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Pat's Barber Shop by T. Rex

My name is Pat and I own Pat's Barber Shop. Its a pretty standard local place and I have a good clientele. Things do get a little exciting from time to time nd I try to go with the flow. Nick has been coming in for sometime now and usually just gets his long businessman's cut trimmed up. I remember when my dad ran the place and Nick's father would bring Nick in, it would be buzzcuts down to the wood. I'd be sitting at the little table doing my homework or sweeping up hair and I'd see how upset Nick would get. Once he got into high school, though, his dad let him decide his haircuts for himself and he gradually went for longer styles. Finally, in college, he went for shoulder length and we didn't see much of him until he started working, about the time I started taking over for dad. In fact, I had the pleasure of cutting Nick down to his first businessman's cut. I remember that he seemed very uncomfortable at the time, but I was a fairly new barber and didn't think too much about it.

Oh, I should mention that I am into guys and most of my regulars know it and don't seem to mind. Its pretty much a live and let live world, right? But I have, over the last several years, come to notice the signs. You guys know what I mean...the guys who really like getting their haircut-the tent builders, the heavy sighers, the red-in-the facers. I've had a few guys who I've let know I understand their "thing" and even admitted to a few that I enjoy giving short cuts as much as they enjoy getting them. The first time I offered a guy a "full-service" flat top and shave-head to tail was pretty spectacular. I told him to come in at closing time, locked the door, pulled the shades and told him to get naked! I went into the back room and came back wearing only my barber tunic. I got him in the chair and proceeded to take him from 6 inches of hair down to a high and tight flattop and let's just say there was a lot of coming and going during that cut! We were both pretty spent, but I kept my promise and gave him a hot towel facial shave and then went to work down below. He'd already experienced the joys of my freshly shaved prime parts and I was happy to see that his boat was floating again as soon as my clippers switched back on!

But, I digress, this is really about Nick and how we took our childhood friendship up a notch. Even though we had known each other for years, Nick had never indicated to me whether he was into guys or girls. I decided that I would start with the hair and take it from there. Nick came in for his monthly trim and since it was nearly Memorial Day weekend, I asked if he ever thought about going shorter. He stammered a bit and blushed. "What is it Nick?" Well, he said, in reply, you remember how my dad would force me to get those buzzcuts when I was a kid? "Yeah, I remember." Well, I kind of um, you know, think um. "Nick, would you like to try a short haircut? You know I think you are a handsome guy and I know you'd look great with a short cut." You really think so? "Absolutely! How about we try a nice Ivy League cut? It will be great for the office."

I started with a number 2 blade on my Wahl clippers and went about removing most of his sideburn and several inches of hair on the right side of his head making sure it all fell on his lap. I continued cleaning the side and again sending the thick clipping onto the cape. As I continued around to the back, I could see Nick begin to squirm a bit, so I did the old barber's trick of gently brushing the clippings from his lap-yep, he was enjoying this cut. Before I started clipping again I slowly ran my hand up the back of his head. "How's that feeling buddy?" Oh Pat, its absolute magic. I hope you still think I'm handsome when your done. (Whoa, this going good!) I continued cleaning of the left side and then took the sides and back down closer. I thought Nick was going to explode. That's when I started working on the top with scissors and comb. I was as gentle as I could be. I wanted this to be a memorable experience for Nick and hopefully, the beginning of a memorable night for both of us. By the time I finished with the straight razor and shaving cream, Nick looked like a new man. I turned him around to look in the mirror and he beamed. Pat, you are the best barber in town. I know we've never really talked about this, but I have been attracted to you for a long time, but I haver never had the courage to come out and...Bang, Bang, Bang-"Oh gosh Nick, let me see whose at the door. You were supposed to be my last customer. Oh, hi pop, I'm just finishing up my last customer. You remember Nick. You used to buzz him down when he was a kid."
Hello Nick, sorry Pat, I saw the lights on and just wanted to check in. I'll leave you to it. So long Nick, nice haircut!

"So Nick," I encouraged, "you were saying?" Pat, I am really attracted to you and would like to you know, go out with you. I leaned over the chair where Nick was still sitting and kissed him, and he responded, boy did he respond. Things were getting very heated, but Nick stopped and said. Pat, lets not hide in here. Let me help you clean up the shop and then we can go out to dinner and see where things go from there. I want everybody in town to see me out with Patricia Marie Vallee, the world's sexiest woman barber.

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