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Last but not Least by P.J.

I was just flipping the closed sign on the door when a young strapping lad with a mop of honey blonde hair came trotting up and pushed gently on the door. Ah, you are still open sir, he inquired politely. Do you have time for one or two more cuts sir....please.

Well sure, come on in son, I beckoned with my hand, standing aside for him to enter. Have a seat in the big chair there and let's see what I can do for you. I was secretly pumped. Holy cow, what a mop this kid had. Honey blonde, almost to his shoulders, and gorgeous. Just a bit of a wave to it, thick, heavy, with long, long, bangs, long enough to tuck behind his ears, which he promptly did, once settled in the chair.

(Before I tell the tale, I should introduce myself to you all. I'm Pete, by the way, owner of Pete's Cuts, the local barbershop here in the north country of Upstate New York, located betwixt two universities, and an Army base, so as you might imagine, I do a great variety of cuts, guys only, with a few minor exceptions, of course.)
Now on to the story.

What's your name now son, I inquired. Shaun, sir. Ah now Shaun, what is it we're doing today then, I asked, as I picked up a comb, and began sorting out his magnificent mane. I was expecting the typical "can you just trim an inch off" reply. That's usually what these longer haired guys requested especially someone with a gorgeous mane like this. I was always happy to oblige of course, with whatever the customer wanted. I occasionally took off a bit more, just to appease my "barber" instincts, and sometimes give 'em a scare, to remind them that the fate of their amazing mane was now in my capable clippered hands. I was, however, stunned by Shaun's reply to my question.

Shaun promptly turned red as a beet. Ah, well, sir, ahem, I'd like a razor shaved high and tight sir, #1 on the top please. I struggled to process what I'd just heard. Shaun, did you say a "razor shaved high and tight, #1 on top", I said, repeating back what I'd thought I'd heard. Yes sir, he replied, running his hands through the thick mane. I know what you're thinking sir, he stammered, but no, I didn't lose a bet, actually I won a bet, sir. You see, I've been growing my hair out for the past school year, my roommate has been trimming it when it's been absolutely necessary, just to keep it looking good, split ends only. He's had to grow his out too, sir. You see, we had a bet to see if I could stand to let mine grow out for the entire school year. I absolutely love short cuts sir, I crave them, I was getting my hair cut every week or two, prior to the start of this past school year. Very short. My roommate on the other hand , loves his lush shoulder length locks, lightly trimmed every 8 weeks of so by yours truly. He didn't think I'd be able to last a whole year, but, here it is , I just finished my last exam, I checked in with him, and so here I am, shaggy mane ready to be shorn. He'll be meeting me here in a minute sir, I wanted to catch you before you closed, I can't wait another day for this to be slowly clippered off and shaved sir!
Ah, O.K. I see Shaun, I said softly. So, you won the bet eh, I smiled demurely, running my hands now through the long dense bulk at his nape. Ah, heavenly, I thought, what luck, the guard less Osters were soon going to plow all this heavenly bulk off, and let it slide softly into the kids lap. So, Shaun, I inquired, what was the other side of the bet, son. What does your roommate have to do since you won? Well, Shaun grinned ear to ear, looking mischievously at me. He has to get the same haircut as I do sir! The looser has to get a haircut of the winners choosing, was Shaun's excited reply. Just then another young gentlemen entered the shop. Hey Shaun, sorry I'm late, did you speak with Pete about us, the kid inquired.

Yes, Nick, I was just explaining things to Pete, Shaun replied. Pete probably doesn't have time for both of us, do you Pete, Nick inquired hopefully.
I was momentarily speechless, Nick, as I now knew his name, had magnificent long, wavy, almost curly shoulder blade length auburn hair, all one length, and impossibly thick. I realized I was going to give this kid a high and tight too, I almost swooned. Nick, I said, can you flip the latch on the door son, please. Oh, yes sir, nick replied, giving the thumb latch a twist.
There, now, I think I can stay and fit both of you in, I said, smiling. I wouldn't want to disappoint wither of you. Have a seat front and center Nick, I said, gesturing to one of the waiting chairs directly in front of Shaun.

Now then Shaun, I assume you're familiar with the cut you just asked for, correct. Yes, Oh, yes, sir. I haven't had a razor shaved high and tight before, but I've had several high and tights over the years sir, he said, smiling back. Nick cringed. I've been very excited to have my first razor shaved one though sir. I expect your very experienced , being this close to the army base and all, yes? Oh, yes, I've had a lot of experience with them son, I replied.

Oh, good, I can't wait for you to start clipping sir, Shaun said excitedly. Nick cringed again. And I can't wait to see Nicks precious mane hit the floor either sir, said Shaun, with an ear to ear grin. I could see Nick was now on the verge of tears, running his hands through the plush dense locks, smoothing them behind his ears.

Well, I shall not disappoint then, Shaun, let the shearing commence. I dragged the comb through the heavy bulk, sectioning off an appropriate horse shoe section for the top, Shaun's flowing bangs now duck clipped in front of and above his face. Oh, Pete, sir, can you leave me facing Nick? As much as I want to watch this haircut, I want to watch Nicks face more sir, he said sadistically. I think I can still see what's happening in the big wall mirror above and behind Nick anyway. I smiled to myself, Hmm, I think I have a short hair fetisher here. We'll have to see. I reached for the guard less set of special balding clippers I had just for this purpose.
Flicking them on, I heard Shaun give an expectant groan in anticipation. Please start in the back sir, he exclaimed grinning. I could see he was almost panting with anticipation. Put the clippers at my nape and slowly drive them up to the parting sir, letting all the thick bulk slide into my lap please. Oh, my, yes, I had a fetisher here, and he was in a bad way. Of course Shaun, your wish is my command, I replied, parting the thick heavy waves at his nape with my hand , letting the vibrating Osters land at his nape. Shaun's breathing stopped for a moment. Nicks eyes went wide, a look of abject horror on his face. I slowly moved the hungry Osters up the back of Shaun's head. He moaned with delight. Handfuls of honey blonde hair were shaved loose, right at the scalp, and began their decent, cascading down into his lap. I could tell this kid was in ecstasy. OH, yes, Shaun moaned, do that again sir, he moaned. Just like that sir!
Wow, this kid had it bad. Easy Shaun, I cooed. You have A LOT of hair here son, this is going to take a few minutes. I reached over and got one of the small white towels that I use to wipe down after I shave someone, lifted up a corner of the cape and handed the towel to Shaun. I said, no sense getting wet shorts over this son, winking at him, enjoy it, you've certainly waited long enough for it. Shaun took the towel, turning red again and I saw some momentary shuffling under the cape. Nick was still wide eyed, focused on the thick hank of hair now in Shaun's lap.

I tipped Shaun's head back down, and made another slow pass up the back, all the way to the parting. God this kid had thick hair. Pushing the clippers up through it felt divine. They'd disappear into the thick mane, only to emerge at the parting, having cleared another swath of all evidence of hair, nice and smooth. I didn't often get to perform this type of shearing so I was enjoying every minute of it too. Slowly, clipper full after clipper full of heavenly thick bulk came off Shaun's head to rest in his lap. His lap now nearly covered in honey blonde locks. I'd only just finished with the back. Shaun was lost in his own world, I'd already paused once for him to shudder and moan helplessly, as he reached the point of no return. I knew all too well, what that was like, I was pretty sure I was going to be near that point myself before this session was over.

Nick, was looking on dejectedly, hands in his voluminous waves, nervously fingering the luscious locks.
Shaun grinned unabashedly at Nick. Never seen me like this, have you Nick, he said. Nick slowly shook his head in the negative, seemingly unable to speak. This feels sooooo good Nick, just wait, you'll see.

Shaun, as the bet winner was clearly having the time of his life, enjoying at least one sweet release so far, while Nick, as the looser, was watching, now totally devastated, at what was going to happen to him in a few minutes.

I moved to the side of Shaun's head attacking the long thick locks, carving a hairless whitewall around first the left, then the right side. Nick could now see just how short it was. His look changed to one of being terrified. Shaun smiled, then moaned in ecstasy, this looks really hot doesn't it Nick, he said. I could see Shaun was practically panting again, as handfuls of honey colored locks fell away, leaving nothing but skin.

Oh, Pete, he said breathlessly, cut the top from front to back, please. This is so amazing, I'd forgotten just how amazing it feels to get clipper shaved bald. Nick was pawing at his heavy waves, almost whimpering . He spoke for the first time since we'd started clipping Shaun's mane. Shaun, do I have to get the sides and back shaved, really, he squeaked. Yup, Shaun triumphantly stated, just like me bud. Oh, god, Nick moaned.
I placed the Osters, now with a #1 guard on them, at Shaun's fore head. Shaun's chest was heaving. he was quivering in anticipation. Shaun, I said, I've had a lot of guys in here who love high and tights, but you take the cake, son. Oh, Pete, you don't understand, I've been dreaming about this for 9 months. This is sweet release, in more ways than one, for me. I'll be back to my old self again. I will also have enjoyed making Nick a potential convert in the process. You see, I think he thought , deep down, that if he persuaded me to let mine grow out, I'd love it as much as he does, and not want to get it cut, or only want a trim, letting him off the hook on the severe shearing he's about to get. Little did he know that once in love with the clippers, always in love with the clippers. I'd removed the duck clips, so the glorious bangs now hung freely, tickling his upper lip. Shave it down Pete he exclaimed!. I of course obliged, pushing the humming Osters back slowly through the plush top, the swinging bangs gently beginning to slide off his face into this lap. Four more gentle passes, and Shaun had had another bout of "sweet relief" as he called it. He was now completely shorn, I just had to do a bit of tapering of the #1 top into the bald sides and back. All he had was a dark blonde shadow on top of his head, the rest was shaved bald.

I finished him up, brushing him off nicely. He was moaning softly, and smiling lasciviously at Nick, who sat slumped in the waiting chair, sniffling , almost sobbing, playing with his huge shaggy bangs.
Oh, Pete, Shaun exclaimed, this is sooooo hot. Thank you! I asked him if he wanted me to razor shave the sides even though the balding clippers I used, took him every bit as tight as the razor would.
Yes, please, I know its redundant, but I want the full experience, and so will Nick, of course, Shaun said, smiling at his roommate innocently.

I went through the whole process for Shaun, hot towels, shave cream, shaved twice, once with, and once against the grain, only too grateful to oblige, having had the privilege of shaving that amazing mane off. Once we finished the second pass, against the grain, I wiped him down and slapped a bit of witch hazel on all over. Shaun yelped, and moaned loudly. Oh, Pete, that was divine. He rubbed his hands across the stubble, groaning Oh, yeah!.

I smiled appreciatively at him, and said, the pleasure was all mine, I can assure you Shaun, I grinned back at him. I uncapped him, and did a quick sweep of the area around the chair removing the huge pile of shorn hair. He stepped down and walked over to Nick. Nick looked up dejectedly at Shaun. Shaun ran his own hands through Nicks' thick heavy mane, curling the huge bang shanks behind his ears. Shaun said, Ready Man?! Last, but not least! I can't wait to watch all this hit the cape, man. Nick almost passed out, I could see his face was white. Up you go man, hop in the chair, Shaun said, smiling.
Nick stood on wobbly legs, and started to make his way to the chair. He tried one last time, Shaun, please, I'll do anything, please, not the high and tight. Shaun walked up next to him, Nope, a bets a bet, sit in the chair man. Do you want to feel mine before Pete starts? No, no, god, no, I can't stand this, Nick cried out. I've never had short hair, Shaun. I know Nick, that's why we're doing this, I've had your experience for a whole school hear, now it's your turn to have mine.
Nick settled dejectedly into the chair. Cape him and Clip him Pete, Shaun barked, same as me please.

I finally got the cape on, struggling with all the thick bulk of Nicks' tresses. I got a brush and started brushing him out, no way was a comb going to work on this mane I realized.
Oh, what a feeling dragging the brush through, my hand following it, into this soft thick wavy curls. The shop lights danced off the sun kissed blond highlights in his dark auburn mane.
Before Shaun sat, he whipped out his cell phone and took a quick series of Pics of Nicks' glorious mane. For old times' sake pal, Shaun exclaimed. That's not fair!, Nick yelped. I didn't take any of you, man. Your loss bud, careful, or I'll take during and after shots too, and post 'em on the internet. Nick got a horrified look upon his face, YOU Wouldn't! Then calm down, man, it's only a haircut. Relax, and enjoy it. I certainly did.

And HOW Nick said, I can't believe you get off on getting your head shaved. It's not totally shaved Shaun replied, running his hand over the soft bristled on the top of his head. And yes, I find haircuts like this incredibly erotic.

I gave Nick a similar horse shoe parting to Shaun's, using most of my duck slips to keep the huge shank of hair out of my way and out of his eyes for the most part , so he and Shaun could maintain eye contact.

Wow, if looks could kill though , I thought, catching a glance from Nick to Shaun. Shaun just smiled back.
O.K. Nick, I said softly, plunging my hand into the dense bulk at his nape, and attempting to part it, clippers humming in my right hand, Ready?

Oh, god, Nick sighed, no but it doesn't really matter now does it. Sadly, my friend, I replied, no, not really. Shaun smiled greedily and said, nice and slow, Pete, just like you did on me. Leave him turned towards me please, I want a ring side seat for this show. Nick sighed heavily again, all the air seemed to go out of his lungs as the clippers touched down at his nape for the first pass.
I pause in thought momentarily, it really was a shame to shave off all this gorgeous auburn hair I thought to myself, but, if it's gotta go, I'm sure glad it's me doing it. I slid the special guard less balding clippers up slowly, the pitch of the clippers changing to a whine as they struggled to shave the dense bulk off, leaving only skin in their wake. The first glorious handfuls, now set free, made their way down into Nick lap. As they thudded to a stop, Nick sharply inhaled. A tear made its way slowly down his cheek.

Nick, man, Shaun said softly, I know how you feel about your hair man. I know this sucks for you but, next time don't bet something you don't want to lose, man. You are going to look incredible, by the way, I just know it, you'll see, Shaun cooed at him.

Nick didn't respond, the clippers were making their way up the back of his head again, copious quantities of thick auburn locks, sliding free, only white scalp in their wake. All landing in Nicks lap. After several more passes, I finished up the back, there was now a huge pile of shorn auburn hair in Nicks' lap. He was silently crying. I started to peel the soft shoulder length tresses off on his right side, first the skinned white wall appearing, then gradually the entire side shaved smooth up to the parting, peeling off his wooly caterpillar side burn last. Oh, Nick, Shaun exclaimed, the only thing I was worried about was your ears man, and you have perfect ears, this is gonna look great. Nick, can you stop crying man? I didn't cry when you made me skip haircuts for an entire school year. I now know how much work is involved in maintaining those luscious locks. It's not for me, man. I'm sorry Shaun, Nick quietly replied, I thought once you'd grown it out, and seen how great it looked, you'd maybe only want to trim it back and shape it up bit. If I'd known you were going to choose a high and tight for the looser, I never would have bet. Well....maybe you shouldn't have said a haircut of the winner's choice then , Shaun replied quietly, you know how short I like wear it. Yeah, I do NOW, was Nicks' tearful reply. I didn't think you'd make me get shaved bald , oh God, I'm gonna look like a such dork man. Thanks Nick, Thanks a lot. I DO not look like a dork, do I Pete. No I replied, trying not to take sides in this argument. but not everybody enjoys getting shaved bald either. He won't be bald, Shaun replied rubbing the stubble on top of his head, It'll just be VERY short.

In the mean time was slowly loosing it. I was in heaven. As much as Shaun enjoyed his shearing, and watching Nick get sheared, I was enjoying the hell out of shearing Nick. I had to excuse myself for a bathroom break, I needed a little STRESS relief is you know what I mean.

All I now had left to remove was the thick dense mound of bang hair and all the hair on top of Nicks head. Oh, man, this was going to be the worst for him(and the best for me). I put the #1 guard on the clippers, and fired them up. Bringing the chattering teeth up to Nicks fore head, lifting the huge shank up on his left side, I plunged the clippers in, pushing slowly back to his crown. The section of thick heavy gorgeous bangs slid free, landing with an almost audible thud onto the huge pile of shorn locks in Nicks' lap, He started to sob. Shaun had finally realized just how traumatic this was for Nick, he stopped trying to be jovial and upbeat and approached the chair.

I decided the best approach was to remove the rest of the amazing tresses as quickly as possible. I made three more quick passes, removing all the heavy wavy bangs. Nick was now shorn, just like Shaun. He was also a silently sobbing hot mess. I quickly took the guard off and blended the top and sides.

Can I make a suggestion here Shaun. I quietly asked. Yeah sure Pete, Shaun replied. Shaun had his hand on Nicks' shoulder, gently massaging it. Nick was trying to shake him off. Let's skip the razor shave for Nick, I think he's been through enough, O.K.? The mention of the razor shave brought a howl from Nick, please no, it's bad enough to be clipper shaved, I REALLY don't want to be razor shaved bald! NO Shaun, please NO!. I know it won't be exactly the same as your haircut but please no!.

O.K., O.K., we'll skip it, Nick, Shaun replied. It doesn't change the look at all anyways man, I just thought you'd like the experience and feeling of the shave, that's all. No, Man, Nick said emphatically. If I had to go through that too, I'd probably be puking on Pete's floor. I gave Nick a thorough brushing down, and uncapped him. The huge pile of shorn hair sliding to the floor at his side. This elicited fresh tears from Nick. OH, man!.

Wow!, Shaun tried once again. You really look hot man. Pete, I'm paying for both cuts today, Shaun said. Nick turned around and saw for the first time, the "new" Nick reflected back at himself in the mirror.
He sobbed and walked out of the shop. I looked at Shaun and said, no charge man, both cuts are on me, come back in the fall when they grow out and I'll take care of both of you. That is if you and Nick are still friends after today. Go after him Shaun, and see if you can grovel a bit and tell him your sorry. Even if a bet is a bet, sometimes collecting in full isn't the right thing to do.
Shaun trotted off after his distraught roommate.

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