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Chris Teaches a Lesson and Learns One by Manny

Justin breathed a huge sigh of relief, "Really?! This will remain between us? Oh, Chris, I appreciate that so much. I'd been unable to sleep all week thinking how awful it would be if somehow it leaked that I'd gotten the exam questions in advance. I've been telling everyone I studied so hard. You can't imagine how many people have congratulated me on getting a perfect exam score. It's never happened before."

Chris smiled at the relieved graduated student. He was such a handsome lad -- manly facial features and the most magnificent mane of thick dark brown hair that was a mass of waves and curls hanging down toward his shoulders.

"You looked very nervous when Professor Yearling asked you to stand up in front of the whole class and be acknowledged for the perfect score. A historic first! Yes, it'll be our little secret," Chris said as he stood and came out from behind the desk. "When I graded the exams for Professor Yearling, I could not believe how well you did. I mean, you are an average student, but the answers were perfect. Is our pretty boy actually so very smart, I wondered. Or perhaps he sweet-talked one of the girls who was in charge of making the copies of the test to advance him the questions?! I had noticed you hanging out with Regina Smythe quite a bit of late. She's just the type who wouldn't mind passing on the questions for a little bit of action in the bedroom. And I had heard her gushing over your lovely hair with one of the office workers."

Chris grasped the beautiful mane of hair and fondled it a bit. "These sexy locks must have really turned her on! Such pretty hair. So dense and soft! And, oh so long...."

Justin squirmed just a bit. Chris was taking quite a liberty with his hair!

"Well, I really need to be going now, Chris," Justin stammered, feeling trapped by the professor's assistant. "I just dropped by to say thank you when I got your note...."

"Oh, so quickly? You can't be in that much of a hurry. I was enjoying your amazing hair. And, wait! I think I just discovered another secret of yours, Justin! Oh, this is amazing," Chris exclaimed as he fingered Justin's ear beneath the thick mane of hair. "Let's pull back this covering of long hair and see what we have here -- is it really what I think? Ears that stick out?!"

Chris took Justin's hair and pushed it behind his ears. "Oh, the ears!! They are so large and awkward. Did people call you 'Dumbo' growing up?" The laugh Chris let out sent a shiver down Justin's spine. Suddenly he felt like the professor's assistant had a secret agenda and wasn't going to let him off as easily as it had first appeared.

"I was prepared to keep one of your secrets, Justin, but not two," Chris stated, fully enjoying the control he possessed over the cowed graduate student. "Shall we go now to inform Professor Yearling about your exam? Or, shall we...."

Chris returned to his desk chair leaned down and opened up the bottom drawer of his desk. He pulled out a set of electric hair clippers, a pair of barber shears and a folded white barber's cape. "Or, shall we expose the secret of your big, awkward ears!"

Justin's face turned scarlet. Embarrassment? Fear? Anger? Helplessness? He felt a bit of them all!

"Chris, what are you getting at?" Justin blubbered.

Chris held up the clippers and examined them closely. "Ah, they are set to 1/16th of an inch."

"That you want to cut my hair, in exchange for keeping quiet about the cheating?" Justin stammered.

"Oh, he's got a head on his shoulders after all. Yes, Justin. Your pretty hair will be cut off! Down to the wood. That fabulous mane of 'to die for' hair, those wonderful, thick curls and waves that Regina fawned over. You used them to facilitate your cheating on the exam. I'd saw it is an appropriate punishment for you, Justin! A bald head. Your pretty hair at my feet. Shall I cape you up now, or shall I go inform Professor Yearling about my uncovering the cheating ruse?"

"I didn't set out to get the questions, Chris! Regina came on to me. She offered them to me!" Justin stammered.

"And you accepted," Chris stated calmly. Then he picked up his phone and dialed a number. "Uh, yes, is Professor Yearling available? This is Chris Watkins, I'd like to speak to him....."

Justin started waving frantically. He pointed to the clippers and to his hair.

"He's not. That's all right, I'll catch up with him some other time," Chris said before hanging up.

Without saying a word, he stood and shook open the white barber's cape.

Justin sat still, timid and meek, almost numb.

Chris pull the cape snuggly about Justin's neck and fastened it with a large metal clip. Then he took a deep breath in the amazing mass of shimmering dark brown hair. The expensive shampoo was intoxicating. Since he'd first spotted Justin Timmers with his mass of hair swishing about at the beginning of the term, Chris had been desperate to cape him up and take a clippers to it. Regina was more than happy to do his bidding and ensnare the handsome pretty boy. She was not one to turn down a nice pay raise for snagging the lovely mane.

Chris snapped on the clippers and forced Justin's head forward. He was made to stare down into the expansive white cape.

He brought the bare metal teeth up under the mass of mahogany. A shriek went out as the teeth plowed into Justin's nape. He jolted in the chair, realizing that the haircut was beginning to unfold.

Chris was firm in driving the clippers tightly up the back of Justin's head. With a fair amount of dexterity he pulled off the first massive shank of hair from his subdued prey. The fistful of curls and waves looked amazing in his hand -- and it was a wonderful contrast to the strip of stubble left on Justin's scalp at the nape.

Chris tossed the first mass of cut hair onto the cape in Justin's lap. The caped pretty boy needed some hard evidence that there was a price to pay for cheaters!

"You may find out you like the baldy look!" Chris chirped cheerfully. "Your big ears will attract a lot of attention. Perhaps I should uncover one of them next."

He quickly brought the clippers up behind the ear and mowed off the bulky locks that covered it. With expert dexterity, Chris flicked the machine, sending another huge wad to the cape.

"Amazing! These ears of yours stick out with such a presence. They really make a statement!" Chris said as he came close to the big ear, whispering right into it. "You will hear so much better in class without that padding of hair muffling your hearing, Justin. Perhaps there will be no need to cheat if you clearly hear Professor Yearling's lectures."

Justin squirmed uncomfortably in the chair, but remained submissive. The secret of his cheating on the exam could easily get him expelled from the college. That would be a much greater loss and humiliating than a baldy haircut.

"Now, that magnificent forelock...." Chris mused, eying the amazing lock that was the centerpiece of Justin's sexy look. "It must be your pride and joy. You admire it so much each morning as you carefully style it. I wonder if it can withstand these efficient haircut clippers? It looks so healthy and vigorous," Chris noted, suddenly moving the teeth right across the hairline.

The unveiling was quick and very painful for poor Justin. By the time the forelock settled in the cowed graduate student's lap, very little white of the cape could be seen. The divestiture was moving quickly, thanks to the fast-feed electric hair clippers and Chris' skill as a boot camp barber.

Chris paused with the clipping a bit to fondle Justin's very large ear. "It's amazing how far it sticks out," he smirked. "Regina may just find huge, protruding, Dumbo-like ears very appealing! They certainly are unique."

Then he brought the clippers across the top of Justin's head, from forehead to cowlick. The clip job was brutal! A glistening shank of hair fell to the shoulder. The swath of stubble contrasted remarkably with the shimmering locks still clinging to one side of Justin's bowed head.

"It's so fun to have secrets, isn't it Justin?" Chris prattled. "Something just the two of us know. Oh, and Regina. I suppose she won't tell Professor Yearling about her little sex-for-favor scheme."

Justin tensed up! "She wouldn't do that!" he gasped. "Surely she wouldn't tell....."

"Regina has been known to suffer from a guilty conscious," Chris said as he began tackling the last stronghold of Justin's beautiful mane. He cleared the hair from the other ear. "Oh, look! An identical set. Now, sit up straight, Baldy! Be very still and submissive. Am I being clear?"

Justin did as he was told.

"Yes," Chris continued, "Regina did mention to me that she was feeling a little guilty about what she did after all the attention you garnered from Professor Yearling. Standing up in class and having everyone clap for your perfect test score. She didn't think it was right for you to get public praise, when the reality was quite sordid." Chris did not try to hide the glee he felt at conveying this bit of intel to Justin.

"Now, let me just run the clippers all over your head one last time to make sure everything is taken down very evenly and uniformly to 1/16th of an inch. Have you ever thought of a diamond stub in your ear to make it stand out even more, Justin? I could run you over to the Piercing Pagoda in the mall."

"Oh, no! Heavens no, Chris," he murmured, horrified at the thought of attracting even more attention to his large, awkward ears.

Finally, Chris snapped off the machine. He grasped a huge handful of cut hair from Justin's lap. "Wow, look at all this hair! I think one could spin it into some soft yarn and have enough for a knit cap." Then Chris stroked the stubbly pate. "Oh, this feels so wonderful. I'm sure you'll want me to keep you clipped tight. Perhaps when you come in for your weekly tutoring session, Justin. It'll be quick. Cape, clippers and a nice tidy pelt. Settled. Each Tuesday afternoon at 3 pm. Am I understood?"

Justin nodded blankly. He was still worried about Regina telling the professor.

Chris removed the cape and shook the mass of shorn hair to the floor.

Justin touched his clipped head gingerly. The sharp stubble was so unlike the soft waves of shiny hair. He stared down at the floor where all his cut hair was strewn about. What a change had been made in just a few minutes.

Chris got on the intercom. "Regina, this is Chris Watkins. Could you bring a broom to my office?"

Justin's face turned a bright red. Apart from Chris, she would be the first to see his new baldy look with his huge Dumbo-ears exposed!

"I have to go now, Chris," Justin said with a bit of desperation in his voice.

"Why so soon? You will want Regina to see your new baldy haircut, I imagine," Chris said. "Or are you anxious to see it for yourself? Run on then, Justin. There's a big mirror in the men's bathroom. You look so....ah, different without your long hair."

Justin quickly bolted from the small office.

As he scurried out he bumped into Regina....a gasp followed by a suppressed laugh rang through the corridor.

"I had to teach him a lesson about cheating, Regina," Chris explained as she handed him the broom.

"Poor guy. Those ears were something else," she chuckled.

Chris savored every moment as he swept up three huge dustpans full of Justin's shorn locks up and dumped them in his waste bin.

Regina watched on in amazement. "Quite a shame. He had such nice hair. You did tell him Professor Yearling knows about the cheating?" she asked.

Chris smiled broadly. "No! Of course not! His humiliation will be complete tomorrow. In front of the whole class."

Regina smiled, "You bad boy!" She gave Chris a pretend spanking. "Now, remember what you promised would be in it for me, for setting poor Justin up."

Chris smiled and winked at her. "It's just between the two of us, right? A secret!" he reminded her as he handed her a crisp $100 bill from his wallet.


The next day as the class settled down, Professor Yearling cleared his voice. "Before we get into today's subject, I have an announcement to make. I would like Justin Timmers to stand.

The nervous lad rose slowly to his feet. A murmur broke out in the lecture hall.

"Oh my!" exclaimed the professor. "It seems like Justin is 'all ears' today!"

The classroom broke into raucous laughter. Justin's face and big ears turned beet red.

"So hear this, everyone. Justin did not earn that perfect score on the last exam through hard work. He stole it through cheating. He seduced one of my staff and ended up with the questions in advance. For this despicable act, I have recommended he be expelled from college. And, it looks like he's ready to join the army with his new, very short buzzcut! So, Chris Watkins, if you would please escort Justin to the registrar's office immediately."

Bald, humiliated Justin was marched out in front of everyone. Chris gloated at the lad's humiliation. He just hoped his tight jeans concealed the excitement he felt.

But Professor Yearling wasn't finished teaching for the day.

No, not at all! After the lecture ended, he went straight to Chris' small office. He opened the door and eyed Chris' pert, fussy business cut. His teaching assistant was so meticulous about his nice coif with every hair in place. It was a nice, rich chestnut colored mane with glowing auburn highlights.

"Poor Justin!" Professor Yearling commented. "To be publicly humiliated like that. But, I had no choice when Regina told me what had happened."

"No indeed, sir! Cheaters need to be exposed and humiliated," Chris replied with a very righteous tone.

"That's not all Regina told me, I'm afraid, Chris," the professor said as he walked around to the access the bottom desk drawer.

Chris watched wide-eyed as the professor took out the cape and clippers. "She said that you paid her to ensnare him! She showed me the $100 bill you gave her."

Chris gripped the arms of the chair in a panic! This was not part of his plan!

Professor Yearling snapped open the cape and fastened it tightly around his assistant's neck. Then he tussled the shiny locks! "Oh look, these fast-feed electric hair clippers are already set on 1/16th of an inch! That'll be a perfect length for you too!"

The professor snapped the machine on and expertly began reducing Chris' fussy business cut to stubble! Under the cape, Chris could not contain his emotion. His greatest fantasy was coming true. After years of dreaming about it, he was being shaved bald by an authority figure.

"I knew Regina would tell on me," he murmured as he watched his precious locks fall to the cape.

"And did you know this was your last day working for me?" the professor snapped. "I hear the marine corps is looking for recruits."

Chris gasped and tried to look up to object and or plead for leniency. Getting fired was not part of his plan. But Professor Yearling's strong hand kept his head down and submissive. Pheraps the Marine Corps would be an ideal workplace for him.....

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