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Jacks Perfect Timing by P.J.

Jacks Perfect Timing ( a continuation of Quiet Observations)

So, I asked Jack, since you clearly aren't satisfied with how the salon folks cut your hair, and you still have great hair, by the way, what kind of cut do you want me to give you then?
Jack blushed crimson. I quickly followed up with, you know, give you a high and tight, send all that gorgeous auburn mane to the barbershop floor. Leave you all shaved up and vulnerable under the cape.

(I'd decided to see what kind of a fetisher he really was, a closet short hair shave head , or a bonifide love the long locks type.)
Jack Gasped. Oh, Pete, he said, running his hand through the thick bang shank, trying unsuccessfully to get it to stay tucked behind his right ear. I'm still reeling from the brutal chop at the salon almost a month ago. I shouldn't have put my treasured locks on the line in the name of research.

I wasn't sure if he knew I was gay or not, and I was somewhat certain he was. So I decided a little flirting couldn't hurt. Jack, with your handsome physique, and piercing green eyes, I assure you, you look good now, probably looked great with the longer mane, and would look great with a high and tight. I watched you watch the GI that I clippered up, you were morbidly fascinated weren't you. I'll admit, Jack said, I was fascinated with the process, you peeled off the fur on his sides and back with dispatch, then took the clippers straight down the top of his head. I don't think he was a "short hair type" though. He didn't seem to enjoy it, at least by the looks of his crotch. (Wow, Jack was being direct now too.) No, I think you're right, his statement about hating it was probably correct.

I'll admit, Jack said quietly, there is a tiny part of me that is curious as to what it would feel like, getting my sides and back peeled to the wood. It's way to small a part at this point to act on though, he said, pushing his hand through the plush thick mane on the back of his head, smoothing it out a second later. If we hadn't been in my favorite tavern, I'd have reached over and pushed my hand through the magnificent shank of bangs, I wanted to see if they felt as soft and delightful as they looked.

You still haven't answered my question Jack, I said demurely, smirking at him. Pete, I would love to let you have a go at my mane, eventually, after it's grown in a bit more. Not now though. Rat's, I said out loud, laughing. That's O.K. Jack, as long as you promise that I'm the next person that gets to have a go that mop, nobody else, promise? I said, laughing again. Jack, looked at me dead pan, and said, of course Pete, I already know that will be the case, I promise.

In the meantime, can we get together every now and then, while I continue my research? I'd like to have another person in the field of study as it were , to bounce things off of. Jack, I'd enjoy nothing better man. Stop by the shop any day, at closing time and if I'm free, I'm yours, O.K. We'll go have a beer and talk just like this man.

We finished our dinners, had a third beer, and called it a night. I didn't see Jack for almost a month. I'd almost chalked up the encounter to pure chance, and forgotten about it when he showed up one Saturday at closing time. His timing couldn't have been better.

My last customer of the day was just taking a seat in the big red leather chair when jack walked in.

Jack walked in and made himself at home in the spare barber chair. Neither of us could have ever been prepared for the conversation that took place next.

I introduced myself and Jack to the client. He said his name was Seth. He had a VREY southern accent. I commented that I hadn't seen him in the shop before. To which he replied, well, Pete, sir, this is the first time I've ever been in a barbershop. Ever, I asked? Yes sir. Jack leaned forward and asked Seth, I couldn't help but notice you accent, where are you from? Seth replied, West Virginia sir. Wheeling to be more specific. How is it that you've never been in barber shop son, I inquired. Have you always had you hair cut in the unisex type establishments then? Ah, no, never been in one of those either sir, Seth replied kind of meekly.

Now I have to stop here and describe Seth before we go further. He was your typical long lanky college kid, probably a junior or senior. This was right before Christmas holiday break time. Seth had hair longer than his shoulders, not quite to his shoulder blades though. Nice thick surfer blonde hair, some body and a bit of wave to it, nice natural highlights too, very well taken care of by the looks of it. Pretty much blunt cut all at that long length. He had the usual several days stubble of a beard to.

Well, Seth, please ask all the questions you need to then, I said smiling. I want this first experience here to be a great one for you . Thank you Pete, he said quietly. Jack was sitting like a dog waiting for a bone, he was almost panting at Seth. Mind you Seth was a very handsome lad. He didn't need anything done to his hair at all, and I promptly told him so.
Thank you Pete, he said. My dad has been my barber my whole life, I'm the youngest boy in a family of 5 boys and five girls. My dad always cut all the guys hair, scissors only, we couldn't afford clippers. ( was waiting for him to say that it didn't matter as they didn't have electricity or running water at home either but that would be stereotyping) I've always had long hair like this, sometimes he'd cut it shorter, maybe just below my ears, I'd look like a little Dutch boy. Mostly he cuts it just at my shoulders. This past summer I worked up here at the college though, I haven't been back home yet at all, that's why it's a bit long.

I pulled out a fresh blue and white striped cape, and shook it out around him. He got wide eyed. No worries Seth, this is just so I don't get hair on your clothes. Assuming of course that your here for me to give you a trim, or a haircut, yes? Oh, Yes Pete, you come highly recommended by a couple of my buddies. I decided to splurge and get a real haircut in a barbershop for Christmas, and they all said you're the guy to see. I snapped the cape tightly around the neck of my prey, I mean client.

I recognized a couple of the names he rattled off, conjuring up how their hair was cut, both had very short cuts, one a tightly clipped side pomp, the other a choppy top short side cut. I looked again at the magnificent mane that Seth was sporting with renewed interest. I picked up a brush, the comb would never make it through this mane, and began to brush his hair out. He was surprised at this, I explained that it was usual to do this to make sure there were no tangles, and to get an idea of the clients previous cut and style. Seth settled down and seemed to be enjoying it. So, I began, what did you have in mind here Seth. Like a dog smelling fear on a person, I sensed that a dramatic change might be in order. Well, ah, Pete, sir, I'm not exactly sure. I know I want it cut shorter than I've ever had it, sir. I think I might even want you to try those clipper things on me. I know a couple of guys in the dorm who have offered many times to give me a buzz cut with those things anytime I wanted it. I've always been intrigued by guys whose hair is cut that short, but afraid to submit. I pounced on the bait. What intrigues you son, I asked. Well, when you use those clippers, does it hurt? I've never actually seen them in action on someone's head.

Jack looked away, I knew he'd broken into a huge grin, I was afraid he'd start laughing out loud and I'd have to throw him out, and then leave myself. I almost thought someone was putting me on with this kid. Could there really be someone who'd never had clippers used on them, up through age 20 or 21 probably, and never been in a barber shop before.

I smiled broadly, well, rest assured Seth, clippers don't hurt, I replied. Here I'll show you. I picked up my favorite fast feed Osters and walked around to Jacks chair. Here Jack, let me demonstrate to Seth how these don't hurt. You've been dying for a butch, let's show him how these work. I almost got my hands into his gorgeous mane. Jack practically jumped out of the chair. VERY FUNNY PETE, HA, HA. As you can tell, Seth, Jack isn't ready for the clippers yet either. Jack settled down in the chair again, but never took his eyes off the evil Osters. I fired them up and demonstrated on my fore arm. I asked him to give me his arm and did the same thing. Wow, they actually feel nice, kind of like a tiny massage. Oh, boy, I could feel my fetish kicking in. Could I take advantage of this lads naiveté? Was a brutal unasked for shearing in his future? I think Jack even sensed my change in demeanor.

Jack jumped in, asking ,why would you want to cut off all that gorgeous hair Seth, you look fantastic, just as you are. I bet you get compliments about it all the time, I'm sure lots of the ladies love your look man.

Well, guys, Seth said, addressing us both now. I think I might just have a simple case of the "I wants", you know. I've always had it long so I wonder what it'd be like to get it cut short, really short. Jack was practically panting again. Well, Seth, not everyone has the "I wants", you realize, I, for one, am still growing mine back out, and I don't ever want to experience a buzz cut, ever.
I understand what you mean Jack, Seth said, smiling back at him, but I figure, I'm halfway through junior year, if I get it cut short and I don't like it, or worse yet I look like a geek or a dork, it'll have time to grow out to a respectable length by the time I graduate and need to find a job.

I, of course at this point thought that was a very rational approach to things, especially since I was about to suggest one of my favorite cuts, a #1 butch. I wanted to see Jacks reaction. Well, if you want a clipper cut, I say in for a penny ,in for a pound, why not go all the way and get a #1 butch. Jack gasped out loud. Pete, really!, Jack barked, are you kidding. No, I smiled demurely, running my hand through all the thick locks spread across Seth's broad shoulders. I'm sure he'll look fine Jack. Seth, Jack implored, you can't be serious, are you. Well, I don't know. What's a #1 butch? I've never heard of it. That's part of my quandary, I don't know how to describe haircuts at all, short, long, or otherwise. I'm sure there's barbershop lingo for all the different guys hair styles right? Before I could open by mouth, Jack jumped in. May I, Pete? I smiled at Jack, well sure, go ahead.

Jack said, first of all clipper lengths go from 1 to 8 in 1/8th inch increments. Number 1 is the shortest at 1/8th of an inch. That means it only leaves a scant 1/8th of an inch of hair behind after the clippers pass through. Sinfully short if you ask me. There's other clippers that cut even shorter, #00000 short, right Pete. Jack went on describing all the cuts he could think of that weren't buzz cuts or types of buzzes. Seth listened patiently and asked several thoughtful questions along the way. Once Jack finished explaining the lingo he suggested Seth get a moderate amount cut off to start then come back and have me cut it shorter if he felt the need to. I still don't think you need more than a cleanup trim though if you ask me , he said, smiling at Jack.

Jack sat for a minute or two, digesting all the discussion. Looking at his reflection in the big mirror. O.K. Pete, can you start with something that leaves me a little bit of hair on top to mess around with. I'm not sure I want it all buzzed off. And start with a longer clipper guide like a 6 or an 8 I like the looks of it when its grown out a couple of weeks or so, not when its freshly sheared and really, really short. I nodded agreement, and set about getting the clippers ready. Jack was clearly distraught, a long hair was about to get sheared, right in front of him, and he was powerless to talk him out of it, Yikes.

I would normally take off a lot of the length with the shears first on a transformation cut like this just to clear the decks for the clippers, but I decided to have some fun with both Jack and Seth. I knew Jack wasn't pleased with the selection Seth had made but to his credit he kept quiet. Seth on the other hand didn't know what he was in for, and transformations are much more dramatic if you just use clippers and go from long to brutally short.

I clipped the number 8 guard on, thought for a minute, and remembered, he said 6 or 8, so I changed to the #6 , this was going to be quite the first cut to be sure. I turned Seth to face the mirror, and gave him a horse shoe parting for the time being, seeing as how he didn't want an all over same length cut.

The fast feed Osters hummed to life, plunging my hand into the heavenly thick bulk, I pulled his thick locks to one side in the back, and looked at him through the big mirror. Ready for this Seth, I cooed, once I start there's no changing your mind bud. I was about to decimate this lads gorgeous surfer cut, I was almost beside myself with excitement, trying desperately not to show it. Yes Pete, go ahead Seth squeaked, swallowing hard. Jack gave a sharp intake of breath, eyes wide. I wiggled the hungry clippers in to his nape and started moving them up. Up, up, up they went, all the way to the parting. I had hold of the severed locks, well over a foot and a half of surfer blonde hair came free, I reached around in front of him and dramatically let the whole shank slip through my fingers into Seth's lap.

First pass Seth, you O.K., I asked cheerily? Oh, Pete, that felt so weird, Seth replied, he gave a little shiver. My god that's a lot of hair too, Seth said looking down in his lap Oh, son, I smiled, we're just getting started. I flashed a sadistic grin to Jack, who looked mortified, and made another pass up the back of Seth's head. I marveled at how much darker the soft thick 3/4 inch long fur was that remained after I passed the clippers up through. Seth's hair was so thick it took me 9 or 10 passes to finally remove everything from ear to ear on the sides and back. Mounds of thick locks landing in his lap after each pass. Seth occasionally made a soft moan after a pass. I'm sure his head was feeling lighter by the time I'd finished up back there. I'd cut this deliberately this way. Looking at himself in the mirror, Seth looked virtually unchanged, yet. The long thick waves still framed his face, brushing his collar bones in front, with a duck clipped mound of long bulk in the top of his head. The only indication of the carnage was the huge pile of severed locks now resting forlornly in his lap. And of course the horrified expression on Jacks face. Jack sort of alternated between sighing, and a sort of soft whimper as I deposited the shorn locks in Seth's lap after each pass. Seth sat curiously stoic, looking expectantly at me through the mirrors reflection. He'd occasionally glance into his lap, give a surprised raise of his brows, and look expectantly back into the mirror again. I loved this part, when I clippered off the remaining long thick hanks on each side it would reveal the tightly clipped sides of the head to the client for the first time. Jack could already see part of the carnage from his vantage point, but not all of it. He was watching my every move with morbid fascination. A pained look on his face.

Seth had moaned several times while I was shearing off the bulk in the back, commenting on how amazing the clippers felt. Like a mini massage, Pete, he commented. Perfect, I thought, the clipper work was lulling him and relaxing him. The reveal would be all that much more of a shock. I placed the clippers in front of his left ear, and slid them up to the parting, a second quick pass and the left side was all clipped short. As I moved to the right side, Seth gave a sharp intake of breath. Eyes popping wide, Oh, Pete, wow, he said. Holy crap, I have no hair now! Seth turned his head from side to side. I laughed, and quickly clippered off all the long locks on the right side. Now he had the full effect. Pete, I have no hair left, Seth yelped. Oh, contraire my friend, I replied, smirking. I've used the #6 clipper guide on you, just like you asked , remember? I can go all the way down to a #1 if you want it "Short". I ran my hand through the divinely short 3/4 inch long velvety fur that the clippers had left behind. See, you'd be surprised to know that this is actually considered by some guys to be very shaggy indeed. He looked amazing with it cut this short, darker blonde against the highlighted long bulk clipped up an top waiting to be cut yet.

Right Jack?, I said again, it could still be cut much shorter. Jack had gotten out of the spare chair and was walking around Seth, Dude, your right, you have no hair man. Oh, Jack, stop it, I snapped, he does too and you know it. Seth was clearly reeling at the new look, and we'd only really just started. Granted, the most shocking part of the transformation was basically done but we still had mounds of thick locks to cut off on top of his head yet, oh boy. And it isn't truly done till it's styled.

Jack sat down, dejectedly, looking at Seth with a pained expression. He asked, you feeling O.K. Seth? I unclipped the mound of top bulk, gave it a quick comb out, and began using the clippers to remove the long hair at the crown, I also clipped from the temples to the crown, leaving the long length on top in a wide v shape across his forehead, tapering to a wide point at his crown. I was going for a grown out Princeton cut look. I put the clippers down for the moment, and without saying a word, combed Seth's thick wavy bangs down for the last time. I took the shears, sliding them in above his left eye brow, and without a word of warning, began snipping at an angle over to the right, about half way up his forehead. Jack yelped, Pete, really !, angled bangs, that's cruel man. The last of Seth's gorgeous thick surfer blond hair fell away, adding copious amounts to the bright blonde pile in his lap. Seth had an incredulous look on his face. Pete, that's really short!, he said quietly, holy cow!

Stay with me Seth, I said, squeezing his shoulder. We need to have a little talk before I finish up.
Seth, I said, we still have quite a few options left. He raised his brows questioningly. Pete, really, I don't really have any hair left to cut man, what do you mean? I laughed, tousling the long bulk left on top of his head, and you thought you wanted a buzz cut, you poor boy, I said patting his shoulder again. We can pretty much leave it like this, I need to at least do some layering up top of course, and you'll look like a shaggy guy who needs to have his Princeton recut again after about 4 weeks of grow out. Or I can take the clippers around the bottom edge all the way around, and taper it up leaving it full on the upper part, like a new fresh cut, or if you think it s too long, I can reduce it by whatever clipper length you want me too, even a number 1. Jack whimpered, Oh, Pete, Jack said, don't even suggest that, man. I quickly proceeded to layer the top, graduating it all from bang length on the front to the clipper length in the back.

Seth's now short mane, was much darker blonde, it looked very handsome on him, contrasting a bit with the longer bright blonde beard shadow and mustache he sported. I quite liked the look. It was short, to be sure, but I thought it looked good on him, Of course it needed to be combed and styled but he didn't look like a sheared sheep, yet. If you didn't know he'd just walked in with that gorgeous mane, you'd never know he'd just been sheared.

I smiled at Seth, think about it for a minute. This is a huge change for you, I know. Seth brought his hand out from under the cape. He first plunged it into the huge mound of his severed locks in his lap, shaking his head. Then he ran it through the short velvet up the back of his head, mmmnn, he said, that feels so cool, freakishly short, but cool too. He brushed it through the short locks on top, swishing them around. He had just a bit of hair lapping toward the top of his ears with the Number 6 length, making him look like the cut was a bit over grown. Seth looked at Jack, what do you think man? I know you didn't want me to cut it at all, but, that aside, what do you think I should do, let Pete keep cutting, or stop here? Jack didn't even hesitate, you know I say stop here, Jack said emphatically. This is horribly short, man. Jack, I observed, also secretly thought Seth might just look adorable with the short shaggy look. When Seth wasn't looking, he got a look like a love struck pup on his face

Tell you what I said, let me leave it this way for now, I'll clean up your neck line and a bit around the ears, and style it, and you can see what it looks like. I cleaned him up with the peanut clippers, shaving his neck line, (I thought I'd save the straight razor for the next time around), and outlining his sideburns and beard, more moaning from him while I did that. Those little clippers feel so cool Pete, Seth said with a smile. I got a bit of pomade and rubbed it into the thick short top locks, and just a bit on the rest of his hair too. Picking up the comb, I gave him a sharp left part, and combed the front up into a quiff. (If I'd have been nice, I would have left the top quite long to start, and allowed for a long pompadour option, but no, my fetish side was in full control, so off it came)His hair was so thick, I didn't need to coax it much to stand up in the front.
I finished combing, stood back, and said, well, what do you think of the new Seth?

Seth sat quietly. He turned his head from side to side, I got out the big hand mirror and showed him the back too. Gee Pete, I don't know. Seeing myself with hair this short is quite a shock to be honest. I think let's leave it here and see what kind of response I get. It will take some getting used to that's for sure man. I'm not used to using product in my hair either, or even having to precisely part it and comb it, wow.

Jack exhaled loudly. Good choice man he said. It's already way to short in my opinion. It looks good, Pete did an outstanding job, but it's way too short for me.
I brushed him off, and gently took the cape off, letting the huge pile of his former glory slide gently to the floor. Jack looked at it and sighed audibly. Seth stood up and said, I guess it's a good thing that I have matching ears, smirking at Jack playfully. I handed him the hand mirror, he walked up close to the big mirror and closely examined the cut from all angles. He couldn't stop touching the back, tugging at the short stubby locks . He was also patting the top. I couldn't read his expression. This is going to take some getting used to man, was all he said. I'm going to have to buy a comb and some of that stuff you used to give it this shine too. I said, don't worry, I can set you up with all that, Seth. Pete, can you show me how to comb this again, Seth asked? I wasn't paying attention when you did it the first time. Sit Seth, I said, patting the chair again. I ran my hand through the short top locks destroying the quiff. I gave him a styling lesson, then handed him the comb. I messed it up again, and said now you try. He did a passable job of reworking it.

You'll get the hang of it with some practice , don't worry I said, giving him a quick shoulder massage. I could cut the top and front a bit shorter, kind of like in a Caesar, then you wouldn't have to part it, and you could even spike it then if you wanted. No! Seth said, this is plenty short enough, thanks. Jack and I laughed. I said, go home for Christmas break, come and see me when you get back to school. That'll be about 6 weeks from now. That'll be enough time for you to decide if you want to go shorter, or have me trim it back to this length again, I said, fluffing the back of his head, or let it continue to grow out and chalk this up to a one time experiment.

O.K. Pete, Seth replied standing up again. You can't put it back on any way, right? Seth shrugged his shoulders, looking at Jack again. Seth, I said, you look very handsome son. It's just a big change that's all. I do kind of like it, Seth replied, don't worry, Pete. He turned his head from side to side, wow, he said, there's no hair to move around anymore, it's a weird feeling. And I'm going to have to buy a couple of hats, it's much colder already on my head. Jack smiled wanly at Seth, I tried to tell you man, he said softly. And winter up here in the north country is just getting started too, Jack reminded us.

Jack quietly asked, Seth, if it's O.K. with you, I'd like to take you out to dinner and more formally interview about your haircut experience for my research. Seth smiled demurely, sure Jack, that would be great.

Pete, what do I owe you man, Seth said as the two of them walked up front. Nothing Seth, the pleasure was all mine, I can assure you. I don't charge for first cuts, especially transformations like yours. And here, I handed him a small jar of pomade, and a comb, Merry Christmas! Enjoy man, you look great.

Seth and Jack walked out, leaving me to sweep up all that gorgeous blonde hair and deposit it in the dust bin. I heard jack ask Seth if he could touch his shorn head. Seth looked back at him and smirked, nodding yes.

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