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New in town. IRL by Jim

As a young professional just having finished school I found myself again in the same predicament. I had moved to a new town and was again in search of a barber. I usually kept my hair pretty short and I am pretty particular about finding someone who can cut it consistenly every 3 weeks without having to worry about a lot of variation. It is fantastic when you have established that relationship when you walk in the shop, take a seat and your barber knows exactly what you want. It is really a tough thing to get just right. My last barber was fantastic. She was a middle aged female named Chris. She new exactly how I liked my hair cut. In the summer I would simply say buzz the sides and trim the top. When she was done it was always just right. Never too short and always sharp looking. I missed her!

Saturday had come and my plan was to get a haircut and meet my wife after for lunch. I told her I was heading out for a haircut and waked out the back door. I found a barber shop on yelp not far from my new apartment and headed there around 9 am. Their website was informative and had profiles of the barbers and their specialties. Kim had attracted my attention due to her profile mentioning she liked to do short styles and highlighted attention to consistency with her clients. It didn't hurt that she was quite attractive so I decided to go with her.

I arrived at the shop and approached from the lot. It was simple but neat with a red sign that simply said barber shop. I walked up an entered the door which had a small bell to announce my arrival. There was a long bench to my left and 5 chairs on the right. 4 were occupied with clients with four barbers at work. They all looked my way with a smile. I immediately identified Kim who spoke up and told me to have a seat. "Someone will be right with you." she smiled. The other 3 barbers were middle aged men and seemed friendly and adept as they tended to their clients but to me there was something about Kim that told me she was the one. I decided I would wait for her. Two other guys walked in and joined me on the bench to wait. Moments later one of the men finished up, took payment and readied the chair for his next client. He announced "I think you are next." as he motioned toward his chair. I could feel my self blush as I stuttered "I'm waiting for Kim." He smiled "Ok. Who is next." as the guy next to me stood up and took the chair. Kim glanced up and smiled. "Be right with you." her face giving away her surprise as she clearly didn't recognize me.

Kim finished up next. Her client paid and walked out. She brushed off the chair and popped her red and white cape. "I am ready for you." she instructed. I stood and took my seat in her chair. She quickly fastened the cape and a strip of tissue around my neck without saying a word. As she passed a comb through my hair she inquired "Have I cut your hair before?" I admitted that I was new in town. "Oh, that makes sense because I didn't recognize you when you said you were waiting for me. Did someone recommend me?" she inquired. "No, I saw your profile on the website and noted your interest in short styles and consistency." I answered a bit embarrassed. "Ok. I am happy to take care of you. I love doing short cuts" she stated. "How short are we going today?" she asked with a smile. "You can cut it pretty short. Summer is coming up and I usually get it buzzed on the back and sides and have is trimmed short on top." Without a hint of hesitation she stated "Got it. I will get you cleaned up." In my experience, at this point the barber would usually clarify about the length but Kim simply asked "Blocked or tapered?" "Tapered is fine." I replied.

The clippers popped and hummed. She took them directly to my cheek and swiped a path up to my temple. I was used to having clippers used on me but something was different this time as I noticed the sensation of cold metal on my scalp. As she finished the pass she flicked the hair she had cut onto the cape. When I saw the plug of hair slide down the cape I began to realized she was cutting my hair really short. As she continued quickly passing the the clipper though my right side and moving to the back. "Chin down please." she instructed as she guided my head with her fingertips. As she plowed the clippers up my nape to my crown I inquired "What guard are you using?" She stopped with a smile "Guard? You said short. I went skin on the sides." She reached back grabbing a mirror to reveal my right side. The right side of my head was nearly bare. "That's a triple 0. I was going for a bald fade. That is my specialty." she announced. "Wow, I wasn't thinking that short" I admitted. Placing the mirror back she apologized "I thought when you noted that short cuts were my specialty you must have seen the gallery on my profile. They are all skin fades and flattops." I admitted that I had not seen the gallery. "Well, I can't put it back now. Let me finish what I started. If you don't like it there won't be a charge." she stated firmly. "Ok, I have always been curious about getting a shorter cut anyway." I admitted. "Well you're getting one today! Might as well go all the way now!" she stated as we both laughed.

She went back to work with the clippers finishing off my back and left side. She then changed blades and without hesitation took off my top with a few quick strokes. The feeling off the cool air on my scalp was sensational and I was aroused by all the stimulation of getting buzzed by her clippers. She continued to work fading in my sides really high. When she was done she began working around my nape and ears with a trimmer as she took them up what seemed to be higher and higher. She seemed to have no mercy as she followed with a foil shaver taking me completely down to the skin about mid way up my sides and back. She brushed me off and uncapped me as she spun the chair around to face the mirror. She ran her nails up my neck and rubbed the top of my head playfully. "There's your noggin!" she exclaimed. Staring back from the mirror I could hardly recognize myself but I kind of liked the look. I passed my hand up my neck and the back of my head instantly struck by this new sensation. I had to admit it felt great. "Like it?" Kim inquired. Blushing I admitted "Kinda, I will have to get used to it." In that moment my wife entered my thoughts "I just hope my wife recognizes me!' sharing another laugh. I paid and walked out.

I headed straight home and walked in the back door without a word. I spoke to my wife from the other room anticipating her reaction. "How is your haircut?" she asked. "I got it a little shorter." I stated as I entered the kitchen. She turned to greet me as the look of shock hit her face. "A little shorter? Son, you got peeled." as she moved in to inspect me. She brushed my temple with her index finger laughing "Do you think that will grow back?" I blushed "What do you think?" as she continued the inspection rubbing my nape gently. "Well, it is gonna take some effort to keep it up! But I actually love it!" she exclaimed.

Since that day I have maintained short hair and even succumbed to my wife urging to go slick several times a year. I am glad I waited for Kim that day!

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