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What One Little Bet Started by Jason Matt

This story has some pretty bad language, just warning you now.

My friend Iziah and I made a bet on a football game. The loser had to receive a haircut from the winner. They had to keep the haircut for a week at school. Anything goes.

So, both of us were at Iziah's house, sitting on the sofas. Iziah was just in a pair of boxers, and I had a pair of basketball shorts on and a tank. His dad was going to be away for the weekend, so we had the house to ourselves. The game had started, and we were both hoping that the team we had betted on would prevail above the other.

I was envisioning what I was going to do to Iziah. If I won, I would shave him to the skin. Just the thought of it got me excited. Iziah had straight, blonde hair that was pretty long for a guy. Me, on the other hand, had dark brown hair that was also long. Mine was wavy though, and it curled on the ends. Both of us were on the football team at our high school, and were pretty popular. The girls liked Iziah a lot more though.

So the game started, and much to my dismay, Iziah's team scored two touchdowns in the first quarter. He looked at me, and said, "All this s**t's gonna be gone!" making a buzzing sound and running his hands through my hair. The game went on, and Iziah's team scored another touchdown. Iziah was ecstatic.

To my horror, my team didn't score anything. Not a touchdown or even a field goal. "F***," I whispered to myself.

Iziah went to go get out his clippers. I had to try negotiating. "You're not gonna really make me do this bro, are you?"

"F*** yeah," Iziah said. "You're not gonna pussy out of this one Jase. A bet's a bet. Now take your shirt and your shorts off and come sit over here." I gave in. I figured I wouldn't let him get out of it if I had won. As I took of my shirt and shorts, I was just hoping that he would let me off easy. Hopefully I wouldn't be bald or have something ridiculous.

Now, there's something about haircuts that gets me excited. It's really weird, but whenever I hear people talk about it, hear clippers, or get a haircut, I get very aroused. And this time was no exception. My dick was straight up, and of course Iziah had to see it. I was so embarrased, since I looked up to him, and tried to be like him.

"What the f***?" he asked. "Is someone a little too excited for this?" I just sat down.

Iziah turned the clippers on, and my dick got even more excited. It literally started throbbing. Iziah cracked up, and and lifted my boxers up so he could see. That just made him laugh even more.

Once he was finished laughing, he turned the clippers on, and said, "Ready for the worst f***ing haircut you'll ever get Jase?"

I didn't say anything. Then he started clipping down the back and sides of my hair to practically nothing. However, the clippers had a number one guard on, which really surprised me. Also, he didn't just start off at the top. Maybe Iziah really was taking it easy on me, I thought.

Once he finished shearing my long brown locks off on the back and sides, he got out a pair of scissors. He then grabbed a piece of my hair, and cut it off as close to the skin as he possibly could, leaving a bald spot. He continued with this, leaving parts long, short, medium, and bald. It was a disaster. I didn't think it could get any worse... I was wrong.

Next, Iziah attacked my bangs. On one chunk of bangs in the center of my head, Iziah cut them completely off. He cut the rest at different lengths, leaving some parts alone. It looked like a three-year-old did it.

Finally it's over, I thought. But I was wrong again. Iziah took out a pair of beard trimmers. He turned them on, and started shaving parts of the back. Soon enough, I realized what he was doing. He was spelling something out by shaving letters into my head. "F***!" I thought to my self.

When it was all over, I went to the nearest bathroom to survey the damage. I looked in the mirror, and wanted to start crying. I held all of my tears in though, because I knew Iziah would never let that go. I took a hand mirror and held it up to the back of my head. I saw that he had shaved "Iziah wuz here" into it. I walked out of the bathroom, and told him, "F*** you."

"Hey, I didn't force you to make the bet Jase." I didn't answer. I just went and sat down on the couch as Iziah swept up the hair and put up the clippers.

Then, he sat next to me on the couch. He told me, "I know you're a good kid and everything, so you've probably never done this, but... Do you wanna jerk off with me?"

I had never heard the term, so I was confused. But when Iziah took off his boxers and demonstrated, I caught on quickly. It was a jerk circle of two, and it was great, until Iziah's dad walked in the house and saw two naked teenagers rubbing their you know what's together in unison.

"What's going on?" he shouted. Then he saw my hair. "Did Iziah do that to you?" he shouted.

"Yes sir," was my terrified reply.

"Both of you, put some clothes on." he said. "We have something we need to take care of."

Neither of us knew what to think. We just did as we were told, since Iziah's dad was so mad. Once we came out with clothes on, Iziah's dad told us to get in the car. We didn't know where we were going, but we soon found out when we pulled up to a barbershop. "S**t," Iziah muttered to himself.

"That's right," Iziah's dad said.

We went in, and it was very crowded. Iziah's dad told us to have a seat. He signed us both in. Soon enough, the barber called my name. "Jason." he said. I went up to his chair, and so did Iziah's dad. Iziah's dad told the barber as he wrapped the white cape around me, "Now my son just did this to this young man, and I would like you to try and fix it. What can you do?"

"Well, it looks pretty bad," the young barber said. "I could try and give you a bald fade bro, but even that won't cover up the bald spots on top."

"That's better than what I have know," I said. "Go for it."

The barber worked quickly, clipping off all the back and sides. He sheared the top down to practically nothing. He then got out a razor, lathered theh back and sides all up, and shaved them expertly.

Despite the bald spots that were still on top, that barber was a miracle worker. It looked so much better. You could hardly tell that I had lost a bet.

The barber finished with me, and took the cape off. I got out of the chair. Iziah's dad said to Iziah, "Get up there son"

"I'm not gonna get a f***ing haircut," he said.

"Yes you are," his dad said. "You are going to get into that chair, and let the barber do whatever I tell him to do. You are going to take it like a man, and once we get home I am going to clean up that bad language of yours too. Now get up and get into that chair, before I have to beat you in public."

Iziah's dad was very built and big, and now he had the whole barbershop's attention. Iziah followed his dad's instructions and got into the chair. Then what Iziah's dad said shocked me. "Shave him bald," he told the barber.

"What the f***!" Iziah said.

"Shut up, son, before I make you." Iziah's dad said.

I guess Iziah knew his dad would, so he didn't say anything else as the barber sheared off every last blonde hair of his. Then he lathered Iziah's head up, and shaved it off with his razor. I'm pretty sure I saw tears coming out of Iziah's eyes.

Once the haircut was over, Iziah's dad tipped the barber very well, and we piled back into the car. Iziah was absolutely silent. Then Iziah's dad said, "So now I've punished Iziah for doing that to your hair Jason. But now, I think I need to punish both of you for jerking off."

Me and Iziah just looked at each other. The whole time we were scared to death of what he might make us do. When we walked in the door at home, we were shocked to find our football coach there with some of the senior varsity players there. We were both freshman by the way, and on the JV team.

Then our football coach said, "Iziah's dad called me and said that you two boys were misbehaving. So now, why don't you show us what got you in trouble in the fist place."

I was horrified. I had noticed Iziah's dad calling someone in the barbershop, but I had no idea he was calling our football coach. Iziah and I slowly took off all of our clothes and did what we were told. All of the seniors were cracking up, and shouting, "Fags!" Once we were done, our coach said, "Now are you two boys ever going to do that again?"

"No sir" was our reply.

"Then I'll see you Monday. Have a good weekend." And with that, he walked out of the door with the rest of the seniors as if nothing had happened.

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