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group headshave by Mahesh

I'm a college boy staying in PG hostel with three other friends. A Sunday we planned to get haircut as all of us got shaggy hair and the following week was our viva examination. It was about 8AM in morning and we got ready for salon but it was raining out so we waited till it the rain stops. We drank coffee and enjoyed the rain from balcony. My friend(Guna) came up with an idea and told that we would cut our hair same as the hairstyle of people pass our hostel.
We all agreed with him and Guna had the first turn, followed by Manish, Bala and myself. A forty year old man passed with slope haircut so we teased him that he would have decent old style cut.Then a man with army cut passed so Manish got disappointed as he has to get a very short army haircut. Now its turn for Bala and no one was passing for some times. After waiting few minutes a teenage guy passed with stylish haircut which Bala used to get regularly and he was happy for the same. Now it my turn and I was super nervous. Suddenly mid aged guy with his two children passed by, I was shocked to see them. All three were bald. The kids who followed the mid aged guy had a super short buzz haircut which almost appeared to be bald. The guy has very clean bald head. It seemed he was naturally bald and he shaved rest for the head to avoid awkward look. All of my three friends laughed and made fun of me. I didn't agree to shave my head. But my three friend told that I'm a damn coward and I don't even have the courage to keep promise. Soon rain stopped and it was about 10AM, We all four left to a barbershop near the street, there were customers at that time. Guna and Manish grabbed the barber chair and asked barber for slope and crew haircut as they promised. The barber used clipper for Manish and gave him a very short army haircut. After finishing Manish's haircut I was invited to that chair. I sat on the barber chair and told barber to "Shave my head bald!". All my friends were drum struck to hear that, they didn't expect me to do that. The barber capped me and started drenching my hair. All my friends started laughing and commented "Bravo mann!!", "Super takla", "Ganja Boss". But I was really sad for shaving head and none of my friends comment made me happy, I bowed my head down with a sad face. Just a second before barber scrapping my head with straight razor, Balu stopped the barber and asked me

"Mahesh! Are you sure you are shaving head? You look so sad? You don't want to do this, we don't force you"
In between Barber commented "Bhaii.. head is drenched and blade is loaded, now there should not be no turn back from takla" (takla means shaved head). Balu is my best buddy and he reads me from my face but I already made my mind for this and even though it is tough for me to shave head and I don't want to turn back. I didn't tell anything back to Balu and with a serious voice I told barber.
"Bhayya!! Shave my head bald!!"
The whole situation became worse, all friends understood I was really sad for shaving my head. The barber with no delay shaved a big patch of hair from my head. Everyone turned silent and saw myself turning bald. I didn't even look at the mirror, instead and I faced down, worried. When my half head was shaved bald, Balu stepped to the barber's chair for his haircut and said loudly and proudly to barber
"Shave my head too.. Bhayya!!"
I was shocked to hear that and Balu looked so happy too. I saw myself in the mirror and found almost every hair was shaved down expect some in the front. Seeing my face becoming peasant, Guna and Manish shouted

"Mahesh!! You got takla company!!"
Soon, barber drenched Balu and started shaving his head. At same time my barber finished shaving my head bald, he ran the razor again and again to clear any miss spots. When Balu's half head shaved down, my barber massage my bald head with after shave lotion. I realized that I looked really good with the bald look. I felt so happy as I got Balu as a company. The barber powdered my bald head and uncapped me.
Manish commented "You are such a brave to keep your words!!"
He turned to barber and asked "Would you mind shaving my head also??"
Everyone looked surprised.
The barber laughed and replied "I have no problem in doing anything unless and until you pay me."
Manish grabbed barber chair and said "Don't worry I will give you double haircut charge" and laughed. Manish asked barber to apply shaving cream on head and shave as he is afraid that direct straight razor on his head may injure his scalp. The barber took a clipper started buzzing Manish's hair so that he can apply shaving shaving cream and shave his head smooth. Soon, the other barber finished with Balu, he powdered the bald head of balu and uncapped him.
Now Guna commented "Now! Why should I keep my hair?" Saying this he stepped into barber chair. We all excepted the Guna will also shave head at last. The barber started drenching Guna and on the other side the barber started applying shaving cream on Manish's head. Soon, both the barbers simultaneously took razor and started shaving Guna and Manish. It was such an experience when your friends shave their head along with you.
The barbers carefully shaved both of their heads. Soon they completed shaving and powdered them. Every one were so happy with their new bald look. We rubbed our head to feel the bare scalp with invisible prickly hair stubble. Soon we reached our hostel and all the members of hostel were shocked to see us bald. I didn't feel anything uncomfortable or ashamed to show my bald head to public, may be because my friends are also bald. We spend the whole day pampering our new bald head.
The next day we had to go to college and we were excited to meet our friends. Everybody in our college surprised to see the four bald heads in the college. Instead of mocking us, our fellow college mates appreciated us for the unity and courage to experiment different hairstyles. Some even commented that college is the platform to experiment different things like this.
In a week our viva examination was over and the campus prepared for its magnificent cultural fest. We had inter-college dance competition which is one of the main attraction in the fest. Balu and Guna being the excellent dancers in the college, were in charge of the event. They formed a seven member dance team including Manish, myself and three others. Manish came with an unique idea, he suggested, "Since we four are already bald, what if we shave our head again for the dance? We have two more weeks for the event and our hair will grow little length, may look like a buzz haircut, we will shave it again?"
We agreed with Manish but we were not sure if the other three members in dance team will agree this or not.

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