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Quin Finds Love Unexpectedly by Manny

As Quin entered his dorm room, he thought he saw his roommate Paul quickly wipe a tear from his cheek. It definitely looked as if he'd been crying a bit.

"What's up, Buddy? Anything I can help with?" Quin asked.

Paul quickly pulled himself together. "Nope. I had a feeling it was coming...." He held up a letter. "It's a 'dear John' letter -- sent by snail mail! I got dumped...."

While Quin felt bad about seeing his roommate emotionally distressed, secretly the development was excellent news! From the time they'd been randomly assigned to room together in the college dorm, Quin had a crush on Paul. And why not? He was tall and handsome, athletic and scholarly, kind and caring....oh, and very funny! Paul was a real catch. Quin could hardly believe anyone would dump Paul!

"You're better off without him, Paul," Quin said, momentarily resting his hand on his roommate's shoulder. "Why don't you let me take you out to see that new movie you were talking about -- get your mind on something else?"

"A date?! I just got dumped and now I'm already dating another man?!" Paul laughed. "If you're paying, sure! Why not! I'd really like that, friend!"

Paul gave the word "friend" a lot of emphasis. It was his way of curbing any romantic intentions Quin may have been considering. Quin was a great roommate, but definitely not Paul's type. Too much drama, too complicated. Lots of feelings churning about. Paul valued relationships that were exciting, fun and simple. Actually, his reluctance to get too emotionally involved with his former boyfriend was what had led to him getting dumped.

The other thing was that Quin didn't appeal much to him physically. He had a cute, firm ass. That was about it. The rest was just sort of standard issue. The only other physical feature that made Quin stand out was his hair -- thick and shiny and long! Quin spent a lot of time on his hair, doting on it, admiring it, running his fingers through it. The color was amazing -- a warm chestnut with natural, fiery auburn highlights.

But to Paul, the long girly hair was a big turn-off. He liked manly-looking men with very short hair. The fellow he'd been dating had experimented with a variety of ultra-short cuts -- from tight ivies to mere stubble -- and he liked every one of them! There was nothing more sexy to Paul that rubbing his hand against the grain of freshly clipped stubble.

As they got ready to go to the movie, Quin spent a longer-than-usual amount of time in front of the mirror brushing his tresses, raising the sheen to an awesome glow. "Can you believe one of the professors asked me today if I planned to get a haircut any time soon?" he asked Paul.

Paul laughed. "What brought that on? He obviously doesn't know how attached you are to your long hair, Quin!"

"Who knows? I think he disapproves of long hair on men. It's my best feature, don't you think?" Quin asked.

"Afraid not. Your ass is -- especially in those tight jeans you have on!" Paul replied. Then he regretted having said that almost immediately. He was not interested in a relationship with Quin and did not want to encourage any sort of fantasy on his roommate's part.

Quin smiled broadly at the unexpected compliment from his roommate and even blushed a bit. The thought of Paul admiring his ass made him hard as wood.

Paul eyed the obvious bulge in Quin's pants and quickly decided to change course.

"Oh, no!" Paul exclaimed suddenly. "I forgot about a paper that's due in my English Lit class tomorrow! I'll need to take a rain check on that movie, Quin. But thanks for being a pal and wanting to help me get over my 'dear John' letter. You're a pal and a friend."

Quin came over and sat closely by him on the bed. "Hey, you are an incredible person. Don't forget that!" Then he came boldly towards Paul's face. His long soft hair brushed Paul's cheek. He whispered, "If there's anything I can do to cheer you up...or pleae you...."

The come-on repelled Paul! He was not at all interested in Quin as a boyfriend and need to let him know that. He like Quin as a friend, a roommate....that was it! He needed to send a stronger, more pointed message.

"Yes, Quin. There sure is. Get a decent haircut!" Paul said curtly. He reached up and pushed the long, soft, shimmering locks back from Quin's green eyes. "The professor is right! Guys look much better with short hair. And, you wouldn't hog so much time each morning in front of our sink and mirror! Do you know how much time it takes to blow dry that mop after you get all the tangles out? Plus, a decent haircut would keep the guys in the dorm from referring to you as 'Queen' behind your back instead of 'Quin'!"

The unexpected outburst took Quin totally off guard! It totally deflated his attempt to come on to Paul. And the incident brought to mind painful memories of being taunted with 'Queen' and 'Queer' instead of 'Quin'.

"Oh...." was all he could muster to conceal his extreme disappointment, even anxiety and shame over the rebuff. He quickly got off Paul's bed and shuffled about nervously. Finally, he said, "I'm going to head to the dining hall." He kept his head down and shielded his teary eyes behind a veil of beautiful hair. "See you later," Quin murmured in a sad tone as he slipped out of the room feeling very rejected.

Paul knew he'd been cruel and tried to make some amends as the door was closing, "Maybe we can go to the movie tomorrow night -- and dinner beforehand at TGIF's will be on me!"

"Yes, I'd like that," Quinn replied, feeling a bit better.

As he stumbled down the dark hall of the dorm, Quin reviewed Paul's revelation that he didn't like long hair on guys. His thoughts turned to the photo of Paul's ex on his desk -- the head was shaved down to stubble! He did look very virile, very manly. It was a frightfully short haircut! If Quin were to look like that, would it make a difference to Paul? Would it improve his chances of becoming Paul's steady? It certainly wouldn't hurt them. Cut his long hair?! Possibly -- although his ears stuck out. But clip his head down to stubble?! No, he couldn't do that -- the shape was a bit irregular.

As nervous as it made him feel, Quin thought seriously about cutting his hair. Going through with "the big chop"! Just the idea of shedding his pampered mane sent a a shiver down his spin. Should he make a sacrifice for Paul, in order to make himself more attractive to Paul? Should he drive into town after classes tomorrow and visit the Twin Oaks Barber Shop? Sit on one of the big, old fashioned chairs....instruct one of the old geezers to take the clippers to his locks? Watch his beautiful hair fall in torrents to the big white cape?

Quin took a deep breath.

Yes, he would do it! He would tell the barber to taper his hair short around his ears and up the back of his head! When he met Paul to head off to TGIF's for dinner, his long hair would be in the trash bin of the Twin Oaks Barber shop -- instead of running his fingers through long, silken locks, he would be fondling sharp stubble at the nape of his short taper.

Suddenly, a feeling of excitement swept through him. The thought of cutting off his hair for Paul made him feel warm all over. And the more he thought about it, the shorter he imagined going. 'Taper it aggressively short, all the way to the crown. And on top, barely long enough to grasp between his fingers.' Or, what about asking for a very tight ivy?

The photo of Paul's old boyfriend flashed again in his mind. 'A #1 all over!' Reduced to stubble!! Would he do it? Could he?

No, he could not!

Quin picked up his pace to the dining hall. As he got funneled into the chow line, he couldn't believe the site in front of him: a fellow with a closely clipped head. Everything taken down to an eighth of an inch, a nice, tidy pelt of hair.

Quin shuffled nervously and then worked up the courage to address him, "Um, uh, I was just admiring your haircut. I'm way overdue for a one myself and was hoping for a referral on a barber shop."

The fellow smiled and ran his hand over the top of his head, stimulating the shiny pelt. "My roommate has a set of clippers. We save money -- give each other buzzcuts! No skill required!"

"No hair care either!" mused Quin. "That's why I'm ready to shed all of this," he said, flouncing his hair about. "My roommate's been complaining about how much time I spend tying up our sink and mirror."

"I can take you down to the wood, free of charge. That is, if you're ready for an amateur butch cut," he replied.

Quin smiled. Yes! That's what he wanted!

"How about after we eat?" Quin suggested.

"Sure! You'll lay a stubbled head to rest tonight on your pillow. That was the hardest thing to get used to when I got my first butch," the fellow said.

"Awesome! I would totally appreciated that," said Quin, trying to stabilize his wobbly knees.

"That's an awful lot of hair you're going to shed, uh, what's your name?" the fellow asked. "I'm Charles, by the way....or Chaz!"

"I'm Quin. The sooner I shed this mop, the better. I think your butch cut looks hot," Quin replied.

"My Mom freaked out the first time I FT-ed her after the buzzcut. 'You're nice hair! What happened?' she gasped," Chaz explained, mimicking his mother's voice. "The reality is the butch was to cover up a botched haircut my amateur barber roommate tried to give me. One beer too many led to a slip of the hand which totally obliterated my bangs. The only fix was to shave it all off. In the end, I liked the butch!"

"And you convinced your roommate to let you give him a butch cut too?" asked Quin.

"Yep, or rather, it was his idea. And his hair was pretty long too. Not like yours though, but a big curly mop. I mean the clippers absolutely disappeared in the mass of hair when I took him down," Chaz laughed.

"You like amateur barbering, I take it?" Quin asked with a sparkle in his eye.

"Sure do -- especially when my client has a cute ass like yours!" Chaz replied. "Cute ass, cute face, cute personality...." Then he took the liberty to give Quin's firm, shapely ass a stiff but playful smack with his hand.

"Maybe we should ditch dinner," Quin suggested. "I'm quite anxious for you to take the clippers to my thatch! The sooner I shed this, the better."

The two fellows left the chow line in a hurry. When they got into Chaz' room they couldn't contain themselves. Chaz immediately start unbuttoning Quin's shirt. "I don't have a cape, and we can't have your hair falling all over your nice shirt, Quin!"

"Then you probably don't have a barber tunic either," laughed Quin as he simultaneously undid the button's on Chas' shirt. "Or matching white barber slacks!" Quin undid the zipper on Chaz' jeans. It wasn't long before both of them could not conceal the bulging wonder beneath their white Fruit of the Looms.

Chaz grasped Quin by his beautiful long hair and began playing with it, simulating an electric clippers with his fingers. "I can't wait to buzz all of this off! But what if you don't like your butch?"

"Like it exposes an awkwardly shaped head and huge ears?" Quin murmured. "It'll be too late. I'll have to live with the new look! Will the barber give me a lollipop to suck when my haircut is over if I'm a good, obedient boy in his chair?"

"Yes, of course! A nice big raspberry one....that will burst with flavor when you've sucked it long enough! But don't get me wrong, only very special boys are treated to my lollipops," Chaz laughed. "Now, take a seat here in my desk chair while I get the clippers out."

All the excitement had totally obliterated any cold feet Quin may have developed.

Chaz came back holding up the clippers, looking quite excited. "You are going to look totally awesome once I've clip your head, Quin!"

"I hope so!" he replied. "There's really only one person whose opinion I care about."

"I hope it's mine," Chaz said, snapping on the clippers. "An eighth of an inch short enough for you, or do you want me to take off the guard and zero you out?"

"Whatever you want to do with me is fine," Quin replied with a big grin.

"I think you need this forelock of yours trimmed a bit, Quin," the amateur barber said as he brought the clippers up past the longhaired's face.

"Wait a sec!" said Quin. "Actually, I want stubble! Give me #1 all over."

"Let me swap out the guard here....and, shortly you'll be sporting stubble!" Chaz said as he plunged the clippers right up through Quin's massive forelock.

The shank of shimmering chestnut colored hair with fiery auburn highlights fell with a virtual thud onto the huge bulge in Quin's Fruit of the Looms. The shorn lock looked amazing as it festooned Quin's active May Pole.

Chaz playfully grasped the silken mass along with the wooden pole beneath it. "It looks so soft, but feels so hard!" he laughed. Then he returned to decimating the marvelous mane that still graced Quin's head.

The scene turned into something like the opening of 'Full Metal Jacket' or 'Tribes' with Chaz sending all the lovely, shiny long hair to Quin's lap or the dorm room floor. Each swipe of the clippers shifted the balance further from longhair pretty boy to baldy!

Chaz paused to stroke the stubbled area. "Oh this feels amazing! Just like a medium grade sand paper."

"I like the feeling too of you rubbing my stubble," replied Quin sweetly.

"And you'll like this too!" added Chaz as his lips met Quin's for an active interlude from the haircut.

When they finally came up for breath, Quin panted, "You are a most attentive barber!"

"And I'm determined to take every last strand of long hair from you. The transformation is amazing. I can't wait for you to see the stubble. And, the haircut gives you such character with these huge ears on display!" Chaz said, as he fondled the projecting auricles playfully.

The buzzing continued until all that was left on Quin's head was stubble.

"Come over to the mirror. I can't wait for you to see the new you!" Chaz announced as he snapped off the machine.

Quin was totally blown away by the tight butch cut. He could not recognize himself without his signature flowing mane. He looked manly, even macho! He rubbed the stubble and declared, "I love it!"

"Buzz me down to the same length," begged Chaz. "I want to go down to a #1 all over as well."

Quin enjoyed playing barber as much as he enjoyed playing recruit. But, the biggest treat of all was the lollipop when it was all over!!

"Hey, we need to get this cleaned up before my roommate gets back," Chaz announced. "And I have a night class tonight. But, maybe we could do out to dinner in town tomorrow night."

"And, if you're up to it, what about that new Star Wars movie afterwards," Quin suggested.

"I'd love that! And I love my new stubble too!" Chaz said.

Quin was just dumping the last dustpan full of his amazing hair into the trash when Chaz' roommate returned. It was time for him to go show Paul his new haircut.

As he returned to his own room, Quin felt quite differently about Paul. Even though he'd cut his hair to attract Paul, his only interest now was Chaz.

Quin opened the door quietly and popped his head in. "You here, Paul?" Then he entered to reveal his new minimalist look.

"OMG!" shrieked Paul. "You did it! It looks fantastic!"

Quin blushed. "Yep, I won't tie up the sink for so long in the morning. No more hair care."

"But where did you find a barbershop open at this time?" Paul asked.

"I met someone in the dining hall who has a set of clippers...."

Paul got up from his bed and came over to Quin, "You look amazing!" He rubbed his hands over the stubble, suddenly turned on by his roommate's sexy new look. Then his hands grabbed Quin's tight ass and gave it a loving squeeze.

Quin glanced at Paul's desk and noticed the photo of his former boyfriend was gone.

"I can't wait to take you out to dinner tomorrow...and the movie," Paul whispered, as his lips moved towards Quin's.

But Quin broke away abruptly. "Oh, I forgot about that....I've made other plans, Paul. Sorry about that. But a rain check maybe? Gee, it's late -- I need to get a shower and some shut-eye."

He left Paul standing, alone, and totally taken aback. Quin felt so good about walking away from Paul to the dorm showers...leaving him hanging, wanting something he would not have.

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