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Cabin Weekend Part II by P.J.

For the lead in to this you should first read Cabin Weekend

Needless to say, The haircut was a success. I could now see his gorgeous emerald green eyes at all times while we were in the sack. After our quickie we decided to finish the wood splitting and stacking.

During another short work break, Drew smiled and said, Hey, if I remember correctly, you said you brought the haircutting gear with you so I could cut YOUR hair, yes?

Oh, boy, I'd forgotten all about that quip I'd made yesterday. It seemed like a life time ago. Well, yes, I did say that, but that was before everything that's happened in the last 24 hours. Drew looked at me with raised eyebrows, what's changed, you still need a haircut right? Drew, you know what I mean man, I said, reaching over and stroking his clipper short sides. Dan, what does that have to do with me cutting your hair? Drew, I said, sighing, I just gave you a brutally short haircut , not a half a day ago, and you expect me to trust you with clippers near my mop? I'd expect to be clipped to the wood. Drew walked up to me, pulled me close, and whispered, babe, I love your hair, I love to play with it while we fool around, if you haven't noticed. Did you really think I'd shave you bald. I admit, this haircut you gave me is the shortest you've ever cut it, I think, Drew said, running his hands through the short bangs , pushing them up. The jury is still out as to whether I'm going to keep it this short by the way. But I did agree to let you do anything remember, he said, smiling at me. You just need a bit of a cleanup, right, he said, running his hands over my thick shaggy sides and back, just like he'd done a short while ago while we were in bed.

Well, can I trust you then, to just give me my usual trim, I replied, looking apprehensively up into his big green eyes? Yes babe, he said, pushing my huge bang shank back out of my eyes. I said O.K. then, after we get done with this wood pile, I'll take a quick shower, then you can have a go at me, haircut wise that is, I said, with a wicked grin. My dark auburn hair was half over my ears, and laying thick on my neck, bangs were almost to my mouth. We hadn't cut it in quite awhile, since he was growing his out I'd let mine go a bit too. I was pretty confident that he wouldn't shave me down, but with all that had happened I wasn't absolutely sure of anything anymore.

We eventually finished splitting and stacking. He slapped me on the butt and said, I'll get the stool out again, you take a quick shower. I walked out on the deck a few minutes later, only in gym shorts, hair soaking wet, combed out, and sat down on the stool. Drew was all ready for me, everything laid out. He said, Na,na, na, man, same as me. I looked at him quizzically. Huh? I replied. Shorts off bud, buck naked, remember? OH, right, I sighed, standing, and stripping my shorts off. Much better, he replied, with a sly grin. O.K. shake your head for me Dan, Drew asked. I shook vigorously for a minute. Bangs now flopping across my face completely. Wow dude, I kind of like you shaggy, actually, Drew said. Sure I can't convince you to let it grow out, he quipped. You wouldn't really be much ahead of me, he said, we could do it together. He was standing directly in front of me, smiling innocently. Drew, I replied, much as I like you with long hair, except for the eye thing during sex, I don't think I want to let mine go, not now, anyway.

Alright man, what do you want trimmed then, Drew said, running a comb through my now tangled locks. Well, as bizarre as it might sound, I kind of like how I cut yours really, I replied. Except for the bangs though, I love mine really long, as you well know. But, I said slowly, you can cut them however you want, this time, O.K.? Dan, just tell me what you want O.K., Drew said again, I'm not going to exact any kind of revenge on you.

O.K. just taper it up a bit around my ears, and just s slight taper along my nape. I just want it to look neat, it's getting kind of shaggy. I like the top thick and bulky, you remember right? It hasn't been that long since we cut each other's hair, or at least since you've last cut mine. Drew picked up the clippers, firmly gripped the top of my head, and forced it down. The old chin to chest maneuver. Then, tucking the clippers in under the soft curls at my nape, he clipped upwards for only a half inch or so, rolling back out. Short soft curls drifted down into my crotch. Little Dan was becoming interested in the proceedings too. Ah, Drew observed, I see you have the same reaction to clippers, huh.

Yes, I sighed, there's no mystery any more, is there. We can also now confirm that the hair on my head is definitely a lighter shade of auburn than the "rest" of the hair on my body too, I observed. Drew laughed, pushing the clippers up around my left ear, more soft auburn curls were sheared off and drifted down into my lap.

I'd forgotten to ask what guard he had on the clippers but it seemed like quite a bit of hair being cut. Oh s**t!, wow, Drew exclaimed, I guess I forgot to put a guard on, he exclaimed. Huh, what do you mean Drew, I replied, voice raising an octave or two. Well... when I clipped your nape, I didn't notice that I didn't have a guard on the clippers, the nape looks O.K., seeing as how I just clipped up a half inch or so, and tapered out. When I came in around your left ear, here, you now have a nice tight white wall. Without the guard it's clipped almost to the skin, luckily I held it at an angle while running it around your ear. Dude, I exclaimed, seriously! You have got to be kidding!. Uh, no, seriously Dan, Drew said quietly, go into the cabin and check it out. Oh, man, I'll have to do the other side to match, but I'm not sure if you'll be O.K. with how it looks. I disappeared into the cabin, into the bathroom, and promptly shouted What the F%$K man! I stomped back out and sat down, glowering at Drew. He was crushed.

Uh, Dan, I have to make both sides match, hold still O.K. He held my head, and carved out around my other ear. Ugh. O.K. Drew said, you now look like a 50's school boy in the middle of getting a VERY short, short back and sides cut. YEAH! Don't I know it Drew, I moaned loudly. Now what Dan, Drew asked softly. Drew said, you know, technically, I should clipper shave the back up about 3 inches, almost to the skin, and then give you a very short taper the rest of the way up to make it look balanced.

I think if you looked at me closely at this point you could practically see the smoke coming out of my ears. I was fuming mad. I absolutely loathed having clippers taken to the back of my head like he described.
Drew, you've cut my hair many dozens of times and never F*&ked things up this bad. I know, I know Dan, he lamented, I guess I was paying too much attention to the fact that you were buck naked, and I was distracted by the arousal of the large object I'd had such a close encounter with a short time ago. Well, I exclaimed loudly, it's not getting larger any more now is it! Ah, no, I see that now, Drew said. Well, what are we doing here bud, Drew asked again, running his hand through the plush locks on the back of my head. We can ignore it, and it will grow out in a week or two, or I can clipper this up, really tight, thoughts? I dragged my hand through my huge bang shank, if you clipper the back up high, you'll have to cut this off too, s**t! I said sighing. God this sucks!

Dan, not to belabor things, but if I recall, one of the last things you said to me before hacking off my nice long bangs was, its hair, it'll grow back. Yes, I replied hotly, but as I recall, I left you with a hot looking cut, not the 50's schoolboy look. Ugh, God, O.K. cut it, I said sadly. Drew took the clippers, with the #4 guard this time, and clippered off all the thick auburn curls on the back of my head, up to just below my crown, he did the same on each side, more huge shanks of curls hitting the cape. The feel of the clippers high up on the back of my head made my skin crawl. Most of the bulk now practically shaved off, he did some clipper over comb work on the upper parts. I now had a very tight taper on the sides and back, with the high white walls of course. He took the guard off, and slapped a #2 on and proceeded to shave up the lower part of the back, tightening up the taper. God, enough man, I yelped. I don't want to be shaved bald back there. I know, but I have to even it out and blend it a bit, he gently replied. Ugh, wow, I said, feeling the short nearly shaved back with my hand. God this sucks, I said again.

Hmm, Drew said, combing my bangs down. Wow, these are long he quipped. They were touching my upper lip, nice and thick too. I looked up through them, for the last time I lamented, eyes blazing at Drew. Dan, you know what has to happen to these with this short of a cut don't you, Drew mumbled. Yes, yes, I do, I replied tersely. And that's not going to happen, Drew, I replied hotly, glaring at him. Cut 'em to the middle of my eyes , we're going to do a disconnected combed forward style, nice and bulky, with long thick overhangs on each side, with product in it , the bangs should just stay out of my eyes. The top can stay nice and full, with some thick layers. Hmm, didn't see that coming, Drew murmured, sliding the shears in under my thick bang shank, mid eye. Snip, snip, almost 5 inches of thick auburn waves slid down into my lap. Little Dan didn't even flinch. I could now see out of the lower half of each eye. I almost cried. Oh, man, Drew sighed, that's a lot of hair man. Yes! don't I know it, I replied hotly. You didn't waste any time chopping that off now did you! Now, just trim up the top, long layers please, combed forward.

More auburn locks fell to my limp lap, completely obscuring the evidence that I was NOT enjoying this a bit. There, Drew said, I just need to shave your neck and trim up the burns and we're done. This really didn't turn out to bad Dan, considering. The top doesn't look to out of character with the rest of it, it's just really short on the sides and back. I gave him a silent malevolent glare, running my hand up the freshly clippered back of my head.

Want to do the neck and sideburns with me in the shower, like we did this morning with me, Drew politely asked. No, finish it up out here I replied dejectedly. He quietly dabbed lather on my sideburns and nape, and scraped the fuzzies off, while I tried to calm down. Wiping off the excess, he told me he was done, I silently got up and went in to shower as he started cleaning up the deck. I heard him come into the bathroom, now naked too, and asking to join me in the shower ...please. I relented, opening the door and letting him in. Have you washed it yet he asked glancing up at my now wet, freakishly short, hair. Yes, what's left of it, I replied tersely. Drew was almost in tears, Dan, I'm really sorry man, I didn't mean to do it, honest man. I know, I sighed, it just sucks, that's all. It'll look better in a couple of weeks, it really will, Drew offered meekly. Continuing to talk, he said, how about if we dry off and slide into the sack, I can try to see if I can look into your eyes now too maybe, he had a cute half smile, half pleading look on his face. Or can you let me dry it and style it up for you and well check it out he said, smiling shyly.

I relented, getting out of the shower. I dried off, and dragged him into the bedroom with me. I hope you learned how to get to your happy place last night mister, cause I'm going to take you for quite a ride now. Your about to find out what make up sex is all about.

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