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Shaved bald every day of my life by Andrew entauer

When I was young I always went out to the barber shop to get my head buzzed down to a #2 all over. I hated this haircut but my dad made me get it. I hated how the little bristles stood straight up on my head and how during the summer when I got a #1 all over it felt like scratchy sandpaper. This was just how it was. Things started to change when I was around the age of 12 though.I was having a really hard time in school and I got my first F. When I showed it to my dad he was fine and told me that I would still be able to play soccer which I loved.When term 2 report cards came out and I had 4 Ds and an F my dad told me that if I wanted to keep playing soccer I would have to shave my head every other day. I told him he was an idiot and that just made him angrier. He told me to go to the bathroom and knowing I was in trouble I went anyways. He sat me down and tied a barbers cape around me so I couldn't move. Then he took out a pair of clippers and took off the #2 guard he had used on me a couple weeks ago. He then placed the vibrating clippers to my forehead and pushed them right through. I was crying and he was laughing. "you like that boy" "huh?". He kept pushing them through my hair until the vibrating finally stopped. My hair was all patchy and uneven but you could barely tell because I had hair that was barely even a centimeter now. Then I tried to get up but he said "oohhh no we aren't done yet" He opened up the shelf behind the mirror and pulled out a bottle of shaving cream and a razor. Then he spayed a ton of it straight onto my head and started to pus it all around. My whole head was covered in white foam. He took the razor dipped it into some soap and then dragged it straight over my head leaving not even a single bit of hair left. When he was done I didn't even have a single stubble of hair left. All of my long hair was on the floor.The next day when I came home from school he was waiting at the door. when I got there he said time for your haircut. I was terrified. He sat me down in the bathroom and shaved the mere stubble I had grown back off with a huge amount of shaving cream. He did this every day when I got home from school and still does it whenever I visit him. When I was about 14 he started shaving me right before I went to school as well as after.

Earlier this year when I visited him as usual he took out the razor and shaving cream and shaved me bald. But this time he added something that I didn't know. Some kind of oil. He told me that it damaged the hair follicles so my hhair would never grow back again. I would never have a bushy buzzcut like I had for a long time. Never again would I get to experience of pushing my fingers through my bristled or stubbly scalp.I had been turned bald for the rest of my life.When he remarried he had 3 boys with a woman named Martha. Eventually she ditched him too and now he has 3 more sons that he shaves bald every day.He told me ethat he used the oil on them as well and I could tell when they came out with shiny domes with not even a hint of hair. He shaves himself bald everyday as well and so now that maks us one family that will never have bristly fuzzed up buzzcuts ever again

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