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Joseph part 2 by bald K

“I will call James and see if he is at home then." Tina told Joseph as she pressed his number on her mobile. “Oh hi James its Tina wonder if I could ask a favour from you?"
“Of course Tina how can I help?" James replied.
“My boyfriend has just had a grade two crop and would like to borrow some gear from you for the afternoon." Tina told James.
“Bring him over I will kit him out no problem." James replied.
“Excellent see you in about five minutes." Tina said as she ended the call. “You can go and see your soon to be ex-girlfriend in some of James’ gear so let’s get going." Tina told Joseph.
Joseph followed Tina and got into the car and after about five minutes arrived at James’ house and walked in.
“Hey nice haircut mate." James said to Joseph as he opened the door. “Should have gone shorter though."
“Cheers mate thanks for lending me some gear for the afternoon." Joseph replied as he walked in with Tina.
“You should have seen all his hair that came off." Tina told James. “Must have been at least twelve inches.
“Would have loved to see that Tina did you video it?" James asked Tina.
“Will put it up on YouTube later if that’s ok with you Joe." Tina replied.
“Yeah do it Tina." Joseph replied kissing Tina. “Did not know you recorded it though.
Joseph followed James and Tina up to his bedroom where James had laid out some clothes for Joseph to try on. Removing his shirt and trousers Joseph put a Fred Perry white polo shirt with red trim on and then the bleached jeans before letting James lace up a pair of sixteen hole Doc Marten boots and then secure a pair of thin red braces.
“There you go mate take a look in the mirror." James told Joseph.
“Oh wow I look so different and a bit more hard looking." Joseph said as he looked in the mirror.
“Nearly a proper skinhead Joe." Tina said with a smile on her face. “Should have zero cropped you."
“Go shorter on the hair mate look even better and get some ink on your arms." James told Joseph. “I got clippers and a razor to make you bald."
“Thanks, but I want to get used to this first." Joseph replied thinking how much he would like to say yes and look like James and Noah.
“Well this is my number mate so whenever you are ready for it." James grinned.
“We must get going Joe I have to be at work in thirty minutes." Tina told Joseph.
“Yeah ok." Joseph replied. “I will get the gear back to you in the week if that is ok." Joseph told James.
“Yeah no worries mate." James replied as they walked back downstairs and to the car.

"This is my number Joe please call me." Tina said as she pulled up outside Joseph’s house.
“I will do later promise." Joseph replied as he kissed Tina before getting out of the car and walking up the path to his house. “Oh well here goes with my dad and bro." Joseph thought to himself as he opened the front door and walked in. “Hey guys I am home!" Joseph shouted out before walking into the kitchen where he saw a note saying that his dad was at his mum’s and Taylor was working overtime. “Oh well guess it will have to wait until tonight to see how they react." Joseph thought to himself. “But first I got to go to Maria’s"

Joseph placed his plate in the dishwasher and finished off his bottle of beer before slipping a lightweight jacket on and walking out of the house making sure the door was locked before setting off towards Maria’s house for the family gathering he was dreading. Joseph paused as he arrived outside Maria’s house before taking a deep breath and walking up the path and walking down the side passage into the back garden where he saw Maria talking to her cousin Max. Joseph made his way into the kitchen and took his jacket off and poured himself a glass of lemonade.
“Excuse me young man what are you doing here?" Maris’s father asked Joseph. “We don’t allow skinheads here."
“Good afternoon Mr Woodford." Jacob replied as he turned round to face him.
“Oh my god what have you done to yourself?" Mr Woodford said to Joseph. “Maria get in her now!" Mr Woodford shouted out.
“What is it dad? Oh Joseph what have you done to your lovely hair?" Maria said as she saw Joseph. “How can I put blond streaks into that?"
“It happened at the party last night Maria, Noah got his head shaved by his cousin and before I knew it they grabbed me and held me down and gave me this haircut." Joseph lied.
“I bet you had been drinking and did not offer up much resistance Joseph." Mr Woodford said to Joseph.
“It was before we started drinking sir." Joseph lied. “It could have been worse and I was razor shaved like my friend Noah."
“So you arrived and Noah got shaved and then they grabbed you? I don’t believe you Joseph." Mr Woodford said.
“It looks horrid dad why did Joseph let them do it?" Maria cried. “All that lovely long hair gone."
“It was not done on purpose please believe me Maria." Joseph pleaded. “It will grow out real quick so you can do the blond then."
“So why the skinhead clothing then Joseph including the boots?" Mr Woodward asked Joseph.
“My clothes got all hair on them and I have not had time to go home." Joseph replied.
“Admit it Joseph you done this to spite Maria getting your hair shaved off and borrowing some skinhead gear or is it actually yours?" Mr Woodford said to Joseph.
“What if I f***ing well did!" Joseph shouted at Mr Woodford. “Yeah maybe I went to the barbers and said give me a number two crop!"
“I will not have swearing in this house Joseph so go now!" Mr Woodford shouted back at Joseph.
“Get out Joseph! Go now!" Maria shouted. “I don’t want to see you until you have hair again!"
“Fine whatever maybe you would be better suited to a dork like your cousin Max who is only interested in his banking career!" Joseph shouted back at Maria. “Don’t bother calling or texting me!"
“I told you to go Joseph." Mr Woodward told Joseph. “Give Maria time to get over the haircut you claim was forced on you."
“Fine I am off out of this so called house of god!" Joseph shouted as he slammed his glass down on the table before walking out of the kitchen and headed down the path before getting his phone out and calling Noah.
“Hey baldie what you doing this afternoon fancy a gym session?" Joseph asked Noah."
“Cannot mate got the olds over for Sunday roast but how about tomorrow say meet up at ten?" Noah replied. “Anyway thought you had a date with your hair controller?"
“Tell you about it tomorrow mate see you then." Joseph replied as he ended the call and walked home.

Joseph heard the key go in the door and heard his brother and ad dad walk in. Joseph paused the FIFA game on his PlayStation and took a deep breath before opening his bedroom door and walked down the stairs where his brother and dad were in the kitchen opening cans of beer.
“Get me a bottle please dad." Joseph said.
“Wow bro where what has happened to Josephine!" Taylor exclaimed as he saw Joseph in the skinhead gear the James had lent him.
“That is some short haircut son." Gavin said as he handed Joseph a beer.
“Well you know I went to a party with Noah last night." Joseph said. “Well Noah got his head shaved and I mean bald and next thing I was being held down in the chair and being given this grade two haircut."
“Certainly better than the mop you had bro but what did Maria think?" Taylor inquired.
“She hates it bro and I think she sort of finished with me over it." Joseph replied.
“And the clothes?" Gavin asked Joseph.
“Well they got hair all over them so they are in the wash." Joseph told his dad. “And call me Joe from now on Joseph is reborn as Joe."
“Ok Joe." Taylor laughed as he rubbed Joe’s head.
“Anyway see you guys later I am in a tournament on FIFA." Joe told his dad and Taylor before walking back to his room.
As Joe got back to his room he heard his phone go and saw it was Tina calling him.
“Hey skinhead how did it go with your girlfriend?" Tina inquired as Jo answered his phone."
“She hated it and sort of finished with me I think." Joe replied.
“Fancy some hot stuff back at my place then skinhead boy?" Tina asked Joe. “Pick you up in ten."
“OK but meet me at the bottom of my road as they don’t know about you and how you cropped my hair." Joe replied.
“Going to take it shorter next time babe make you a proper skinhead." Tina laughed. “See you in ten."
“Wow she really knows what I want now." Joe thought to himself as he slipped his jacket on and made his way back downstairs telling his dad he was off to meet up with James.

Joe made his way to the gym and saw Noah standing outside waiting for him.
“Hey skinhead you ok?" Joe said to Noah.
“Woah man what happened to you locks of hair Maria loved so much?" Noah asked Joe.
“Well you know Tina at the party, we went back to hers and sort of hit it off big time and yesterday morning she gave me a grade two crop." Joe replied.
“You lucky sod I have been after her for ages but now you with her?" Noah inquired as they walked into the changing room at the gym.
“Well yeah I guess so as I went out with her again last night and sort of split from Maria after she saw my haircut." Joe replied as they walked into the gym. “Had a couple of great sex sessions one handcuffed to the bed the other in the shower after she done my hair." Joe continued.
“S*** wish that had been me." Noah sighed.
“It was hot mate." Joe grinned.
“Can I ask a favour mate? Can you shave my head after the gym session?" Noah asked Joe.
“Yeah mate do it back at my place and I can trash you at FIFA before I meet Tina at four to sort something out." Joe replied.
“Sort what out Joe?" Noah inquired.
“You will find out soon enough." Joe replied laughing. “And what did your parents think of your baldie?"
“They were shocked but ok with it as they know I am signing up for the Paras when I am eighteen mate, you should seriously consider it." Noah replied.
“You decided on the Paras then mate?" Joe asked Noah.
“Yeah mate my uncle was talking about them last night as he was in them." Noah replied.
“The elite Paras mate sounds good but not sure if I am up for shooting people." Joe replied as he got on the treadmill. “Race over twenty mate then on bikes and rowing machine before the weights?"
“You are on mate loser get to buy lunch." Noah said as they started the warm up before increasing the speed on the treadmills.

Joe said goodbye to Noah in the town centre and made his way to C21 tattoo studios and walked in where he saw Tina behind the reception desk talking to a client about his tattoo appointment before walking out.
“Hey babe you had any thoughts on what tattoo you want to get?" Tina asked Joe.
“Not really but I do like mythical creatures like dragons and the phoenix." Joe replied.
“Well we got books of those sort of tattoos over on the shelf." Tina said as she walked from behind the counter and pulled out a heavy book. “How big you thinking?"
“From shoulder to elbow show of my muscles." Joe replied.
“Not going to be cheap then but can sort you out a deal." Tina told Joe as they started to look at the dragon and phoenix designs. “When you thinking of getting it done?"
“Well I am only seventeen till start of June so after that I guess." Joe replied.
“Get your dads permission you can get it done before that Joe." Tina said to Joe.
“Well I really like that one with the colour of it." Joe told Tina pointing at a picture.
“Let’s see what Zak thinks as he will be doing it." Tina told Joe as she walked to a door and knocked on it. “Zak see what you think about this tattoo for my boyfriend."
Zak walked out and looked at the tattoo Joe pointed out to him and lifted his shirt sleeve so Zak could see where Joe wanted the tattoo.
“Yeah will look fine on him Tina but will take about five hours so call it two fifty." Zak told Tina. “Book him in."
Joe got his phone out and quickly dialled his dad’s number on his mobile and waited for him to reply.
“Hi dad you know I want to get a tattoo done for my birthday well I am in a tattoo place and they say if you give permission I can get it done sooner." Joe excitedly told his dad.
“If you want it that badly then I see no problem Joe." Gavin replied. “Just make sure it is the one you want so you don’t regret it."
“I know that dad but I have seen the one I want and thanks." Joe said to his dad. “Oh I am not in for tea tonight so see you later."
“Later Joe just behave yourself." Gavin told Joe.
“Book me in Tina." Joe said excitedly.
Tina and Joe walked over to the desk and Tina got Zak’s appointment book out and looked for a suitable slot for Joe.
“Can fit you in two weeks Thursday if that is ok." Tina told Joe.
“Perfect the day before my eighteenth so yeah book me in." Joe replied. “We back for fun at your place after you finish?"
“Yeah sure crew boy but first I need one hundred deposit on your tattoo in cash." Tina told Joe.
“No problem I will go and get it out of my savings." Joe replied leaving the shop.

Just over a week had passed since Joe had his hair cropped down to a grade two and Joe was starting to think it looked a bit long when he heard the doorbell go.
“Oh hi Maria how are you?" Joe asked Maria as he saw her on the doorstep.
“We need to talk." Maria Told Joe walking in and going to the lounge.
“Oh do come in Maria." Joe thought to himself as he closed the door and walked back into the lounge.
“Nice to see your hair is growing back Joseph." Maria said to Joe.
“Can I get you a drink?" Joe asked Maria."
“Just a glass of water will be fine." Maria replied.
Joe went into the kitchen and poured some water from a jug into a glass before getting himself a beer and opening it before walking back into the lounge and handing Maria her water.
“Must you drink alcohol in the afternoon Joseph?" Maria said taking a sip of her water.
“What do you want Maria?" Joe inquired.
“Well I have I got over the shock of you getting your haircut and I see you have seen sense and it is growing back." Maria said to Joe.
“Maybe I have have not had time to get it cut again." Joe replied. “Perhaps I want it short now."
“No Joseph you are growing it and I have arranged for Julie to do your blond hair for your birthday. Maria Told Joe.
“Did you listen to what I said Maria? I said I might like my hair short now." Joe replied starting to get angry.
“You like it long Joseph and you are getting it blonde for me for your birthday." Maria reiterated.
“I think you should go Maria." Joe said as he stood up. “Let me decide what I want not you and if you don’t like it then we are over."
“You don’t mean that Joseph but I will go now and see you on your birthday at ten outside Scissors hairdressers." Maria Told Joe as she stood up.
“Just go Maria!" Joe shouted as he opened the front door. “I will decide if I get my hair dyed not you!"
Without saying anything Maria walked out of Joe’s house and down the path. Joe shut the door and went back into the lounge and picked up his phone and dialled James’ number.
“Hi Joe how are you?" James inquired as he answered his phone.
“Is that offer still on with the haircut?" Joe asked James.
“Yeah sure mate when are you thinking of getting it done?" James asked Joe.

to be continued

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