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Jealousy's Reward Part 2 by Greg Crew

Three days have passed. After Alex and I bonded over our matching crewcuts, it became clear that Alex's bond with Butch was fundamentally broken. I offered Alex a place to stay. I had a spare room and didn't want Alex to feel pressured into a physical relationship with me. After a week, I offered to help Alex move out of Butch's place. My friends Jim and his partner Jack had a van and Jim offered to help carry any big items that our cars couldn't fit. Coincidentally, due to Jim's job as a Deputy Sheriff, Jim's usual haircut was a crewcut like the one's Alex and I had.

When we arrived at Butch's with Alex, Butch was in an ugly mood. "Well Alex, I see you couldn't keep away from chasing shorthaired men even after I gave you your own haircut to play with. I suppose you're going to tell me these two are another pair of married Marines. Maybe its time, I gave you an induction cut to get you back in line or are you three all "buzz buddies now?" Alex looked really angry and I thought things were about to get out of hand.

Jim spoke up. "Look Butch, I only me Alex today. But, let me tell you that I am a Deputy Sheriff and if I understand that you imposed a forced haircut on Alex and are now threatening a second one, you are admitting to one crime and admitting intent to commit another."

Butch sputtered and turned almost purple! But Alex gave him a hard cold look that seemed to scare him into silence. After a minute, he just said, "take your 'sh*t' and get out of here." We were done pretty quickly and I was particularly happy to see the look of despair on Butch's face as the TV and sound system were loaded into Jim's van.

As we put the entertainment system gently into the van, Alex whispered to me, "the big jerk made me put it on my credit card and it took me a year to pay it off. He'd get pissed off when I watched the English soccer on Saturdays because the guys had great short haircuts. He could never believe I liked the sport." We drove back to mine and unloaded. Jack was in the kitchen preparing a nice Italian dinner for the four of us. Jim and Jack sat on one side of the table and Alex and I were on the other side. Jack was the only one with hair longer than half an inch. As we sat, sipping our Chianti Classico, Jack slowly rubbed Jim's closely cropped head. Almost unconsciously, I started doing the same thing to Alex. "Don't get too used to doing this" Alex said, "as good as it feels, I'm growing my long locks back."

Jack chipped in, "boy am I glad to hear that. I didn't want to be 'the odd man out' here. But, Alex, you've got to admit, you must like rubbing your hands all over Greg's head now that he's shorn." Alex smiled in a very sexy way and said, "better move your hands over Jimmy's ears because there may be some forced crewcuts in this house if Greg thinks about growing HIS hair out. After Jim and Jack left that night, Alex and I had an incredible night of exploration and lovemaking. Well, you short haired fans know what I'm talking about.

Alas, Alex couldn't be moved and soon that bristly pelt was history, but mine remains sharp, so far. Who knows if we'll change things up, but I know it won't be until after the wedding. Alex's hair has to reach shoulder length first. She has asked Jim's wife Jackie to be Matron of Honor and Jim will be my Best man when Alexis becomes my wife.

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