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Pete Takes a Seat by Manny

Johann rubbed his tightly clipped pelt with one hand as he stared at the unfamiliar site in the barber shop's mirror. The flush of excitement about his makeover was also tinged with a streak of embarrassment. What would people say about his extreme makeover -- especially his fairly large longhair fan club?

He glanced down at the black and white check floor and saw his thick, wavy platinum blond hair that had once cascaded to his shoulders strewn about the base of the huge chair. The change had been enormous.....

His musings were suddenly interrupted by the barber's voice. "Since the haircut was free, perhaps you'd be in charge of sweeping up all that hair. My goodness, a lot came off!"

"Of course, Pete!" Johann replied. "It was 'good riddance' too. Thanks so much for opening the place just for me this evening. That was way above and beyond the call of duty."

Pete wouldn't have passed up the chance for all the world. His biggest thrill as a barber was taking the clippers to a beautiful mane of lush hair and sending it all to the floor, just like he'd done to Johann's locks. He was just glad his tunic came down to his mid-thigh, concealing the bulge that developed as he thrust the pulsating machine through Johann's mass of blond hair. It had not yet totally subsided.

"For such good clients, it was a privilege. I started cutting your father's hair when I was fresh out of barber college," Pete remarked. "When was the last time you were in my chair, Johann? More than a few years, I bet."

"At least six -- I had just started High School, I recall. Are you sure I can't pay you for the haircut? I'm making pretty good money with these long shifts at the plant," the shorn lad insisted.

Johann followed the barber back into the darkened back room to get the broom. Before Pete could flip on the light switch he felt Johann pressing up against the back of him.

"You seemed to really have enjoyed giving me the butch cut, Pete," Johann murmured in the barber's ear.

Pete froze in his tracks. The tension that had suddenly developed between them had been unexpected, but quite welcome. Nonetheless, Pete was a bit worried about Johann detection his secret pleasure.

Then Pete felt Johann's strong fingers begin plying their way through his own plush mane in a very tender, caressing way.

Pete's hair was his pride and joy -- a thick, shimmering mass of chestnut colored hair with fiery auburn highlights. It was cut to an appropriate length for a professional man in his early 40s. Nice and tidy around the ears, but full on the sides and back. The top had much more length and Pete always admired the slight wave as he brushed his mane into place each morning. Of course, with all the mirrors in the barber shop, he had plenty of time to admire his well-groomed hair throughout the day.

Pete's legs felt wobbly as young Johann continued to manhandle his hair. The clipped lad was about half his age, yet he was coming on very strongly. Pete made no attempt to stop Johann's overtures by pulling away from him or by turning on the light.

"That feels so good, Johann," the barber groaned. "We might have to make these evening haircuts a regular happening."

Johann turned the barber around so the two faced each other in the darkened room. Then he took Pete's face in his hands and brought his lips towards the barber's. Pete melted amid the passion-filled minutes that transpired in the back room. He was like putty in the young Johann's arms.

"I agree, this little room back here will make a perfect place for us to hang out. I always wondered what was back here when I was a boy," Johann said.

"And now you know!" Pete replied.

"When you took the clippers to me, I thought I would explode!" Johann continued. "And, now, I want you to have the same experience."

Johann flipped the light switch on. He smoothed down Pete's mane that had gotten tussled during their romantic interlude.

"I'm thinking that my barber needs a good haircut himself," Johann commented with a glimmer of excitement in his eye.

Pete gasped. "Oh, I'm not....no, Johann...."

The young man secured his prey with arms of steel. "Are you going to come to the chair willingly or will I have to 'help' you get there, Pete? You'll look so sweet with a tidy butch cut -- just like the one you gave me."

"But you wanted the butch! You asked for it, Johann," Pete protested.

"Oh, and it felt so amazing....watching all my pampered hair falling in the wake of the stern metal clipper teeth. I felt like such a man, making my own decision to put an end to my long hair. And I felt totally macho instructing the butch length. The very haircut I detested as a boy -- now being requested for myself." Johann beamed as he spoke. "It was wonderful to be in control -- not having a wretchedly short length imposed on me."

Then he continued, "But, now I want the same experience for you, Pete. Yes, what I want is to see my barber in the chair. All those years, as a lad, being brought here to this shop....but never having seen you in the chair, Pete, sitting helplessly, trying unsuccessfully to dodge the clippers!"

Johann firmly gripped Pete by the arm.

Pete's cock surged at the thought of being on the receiving end of a dramatic makeover butch cut. It was something he'd fantasized about for years -- precisely because he fawned over and guarded his nice, youthful hair so assiduously. He reluctantly allowed Johann to pull him out into the shop towards the big barber chair. The shorn platinum blond hair was like a carpeting. Soon, his own locks would be added to the collection on the floor.

Pete stopped just short of climbing onto the fancy metal foot rest. It was a huge step to take.

"What's wrong? Come on, Pete. Take a seat. Your fussy businesscut needs to be introduced to that set of fast-feed electric hair clippers," Johann said, pointing to the large set of Osters on the counter.

Pete remained frozen in fear.

"Need some encouragement, pal?" Johann asked. In an instant, his strong hand delivered a stinging swat to Pete's rear end.

The shock of receiving a spanking, propelled the barber up onto the chair.

"There, that's much better cooperation!" remarked Johann.

He knew exactly where the freshly laundered capes were kept. A huge sail of white cloth floated through the air. Johann felt giddy in the roll reversal. Barber in the chair!

Pete gulped, knowing what would come next. The butch he'd given Johann was quite short! He had never had a clippers driven across the top of his head. He thought momentarily of pleading for mercy, but he knew it would be to no avail. Johann would butch him -- and butch him good! And he found himself eagerly awaiting the dramatic change.... For once, he would be on the receiving end of a punishingly short haircut.

"How old are you, Pete?" Johann asked, taking the brush to his tidy business cut.

"I just turned 41," the barber replied. "I've been 20 years in business as a barber."

"You have such nice hair. Not a single gray strand. It's so healthy and youthful looking." Johann said as he stroked the pretty mane. Then he fondled the long forelock. "This lock, in particular, plays such an important part of your distinguished gentleman's look, Pete. Where are your shears? In that little drawer there?"

The captive barber nodded.

Johann opened the drawer and took out two sets of shears -- regular barber shears and thinning shears. "I don't know what I hated more as a lad -- having my bangs snipped short or having the bulk thinned out of them!"

Johann paused and looked in the mirror. "Oh, I just wish I had a nice, professional looking barber tunic on when I give you a much needed haircut. Do you have an extra one in back, Pete?"

"Yes, in the small cabinet on the right. I can go get it...." the barber began.

"Oh no! You will stay seated right there!" Johann snapped. "I can find the tunic, just the way I found the cape and the clippers. I know almost everything about this shop. It was a place I loved and hated coming to as a boy. No getting up while I step away, do you hear me? If you're a good fellow and sit nice and still during your haircut, I will let you suck a juicy big red lollipop when it's over!"

Pete's cock surged at the though of being made to sit still for his butch cut and then rewarded with a flavorful treat.

Johann returned from the back looking magnificent in the tunic that had "Pete" embroidered in a fancy cursive on the pocket. The outfit drew more attention to his clipped head that looked so shapely and manly.

Without saying a word Johann grabbed the spritzer and began wetting down Pete's pride and joy -- the bulky forelock.

"Oh, look how long this is. You mustn't wait so long between haircuts! This lock has grown so bulky! Time to thin it!" Johann took the thinning shears and began thrashing away at Pete's forelock. After a few chops, he combed it out and watched the cut, wet strands soil the pristine white cape. "Is that enough? Hmmm. I think not!" The thinning continued until only a hint of the once mighty forelock remained. A huge collection of cut, wet hair piled in the barber's lap.

"And, now, let's make sure this doesn't flop about...." Snip, snip, snip! The bangs were cut right to the top of the forehead.

"There, just a bit of a trim!" Johann announced. "Do you know, when I was 13 and you butchered my long bangs you said that to me? 'There, just a bit of a trim....' And I saw you snickering as you turned away."

Pete blushed. He knew exactly the tone he used with shaggy lads who squirmed under the cape. Cutting long bangs very short, and at an angle, was one of his favorite moments in administering haircuts.

Johann picked up the clippers and brandished them in front of the caped barber. "Your money's worth, eh, Mr. Peterson?" He snapped on the machine. "Ready for your butch? We're aiming for innocent boyishness!"

Without waiting for a reply, the clippers were thrust into the mane of lovely chestnut colored hair.

Pete tensed under the cape and gripped the arms of the chair. The vibrating on his scalp felt amazing. He was totally enthralled by his submissive, subordinate roll as the watched clumps of his pampered hair fall to his shoulders.

Johann did a good job and driving the clippers through the mass of hair, straight back from forehead to crown. The soft clumps continued piling up on the cape. Pete struggled to conceal the huge swell of excitement beneath the cape.

Then Johann began tackling the back. The clippers on the nape were exceedingly pleasurable. "Oh, Johann, you are doing such an excellent job....." the barber murmured. "This is my first butch cut, and I can't get enough of it."

Johann brushed the stubble with his hand. "Nice! Love the feel too. Look up at me, will you?"

Pete gazed up into his young barber-apprentice's eyes. Johann leaned over and gave him a peck on the lips. "When you are vulnerable and submissive, I feel even more manly!"

"I could sit here all night....." Pete murmured.

Johann finished re-clipping the whole head. "There! A perfect butch!" He held up the mirror like a professional barber to show off the whole haircut. Very streamlined and tidy.

"Was I good in the chair?" Pete asked shyly.

"Yes, you were very good!" With that, Johann withdrew the cape and shook it so the clumps of chestnut-colored hair fell to the floor. Resting atop the layer of the much longer platinum blond locks, the brown hair looked exquisite.

Pete stood, felt his butch and let out a laugh. "Oh, look at us! Matching tunics and matching haircuts. We'd make a swell team!"

Johann broke into a big smile. "So, you'll be pleased to know I enrolled in the same barber college you attended. I start school tomorrow evening."

"And when you're licensed, I know just the place for you to start your new career," Pete stated.

"Come, I have your lollipop in back," cooed Johann as he led the barbered barber into the back room.

"This butch feels amazing....." Pete murmured back as he fondled his stubble.

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