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Nothing ON Top?! part 2 by Barbershop Thrill

Nothing On Top- Part Two

(Going with the MPB handsome style)

Chad looked at Cory and said, "Well, I guess we have our answer now. I had no idea when this happened that I’d end up really bald."

Terry’s mouth hung open and then he asked, "So you guys weren’t bald? Chad opened his phone and showed Terry a selfie. "Three weeks ago I looked like this." "Oh my gosh! What a nice head of hair. Cory showed Terry his old picture on his phone. "Wow you had nice long hair. Ned did you use Clear Cutt on them? I’d have never guessed it would work that well." he said peering at the pink skin on top of Chad and Cory’s heads. "It looks so natural! Why did you guys want to go bald?" said the shocked salesman.

Chad was staying calm. "It was a misunderstanding. It wasn’t clear what I asked for and I was speaking for Cory too, so he got the same haircut. It really was an honest mistake so I don’t blame you Bob and Ned," said Chad as he looked at them.

He turned to Cory. "Dude, I do feel terrible. You lost your hockey flow because I encouraged you to get your hair cut in a pomp like mine. For what it’s worth I do think you do look good with your hair this way.." "Really?" asked Cory. He reached up and touched the top of his head and ran his fingers over it.

"No man. It’s not your fault. It was an accident and it’s not like you weren’t affected. You used to have hair like Elvis! I thought you’d be freaking out by now?"

Chad smiled, "Well I did have a really sweet pomp but these three weeks have sort of changed me. When we left here last time we thought it was temporary so I told myself to just enjoy the fun of looking like Ned and Bob. Then I started really liking how tough and mature this makes us look. I wouldn’t have ever imagined I’d be saying this three weeks ago but now when I comb my hair I feel like a macho boss. He said as he patted his fenders."

Cory began to smile. "I’m so glad you said that. I was afraid to say anything because I didn’t want you to worry that your hair wouldn’t grow back in case I was wrong. Since we thought it was temporary I wasn’t worried. I thought it was cool that at least my best friend had this happen with me. Then when other guy’s did it to be like us it made me feel like a leader. It started out just having fun being a different version of ourselves. Now I like being this new me for real. It sounds strange but I like that I look more mature and confident this way.. I like seeing my round smooth dome and the sensation I get when I touch it feels so good. I also like styling my sides and hair in back to make these sweet fenders and ducktail it’s like a statement that say’s this is my hair and I’m rocking it."

He looked at the other men and told them, "My dad laughed when he first saw me when I went home for Thanksgiving but now says it’s cool that I look like his brother. I kind of like that since my dad is bald and has a mustache too. I’ve always thought he was handsome even as a bald guy. I think I got my hair from my mom’s side where they men don’t lose much hair. I never thought I’d end up looking like my dad. He even said he’s going to grow his hair a little longer so I can show him how to comb his into a ducktail and make a tow hook. I want to buy him his own jar of Mr. Slick pomade and Chrome Dome Polish for Christmas.

"What about the girl’s you know? What’s their opinion." Asked Bob. Chad answered, "Well some think were nuts but just yesterday this girl I like ran her hands over the top of my head and played with my hair in the back when she came up to me in the hall. She called me handsome and gave me her number. So even though I may end up missing my hair there’s all these positives."

Cory agreed, "I got the same reaction during the last party. The girls couldn’t keep their hands off all our heads. I had to keep combing my sides because they kept running their fingers into them and playing with it.

The professors are also totally confused too. They are having a hard time being condescending now that many of their male students look as mature as them." "I got that too," said Chad!

Terry was listening in fascination and he was shocked by what was just said. "Wait!? There’s more students that had this done?!" "Yeah, actually quite a few," said Cory. "We told the other guys in our fraternity that on top of the Movember event it was a challenge bet to get their hair cut like Ned and Bob. We thought it was temporary. They came after us and got their hair cut just like we did. Then the other fraternities jumped on board after they saw how united our fraternity was at the party that night. They even got some of their non-Greek friends on campus to do it.

Ned then told Terry, "I was just telling these two that between Bob and I there’s about 200 young men on that campus that now look like they have natural male pattern baldness like us. Even a professor. Cory, turned to Chad and said, "Yeah, you know that mean sociology professor you had last term, Mr. Mullen? The one with the long red pony tail and big beard that liked torturing students with assignments." Chad replied, "Yeah that guy was so arrogant and talked down to us in class all the time. He thought his nice hair made him somehow cooler than the students." "Well I have him this term. He was doing the Movember event and now he looks like us." "No way! Mullan’s bald!" said Chad.

Bob responded, "Hey, I cut his hair! He said he raised a ton of money shaving his beard into a moustache and then the other professors offered him an additional $800 if he got his hair cut like the students. It was clear that he really hard for him to do it. He was practically shaking when he sat down. That’s his nice red pony tail on the wall over there. I pinned it up like a trophy. "Dude! That awesome. He loved his hair. I saw him let it down once and it was like a lions mane."

Cory continued, "He’s was jerk man when he had his ponytail but he’s different now." "How is he different?" asked Chad. "Well he’s a lot nicer to the class now and actually seems friendly and helpful to all the bald guys in the class.

Last week he seemed to be more anxious and he started wearing a flat cap to class. I told him it looked cool with his big red moustache, like an Irish tough guy. He seemed to brighten up when I told him that. I think he’s probably freaking out that his hair doesn’t seem to be coming back. I bet he will feel better if I tell him how I heard the other students comment how he still looks cool with his red hair contrasting his nice white dome." Terry, "said well if that isn’t something. As a red headed Irishman myself I can tell you that the name Mullen means bald! He’s having bad Irish luck to end up a man true to his family name."

"I’m still shocked by this however," said Terry, "Are all the other students handling this like you two?" Chad explained, "Well when Movember started all the guys I talked to thought it was cool that we all had mustaches and were all now bald guys together. We’ve been giving tips to each other on how to comb our hair and how to trim our moustaches . It became a competition to see who had the best shine on their domes too. We even started giving each other nicknames like my buddy Mike, He’s now being called Curly and Kyle Peterson is called Shiny. Some guys said that at least now they didn’t have to worry about losing their hair in the future since they could see it wasn’t that bad.

But lately I’ve seen a lot of guys checking out their reflection in the mirrors and wearing hats. I think some of them are starting to wonder if their hair will ever grow back. There’s going to be a lot of freaking out on campus when they find out it’s not going to.

"Gentlemen. Let me make a suggestion. I am so glad to show you a new product line that you will soon be in need of," he told Ned and Bob. "I have a full line of high quality hair systems and will be willing to teach you how to fit them." Terry reached into his briefcase and pulled out what looked like Chad’s former black wavy hair. "Hey would you look at that! That looks like your hair Chad." said Cory. "How would you like to have your pompadour back," asked Ned. Terry handed the hair to Chad who looked in amazement at what suddenly seemed to be his own silky mop of hair now sitting right there in his hands. He then looked in the mirror checking out his current image. He was quiet for a few seconds. Then he looked at Cory and a big smile spread across his face and he said, "I think that would be cool someday, but today I’d like to just get my fenders and DA trimmed up." "Same goes for me," said Cory with a big smile, "and don’t forget the Chrome Dome Polish!"

Ned and Bob laughed and whipped out their capes. "Our pleasure!" said Ned. "First we will need to the change your oil by giving this a wash." "Cool!" Said Cory anticipating the relaxing massage on his dome and wreath of hair.

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