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1930 hair cut by schoolboy

I was sitting on my bed with my laptop om my thigh looking at boys 1950 hair cut for schools, they where really short and the school uniforms in those days are cool. I looked at different boys hair cuts from 1920 to 1930 for half an hour and saved them on my photo file to look at later, i put down my laptop pulled down my shorts and wanked myself stupid. Later that day i was shopping in the town for school stuff when i came a cross Mr Wilson "hello Paul how are you" "Ok sir just in town for paper and pens for school" he looked at me " Paul you need a hair cut its long are you a loud to have it like that for school" " it grows quit sir be getting it cut before school on Monday bye". I got what i needed in town and headed home but on the way something strange happened, this 1930 car drove past me, it was nice and thought must be a old car show must be on...then another one drove past me, got to my street " what the hell!!!. I was in the 1930 how the hell did this happen when this man came over to me, took me by the arm " this way Paul" he took me to a house that slightly looked like mine, up the stairs headed to my room went in " what are you wearing, look at your hair" next thing my clothes where off, white fronts pulled up my legs, short sleeve shirt put on me button up, i look down dark grey 1930 shorts were at my feet" Paul step in please" i did he pulled them up over my legs, button them up and fasten pulled up the zip" sit on your bed" i did grey knee socks put on then black shoes "stand up" he put on a grey tank top on me" good boy Paul" " whats going on this is the 1930 i am from 2018" " not any more, this is where you really belong and you cant go back" i was a bit stunned at what he said " now your hair cut". I sat in the barbers chair getting my 1930 boys hair cut, clippers going, scissors cutting, " all done" i looked at it, for some reason i smiled at what i saw.

Back at the house i was in my room going over what has happened to me" how the hell did i get to the 1930 and i have to get back to my own time" when the man came in " Paul you cant go back to your time and no more talking about it or think it that's final" he stood in front of me " do you understand me " i thought for a second "keep him happy" " yes sir" he left the room, i looked at myself in the mirror and looking back was this 14 year old boy but i was 16 maybe the hair cut made me look younger. I realised how to get back to my own time but sat on my bed pulled my shorts and underwear down, lay back and wanked myself stupid, as i was wanking he was watching and smiled " good boy". That night i claimed out of my bedroom window, down the pipe onto the ground, fixed my shorts and ran off down the road when i saw a police car coming down the road and i hide, it went passed me i waited for a few seconds and walked off, i came to the top of the road and turned left the way i came before and walked down, half way down i heard music from 2018 and smiled when this man stood in front of me with nothing on, i stop he smiled " i got to go" as i walked passed him he put his arm round my waist pulled me into the bush. I could still hear the music while he was pounding me with his big dick for hours, he was asleep, i put on my clothes got out of the bush and headed to the music, i saw the slip in time, i was about to go in i stop myself " why am i stopping" i looked down the road " what am i doing i should go threw" and did. Saturday morning i took a walk into town to get a few things some PE shorts and shoes, CD,DVD and headed back home when i saw the time slip open " what the hell" then a voice came threw it " Paul you belong hear not there and you know it come along you have school in the morning and your hair needs cut again" " no sir this is my time not 1930" "i am your father Paul come along that's a good boy" "....but, no" i felt my dick getting hard,i ran off home.

" This cant be happening how can the time slip open and he found me" sat on my bed lay back pulled down my shorts and wanked few times, pulled them up got up went over to the draw i put the 1930 clothes in that i was wearing and took them out " they are still hear how.right". I walked to the were the time slip happened and it opened looked at the clothes that was in my hands "Paul come on threw i am waiting for you" i threw the clothes in "sorry i cant sir" as i about to go his hand came threw grad me by the arm"no sir i..am...not...going" as he was trying to pull me threw i got free and ran home. I did not get to sleep for a while that night i was just wearing my underpants, i went to the bathroom and came back to my room and there he stood he was just wearing his undershorts he came over to me pushed me onto my bed pulled off my underpants then his undershorts, i did not stop him he got on top of me and pounded the hell out of me for hours. I sat on the side of my bed with his right hand on my back "this place is not for you Paul its with me your father and you know it" "your from 1930 i am not, it be strange for me in that time and school too" he pulled me back onto my bed got on top of me " you will like it, your hair needs cut again and you be kept in shorts" he got out of bed" your bathroom" i took him to it and went back to my room, he came back i looked at his dick it was really big and long my phone went i answered it "hi tom your at my door..ok" "you have to go sir" "Paul i be back for you" he vanished "what?".

I took tom to my room had a chat and a coke "Paul you better get your hair cut before Monday or Mr Watson have you in a full school uniform""getting it cut does not make a dam what i do Mr Watson will have me in a full school uniform any way tom" " If it happens Paul just do what he says ""i am 16 tom"" you don't look your age Paul" i looked at my watch" lets go to the barbers" i looked round my room "s**t". There was other boys in the barbers shop waiting, we came in "shorts Paul" one of them said"so" "nothing" "why are you not wearing shorts to big mouth" said the barber to the other boy but said nothing, i got my hair cut really short tom a trim, we left the barbers "Paul truck your t-shirt into your shorts looks better""but tom""Paul" i did " if does happen Paul you be wearing school grey shorts and me trousers and every two weeks you be going to the barbers to keep your hair really short".

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