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Ultra-short Flattop haircut by Jacshort

When me and my brother were 11 years old our father and mum worked a lot in their company. They were not always at home. One day they had to fly to NY for four days to enter into the contract.That is why they have to hire a nanny, because we couldn't stay four days alone. Our hair was long and messy and we got haircut every three months in same hair salon like mom. On Tuesday we saw the nanny for the first time. She was very tall and her skin was so light. She could be about 35 years old. She looked very strict. I was most attracted to her hair when she turned her back on me. She had black very short bob haircut with highly buzzed nape. Before the parents left, they told the nanny to take us to hair salon for a trim and gave her some cash. When they left she was very strict, we had to do clean up every day, eat lots of vegetlables, go to sleep very soon and no TV and PC games.
Last day she woke up very soon and told us:"Good morning boys, are you ready for your haircut today?". After breakfast we boarded her car. We drove for like 10 minutes and i saw that we passed the salon that we visit every three months. I told nanny:"You passed the hair salon!" and she told me:"I know, i will take you to better and cheaper place". We were so scared. We arrived to a small town. There were a few houses ,supermarket and athletic stadium where men were running in uniforms with very short haircuts (shaved sides and small stubble on the top of the head). At the end of the street a saw the the nightmare-blue,red and white barber's pole. We were forced to went in. When we came in there were no kids like me and my brother. There were lot of men with uniforms. Barber shop looked very old-fashioned. There were four red leather chairs and on the walls were photos of all ultra short haircuts that existed.
There were nine young men in front of us. Each of them got very short ivy league haircut and then the barber yelled:"Neext!!!". The nanny took our hand and went to two leather chairs. Both of us were forced to sit on huge chairs and then barber asked the nanny what kind of haircut we want. She pointed to the wall, to one of the ultra-short haircuts. We didn't see which of them she chose. Then he bent my head down, until my chin touched my chest. I felt cold metal on my neck. After finishing sides he straightened my hair on the top of my head with water and hair dryer. At the end he used shaving cream around our ears and neck and shaved it with a razor. After 15 minuted, we had our summer haircuts done and we saw it for the first time in the mirror. We had ultra short Flattop haircut with shaved sides, even shorter than the pictures on the wall. I couldn't stop rubbing my shaved sides and touching on my flat top. When the nanny paid for our two military haircuts, the barber asked the nanny whether the hair on her neck is too long for her. She laughed and jumped into a leather armchair, where were still remnants of our hair and barber shaved her neck with razor.She rubbed her shaved neck after shaving and said: "Thanks dad, I'll see you in a week, hopefully with the little soldiers who come to shave their sides and for sharp-looking flat top. On leaving, we got own hair gel to keep the flat top flat.
When we arrived home, we stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom for 30 minutes and examined our new haircuts. The nanny bought us some ice cream, cola and pizza and we were allowed to watch Tv with her, about military branches. After this dokumentary we wanted to become merines. Two hours later the parents came from the business trip. As they entered the door and saw our ultra-short military haircuts they were very supriced. Parents gave us big hug and mom rubbed our sides and she said:"Wow, it's very short". And we said:"Mommy, can we pleas go with nanny to the barbershop every Friday to let our haircut as short as today ?". She said:"Of course!". When i lay down on a pillow, it was strange feeling to feel little hair on the sides of my head. We have never had different haircut,except next summer because we tried shaved Horseshoe Flattop. After her dad moved to NY she started shaving our sides and landing strip every two days to keep it fresh.

I hope you enjoyed my fictional story, if you enjoyed it leave a comment and share you short haircut experiences.

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