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My Path to Shaved by Smooth

My path to a shaved head started in 1998. After working in the sun on a June afternoon, I decided it was time for a
change. I went to the local barber shop and entered. There were a few guys ahead of me. WHen it came for my time, I
got in the chair. The barber asked what will it be. I told him that I wanted a buzzcut. He grabbed the clippers and
started cutting. In a few minutes, my hair was trimmed to about 1/2 inch long all around. He then shaved my heck and
cleaned up my sideburns. I returned to the shop about every 5 - 7 days to get a fresh cropping.

In April of 1999, I was planning a trip to Florida with my two nephews. A couple of days before I left, I got another
cropping. I told the barber that I was taking a vacation to FLorida and wanted it cut shorter. I told him I did not
want it shaved. Just a step or two above it. The barber trimmed me down to about 1/4 of an inch. It definately felt
different. I asked him to go the next short trimming. He took it down to about 1/8 inch and it felt great.

So my nephews and I headed to Boston to fly out. My oldest nephew noticed that I had gotten a shorter crewcut than
normal. He said that he liked it. The next morning, morning we flew out of Boston and landed in Orlando. We got our
rental car and headed to the motel. After unpacking, my nephews wanted to go swimming. They headed to the pool. I
stayed in the motel room. While they were gone, I decided to take a shower and shave.

After I got out of the shower, I lathered my beard and mustache and shaved. I finished and then looked at my head.
I did not give it a second thought. I wet my head down and lathered it up. I should with the razer in hand and just
did it. In a matter of a few minutes, my head was smooth. I couldn't believe how good it felt. When my nephews returned
to the room, at first, they did not notice. The oldest newphew, age 14, then noticed that I had shaved my head. He said
it looked good.

So hear it is, 2012, and I am still sporting a shaved head. My only reggret is that I wish I had done it sooner in my

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