off his tie. "You won't be needing this for your new position, Jon!"

Someone shouted out from the audience, "Will he need those cuff links and starched white shirt?"

I grabbed him by the arm and started removing the cuff link. His lovely, manicured nails again caught my attention. They would be first! "Does anyone out there have a set of nail clippers in their purse. I just noticed that Jon's nails are in need of a good clipping too. His manicurist has really gooped them up with polish that's not to my liking."

Someone ran up onto stage with a set and I secured Jon's hand while I clipped down his perfectly groomed nails. Nice and short and lopsided!

"OK, now that we're finished with that, strip down to your skivvies, Jon."

"What?!" he gasped. "I couldn't....down to my...?"

"That's right, the good, hard working people here want to know if underneath all this finery, you wear white Fruit of the Looms like them....or...."

"Oh please don't!" he babbled.

But it made me more insistent! I began undoing his belt.

"Strip, strip, strip!" the crowd chanted.

In a brief minutes, it was revealed that Jon wore very sexy metro-sexual underpants that could not conceal the HUGE excitement his whole ordeal was causing him. The crowd burst into gales of laughter.

"Oh, looks like you have a little friend, Jon!" I laughed as I turned him away from the audience and made him take a seat in the stool.

"Someone go fetch a smock from the janitorial area. Jon here....soon to become Baldy....needs to start getting used to his new lowly position in the company."

Once they had brought a drab maroon smock that the janitorial staff wore, I had him try it on. It fit. I paraded him around the stage. "There's a bit of trash, Jon!" I said, pointing to the floor. "Go ahead! Pick it up. It's not to early to start with your new duties." He dutifully complied.

"OK, now it's CAPE TIME!!" I called out loudly. "Up, onto the stool! We need to strip you of that corporate coif. No more trims at the "Gentlemen's Quarters for you!"

I cast the huge white cape through the air and brought it around his neck tightly. Once I had him caped, I began playing his Jon's pretty hair. "So thick and lush...nice and full... Do you use Pantene, Jon, or are you a Breck Girl?" I cackled. The crowd roared with laughter at the taunts.

Then I combed the forelock straight down. It was like a brown veil of hair over Jon's hazel-colored eyes.

"He won't see the dirt in the bathrooms with long hair over his eyes like that!" someone shouted from the crowd.

"Bald, bald, bald!!!" they began to chant.

I took a shears and slowly snipped the massive forelock off, right at the top of the forehead. Clumps of Jon's soft brown hair quickly soiled the white cape.

I grabbed a clump and held up it. "What do you think, people? Are we off to a good start?"

The applause was deafening.

"Clippers, clippers, clippers!!" they demanded.

I whispered in Jon's ear, "Is it all you hope for?"

He mouthed dryly, "Yes, even better than I imagined..."

I examined the array of clippers. "The biggest, the most powerful....that's what I need to put an end to Jon's executive 'do!"

Then I held up a humongous set of Wahl clippers. "These look perfect for the job." I snapped them on and they roared to life.

Then, I forced Jon's head down so that his chin touched his chest. "If you keep squirming, I'm going to have to take a paddle to you!"

The crowd loved the idea of Jon getting disciplined.

"Spank, spank, spank!!!" they urged me.

I grabbed Jon by the hair and forced him to stand. "I will not tolerate squirming! You must sit still on the barber's stool!" Then I forced him to lean over the stool. I gave a few swift swats with my hand.

I got Jon back up on the stool and arranged the cape again so that everything was covered. "He's always sported such a plush mane...thick, shiny, not a hint of thinning or gray. I wonder how Jon would look with a receding hairline," I mused.

I took the clippers and pushed the chattering teeth into that mash of hair at his temples, carving out nice, exaggerated balding spots on either side. It wasn't enough. He needed an MPB.

Without warning, I drove the clippers straight down the top of his head. A mass of shimmering hair fell to the cape in a solid swath.

The crowd cheered.

Again and again I drove the clippers, clearing off the whole top. He looked like an old man with only a fringe of hair at the sides and back.

"Oh, dear, Jon needs a comb-over." I tried, but the silken strands would stay.

I clamped my hand firmly down on the stubbled top. Then I forced his head forward, again, so that his chin touched his chest. The clippers went up through this plush nape. The remnants of his Gentlemen's Quarters coif were quickly obliterated.

Within minutes, I was able to announce, "And now, meet our newest member of the janitorial staff, Baldy!!"

Jon smiled sheepishly.

I unfastened the cape.

There was still a bulge in his lap. Baldy explored his head with both hands.

"Bring him a broom!" I bellowed out.

I grabbed Baldy by his ear and wrenched him to his feet. "There will be no sitting around on the job! A loss of productivity is not in stockholders best interest!" I bellowed.

The crowd gave Baldy a standing ovation as he tackled his first task as a custodian...sweeping up the remains of his shattered symbol of power.

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