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Joseph part 4 by bald K

As Joe started to walk home he walked past the Air Force careers office and paused looking at the poster advertising various apprenticeships they offered including one as an apprentice aircraft engineer.
"That sounds more interesting than working for my uncle." Joe thought to himself as he started walking to his home.
Arriving home Joe let himself in and noticed a piece of paper on the kitchen table saying that his dad was collecting his grandparents and Taylor was with his girlfriend and they had booked a taxi to pick him up at seven that evening.
"Plenty of time to shower and get changed then." Joe thought to himself as he got a bottle of beer from the beer and poured it into a glass before going to his room.
Putting the beer on his bench Joe picked up a towel and his bathrobe before making his way to the bathroom and turned the shower on. Joe quickly stripped and stepped into the shower feeling the warm water on his freshly shaven head for the first time.
"Wow this feels so weird with no hair." Joe thought to himself and he washed before getting out of the shower and drying himself.
Joe selected a white polo shirt with red trim and a pair of jeans and slipped them on before selecting a pair of inch wide red braces and secured them before putting on his new ranger boots and laced them up.
"Proper skinhead boy now the Joe." Joe thought to himself as he looked in the mirror.
Joe took a swig of his beer as he heard the doorbell go so Joe made his way down and opened the door to see Kane standing there with a rucksack.
"Been kicked out mate can I come in?" Kane said to Joe.
"Course you can mate and stay over the night if you need to." Joe replied as he closed the door.
"You gone totally bald man! Let’s have a feel." Kane exclaimed as he rubbed Joe’s head.
"Yeah mate want yours done?" Joe replied. "Got a taxi in thirty minutes but will not take that long to do."
"Yeah do it mate let me f*** the family off even more." Kane replied with a grin on his face. "Oh and Maria does not know I saw you at the barbers."
"Sweet mate let’s get you sorted then." Joe said as they walked upstairs to the bathroom.
"That will be six pounds fifty then mate." The taxi driver said as he pulled up outside the conservative club.
"There you go mate." Kane said as he handed him seven pounds. "Keep the change."
Joe got his key fob out as he was now a member of the club and opened the door and walked in with Kane and walked into the bar area.
"What happened to the hair then Joe?" Steve asked as he saw Joe and Kane.
"I wanted a change Steve and ended up getting a grade two crop and decided to go all the way today." Joe replied. "I will have a gold hen please and a Stella for my mate."
"That will be three seventy please Joe I will get yours." Steve Told Joe as he poured the beer." And this is a little something from me and Pat for your birthday."
"Cheers Steve, is my dad and a Taylor here?" Joe inquired.
"They are upstairs with the DJ so you can go up when you want to." Steve told Joe.
"So what time is my dictator arriving mate?" Joe asked Kane.
"Think they have booked a cab for eight so be here about ten past eight." Kane replied as he took a mouthful of is beer.
"Better clear with my dad for you to stay over mate but should be no trouble." Joe told Kane as they made their way upstairs.
"Cheers mate are you ready for the tirade you are going to get by my sis?" Kane asked Joe.
"Nah mate I will just tell her we are over if she does not like it." Joe grinned. "HI dad can Kane stop over as his parents have kicked him out?" Joe asked his dad as he walked into the hall.
"Good god a pair of bald boys!" Gavin exclaimed as he saw Joe and Kane. "Yeah it is no sweat you can stay over as long as you need to." Gavin told Kane.
"Thank you Mr Warren." Kane replied. "Can I get you a drink?"
"Thank you Kane I will have a bitter please." Gavin said to Kane.
"Hey bald bro!" Taylor shouted out as he walked over. "You look good with no hair and the skinhead gear."
"Cheers Tay shave you if you want like I did Kane." Joe replied.
"Oh wow yeah Kane the baldie bet you are not flavour of the month at home now." Taylor said to Kane.
"He is staying with us for a bit bro he got kicked out." Joe told Taylor.
"Dad saw me when I walked in and boy did he kick off." Kane Told Taylor.
"I thought you liked the quiff though mate?" Taylor asked Kane.
"Only had it to keep the peace man I always wanted to tell the barber to shave it off but never had the guts till I saw Joe with his crop." Kane replied.
"Wow man you both look great with no hair!" Noah exclaimed as he walked in.
"Hey baldie Yeah the three baldies." Joe laughed. "Cannot wait to see what my hair controller thinks."

Joe checked his watch and saw the time was coming up to eight fifteen and looked over to the door to see Maria and her parents walk in.
"Here goes then Joe time to face Maria." Joe thought to himself.
"I cannot see Joesph." Maria said to her dad as she looked round the hall. "Only three skinheads at the bar."
"Is this the sort of company he keeps now maybe you will be better off without him." Mr Woodford told Maria. "Is this why your brother came in looking like a thug."
"Hello Maria." Joe said as he walked over.
"Joseph what have you done to you hair? You said you would grow it out for me." Maria cried.
"Look Maria it is my hair and I decided to shave it off the same as your brother has." Joe replied calmly.
"So Kane knew you were shaving it off?" Maria asked Joe.
"He was at the barbers the same time as me." Joe replied. "Then after you booted him out he came over and I shaved the rest off for him."
"I hate you Joseph!" Maria shouted. "Here is your present!" Maria continued as she handed Joe a box.
"Fine Maria then we are finished." Joe replied. "Oh and fir your information I asked a girl called Tina to give me the grade two crop and we had sex."
"Take me home dad I do not want to be in a place where shaven headed boys are." Maria cried.
"We will talk in the morning young man." Mr Woodford told Joe.
"Nothing to say sir I am staying shaved from now on." Joe replied.
"Oh and Kane you will be able to come home when you have hair on your head again." Kane’s dad said.
"F*** you dad I am over twenty one now." Kane replied. "Come on mate let me get us a drink." Kane said to Joe.
Joe watched as Maria and her family left and followed Kane to the bar and picked up his drink that Kane had just bought him.

"Hangovers for two days running is not a good idea." Joe thought to himself as he took some asprin to try and relieve his headache. "Need to shave the head again before Maria’s dad comes over as well."
"That was some party last night mate." Kane said as he walked into the kitchen. "Any chance of shaving me again?"
"Yeah sure mate let me recover a bit first." Joe replied. "You not got a hangover?"
"Man it sounds like someone is playing the drums in my head at the moment." Kane replied as he poured himself a coffee.
"Pity Tay could not get drunk as he had to be in work at nine this morning." Joe sighed. "And a pity Tina could not make it."
"Morning you two." Gavin said as he walked in. "How’s the hangovers?"
"Banging like someone is playing the drums in my head sir." Kane replied.
"Oh this was on the doorstep last night for you Joe." Gavin said as he handed Joe a package.
Joe opened the package and found a pewter tankard inside with his name on it and also a letter inside the envelope. Jos took out the letter and saw it was from Tina and started to read it.
"Dear Joe I am so sorry to do this to you but I have decided to give my ex-husband another chance so I can be with my two year old son that he has custody of. I really enjoyed our time together and if it was not for my son I would still be there for you. I wish you all the best for the future whatever path you take and you look sexy with your shaved head as James sent me a photo from his phone. Love you Tina."
"Everything ok mate?" Kane inquired.
"The girl that done my first crop has gone back with her ex and two year old son." Joe sighed. "Looks like a life away from here is going to be best for me."
"Like where mate?" Kane inquired.
"Air force I reckon they are advertising for apprentice aircraft engineers." Joe replied.
"Will miss you man if you go for it but maybe I could tag along see if I could fit in." Kane told Joe.
"Well I am calling in tomorrow morning mate." Joe told Kane.
"Yeah ok I am off tomorrow so let’s do it." Kane replied. "Up for shaving yet?"
"Yeah man come on you can do mine as mate." Joe grinned as they went up to the bathroom.
"Ok mate I will do you first so sit down." Joe told Kane as he ran hot water into the sink.
Kane sat down and Joe soaked a flannel in the hot water before placing it on Kane’s head and waited for a few minutes before removing it and squirting shaving gel onto the scalp and spreading it over Kane’s minute stubble that had grown. Joe carefully shaved Kane’s head checking for any spots he missed before wiping Kane’s head with a towel.
"Ok mate time for you to shave me." Joe replied as he replaced the hot water in the sink and sitting down so Kane could shave his head.
"Well I guess I will have to learn to do my own mate." Kane replied as he placed the flannel on Joe’s head and waited before spreading the shaving gel over Joe’s head and carefully shaving Joe.
Kane finished shaving Joe and as they made their way back downstairs and into the lounge. Just as they sat down Joe heard the front doorbell go and stood up to go and answer the door.
"Oh good morning Mr Woodford." Joe said as he saw Maria’s dad standing on the doorstep.
Without saying a word Mr Woodford walked in and went into the lounge and sat down.
"I see you have both gone against my wishes and shaved your heads again." Mr Woodford said. "My word stands young man you will not step into my home again until I see you have started to grow hair again."
"Not happening dad I am a skinhead and have been for a while but not been able to get the head shaved." Kane replied.
"Same for you Joseph you grow your hair and Maria will forgive you." Mr Woodford told Joe.
"You are not my father sir so you have no right telling me what to do and as far as I am concerned Maria is no longer part of my life." Joe replied curtly. "Now if you have nothing else to say I suggest you leave and go and pray for your god."
"Fine." Mr Woodford said as he stood up and made his way to the door. "If god had meant for boys to have no hair then we would have not had any to start with."
"Goodbye sir." Joe said as he opened the front door so Mr Woodford could leave.
"I better go and get my stuff mate while they are in church." Kane told Joe as they watched his dad drive off with Maria and her mum in the car.
"Yeah I will give you a hand mate." Joe replied.

"So what have you two got planned for the day then?" Taylor inquired as he walked into the kitchen.
"Popping into the town as I need a few bits and Kane wants to show his baldie off to his work mates." Joe replied.
"Can you shave mine before you go in please Joe? I squared it with work yesterday." Taylor asked Joe.
"Sure bro let me finish my toast and I will do it for you before we do ours." Joe replied.
"Cheers man you are one cool brother." Taylor grinned.
Joe and Kane finished their toast before walking up to the bathroom where Taylor was waiting with his clippers.
"Take a seat then Tay." Joe grinned as he picked up the clippers.
Taylor sat down and looked in the mirror at his short black hair on top of his head was swiftly removed before Joe ran the clippers over the hair that had regrown on the back and sides before telling Taylor to rinse his head under the shower with hot water. Taylor rinsed his head and Joe the spread the shaving gel over Taylor’s head.
"Ok Tay I will go with the grain first then redo it against the grain for the smooth dome." Joe said as he started to shave Taylor.
"Bald brothers." Taylor laughed as he felt the razor scraping away the stubble.
"Yeah and Kane is an honorary brother while he lives here." Joe replied as he applied another layer of shaving gel over Taylor’s head.
"Oh wow I love the feeling of this bro!" Taylor exclaimed as he rinsed his head under the shower. "Think I will be like you and bald for a while now."
"Yeah well we are gonna do our shaving now bro so see you after work." Joe told Taylor.
"Yeah bro I will bring us some beers home as a thank you." Taylor said as he wiped his shaved head. "Catch you guys later."
"Right mate shave time then off to see about joining up with the air force." Joe told Kane.
"Hope they find me something mate so I can get out of this s**thole." Kane replied as Joe started to shave Kane’s head.

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