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Hot Red Head's First Barbershop Cut by Shannon Meredith

Hot Red Head's First Barbershop Cut
Luke was 28 years old, 5’ 10", 140 pounds with a Lean build. He worked at the local 7-Eleven for the past 6 years and barely had enough money to pay the rent for his 1-Bedroom Apartment and his $100 Truck Payment on his 2001 Ford Pick-Up. He was a very hairy Ginger with Neck hair that grew way down onto his Shoulders and his beard was so Thick it even grew down to where his Chest Hair met it. He was not the most Motivated guy, so he would generally crawl out of Bed, hop in the Shower, put on a Hat, and head out the door for work. He would rarely Shave, and once his beard would get to about an Inch Long, he would only just buzz it down as short as the cheap hair clippers he had would take it. He would try to buzz the front of his neck down into his Chest Hair, from time to time, but even that was rare, so he would generally have his thick beard running down the front of his neck to his Red Chest hair. But he didn’t care. He didn’t care what people thought of what he looked like, even though when he did get a haircut and shave, he was very boyish in looks with a face and eyes that would get Carded to buy Cigarettes. About every 4 months he would use a coupon for the local Salon and go get his haircut. The would cut his hair about 1" on top and #2 on this sides and back with blocked Nape so high up that his neck hair would start growing in the very next day. His neck would be covered in soft red hair in just 10 days. But he didn’t care. Whenever he would buzz his beard, and front of his neck, down, he would reach around and do under his ears and whatever he could see/reach by turning his head left and right looking into the bathroom mirror. He never would get it all the way a crossed the back of his nape. So, after 2-3 months, he would literally have his beard growing around towards the back of his neck (under his ears) until it actually met his neck hair. There was no break at all between front neck hair or nape hair. If he happened to score a date with some floosy, he might take the extra effort to trim his beard into a Thick Goatee and clean the front of his neck up. He might even try to buzz some of this nape and shoulder hair so as to be able to use his boyishly-Handsome looks to get laid. But he could never see or reach the center of his nape so that would just be there and left untouched.
His Buddy Justin would try to get him to go to a Real Barbershop to get himself cleaned up properly, but he didn’t want to spend 20 bucks at the Barbershop when he usually had a coupon for a $7.99 cut at Local Salon by whichever Girls had just graduated from Beauty School. Justin was secretly in love with Luke but was too scared to tell him. Justin was almost Glad Luke didn’t get his haircut or clean up his beard or neck because at least when he looked like that, the desire to be in his pants died down a little. But even when he would go to Salon and Clipper Shave his Beard, he was so Hot that Justin would just want him so badly. Oh, to somehow get him to go to a Real Barbershop and get a shave and haircut.

There was a big Wedding coming up in Memphis, that Justin, Luke and a few other of their friends would be driving to and staying for a few days. Justin really hoped Luke would be getting a haircut and would shave for this event. The plan was for Luke, Justin and 3 of their other friends to ride together with their Buddy Ryan. Ryan had a Mercedes SUV and they all would fit comfortably. Plus, Luke didn’t have enough money for fuel in his truck to drive from Kansas City to Memphis, TN. The morning to leave rolled around and Ryan picked up Justin and the other 2 friends. Last stop was to pick up Luke. When they arrived, he had clipper shaved his beard and left a very short stubble goatee, but no haircut. It was so long is was way down over his ears and his nape was shaggy clear down his shoulders. Well Ryan was none too happy about this fact being they were all going to a Wedding where they would all be dressing up. Ryan had even purchased a Shirt, Tie and Dress pants for Luke, so he would not be there in Jeans with holes in them. But they had to get on the road and there was not time to take Luke anywhere to get his haircut. When they got to Memphis, however, Ryan and the 2 other friends would be spending one morning getting tuxes as they were in the Wedding. That left Justin and Luke to find something to do during that time. So, Justin had an idea and TOLD Luke this was what they were going to do, after they dropped the others off to go pick up their Tuxedos. The Groom was a Firefighter and always had a very short Faded Haircut with about 1" gelled up on top. A very handsome fellow indeed. Justin knew where he got his weekly cuts and Told Luke, in no un-certain terms, that they would be going to that Barbershop and Justin would be paying for him to get a haircut. Luke could not argue that he looked quite shaggy, so he gave in. They arrived at the Barbershop and found the young handsome barber that cut the Grooms Hair and Justin told them who they were. He was happy that they had come all that way for the Wedding and told Luke to hop in his Chair. He asked Luke how he wanted his hair cut. At this point Justin wanted to jump in and tell him to cut his hair like he did the Grooms every week but changed his mind as he really wanted Luke to get comfortable being in a Barbershop, rather than at a Salon. So, Luke told him about a #2 on the sides and back, long enough on top to comb. Justin was not happy with this but knew it would be WAY better than all this hair, growing on his head and back of his neck. Justin say anxiously to see if he would get sheared down or if he would just get trimmed up. The haircut began with the Oster 76 Clippers, so Justin was excited and thought Luke might get buzzed from the top of his Shoulders to his crown. I mean this was a Barbershop and the Groom of the Wedding sported a tight Fade. The Barber started buzzing in the middle of the back of his head. He buzzed mid-nape up to the crown, leaving it about a #2. He worked carefully all the way around and then did the top with Clipper over Comb until the Barber was happy with the top and mid-sides. Justin was getting so excited because he just Knew that the Barber would probably just shave off everything Below where he had just Cut. Justin thought that a very HOT Fade was coming and was growing very Aroused at this idea. The Blade was changed on the Clippers and they roared to life, but SADLY they were only cutting to a #2 Blade. Tons of hair still came off, but it wasn’t to the skin. Perhaps a taper might be the case today for Luke, Justin thought. Well that idea was quickly ruined with the barber produced a little set of Andis Clippers and blocked his nape and squared things off. Once this buzzing was done he folded Luke’s Collar Way Down and then got out a straight razor and lathered up around Luke’s ears and his nape all the way down onto his Shoulders. Justin was at least happy that this was finally happening. Luke had never once had a straight razor touch any part of his body. The look on Luke’s Face was priceless because he didn’t know what was happening. But the Barber gently shaved Luke’s nape and around his ears, plus the bottom of his sideburns where he had cut off 1-1/2 inches of hair down to a squared off #2 blade. Luke Did look so much better. Justin was really yearning to touch him (and be "with" him) but knew that wasn’t going to happened today. Justin Paid the Barber and they left. When they got to the Car Justin told Luke how nice he looked and that when they got back home, he should start going to a Barbershop where he could get his neck and shoulders lathered and cleaned up. They got back to the Hotel and nobody was there and wouldn’t be for an hour. So, Justin suggested Luke take a Shower and get the loose hairs off from him. Luke agreed and started by taking of his shirt. Justin’s heart started beating so fast when he saw his lean friend with a clean neck and shoulders. Oddly, as hair as Luke was, the hair didn’t grow on his Back or in any other Odd places. So once his neck and shoulders had been cleaned up, he looked VERY HOT standing there shirtless. Fair amount of Red Chest hair grew but stopped up by his Adam’s apple where Luke had done that at home before they left. Luke got in the shower and, of course, nothing was to happen between Justin and Luke. But he did get out of the shower and came out to the bed, only wearing his tighty-whitey underwear. He laid down on the Bed and put his hands behind his head, leaning against the wall and sat their quietly. Showing his thick, long red Armpit hair to Justin, not knowing what this was doing to Justin on the inside. Luke eventually closed his eyes and fell asleep. Justin wondered if he was really asleep or just resting his eyes. After 10 minutes, Luke began to snore a little and Justin knew he must be out. Justin sat there just enjoying the view of the sleeping guy. His slender Chest, with adequate covering of red hair, his slender/lean pecs and torso. Well, it was time for the others to be coming back with their Tuxes, so Justin knew the sights would be coming to an end soon. But all-in-all it had been one amazing day. One that Justin would probably never, ever forget. Plus, the seed had been planted about Luke finding a Barbershop, once they got home and maybe, just maybe he would no longer go to the local Great-Clips for a salon style haircut. (Part 2 will be coming soon)

By Shannon Meredith

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