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You're next by pleasecapeme

Now that I was out of high school and in college the haircut experience had taking on a life of its own. There were so many barber shops and salons in a college town, it was hard to visit them all and hair only grew so fast.

Every time I saw a spinning barber pole I would get excited and mark it as my next adventure. And trying a new sandwhich shop the other day I saw the newest plot on my barbershop map.

It was the City Chair, it just sounded enticing. I had my haircut only a week ago so I had to wait another to walk through the door and last minute I decided to make it a 3 week wait so my blonde shaggy hair would be sufficiently long enough for a real shearing.

When the big day finally arrived I approached the shop nervously, as many times as I had had haircuts in new shops something always seemed ominous about a chair I had never been in. The new barber shop was on the second story of a city building down town. I walked in the door and up a narrow flight of stairs, the building was old and brick.

I reached the second floor and walked down a hallway towards the door with a sigh hanging on it which read " The City Chair"
My heart was racing, I opened it slowly and walked through.

In the small shop was one single barbers chair, it was black leather with shiny chrome and a maroon silk cape hanging over the back. There was no barber in sight but a cigarette sat burning in the ashtray inside the armrest. I really didn't know what to think so I stood there and waited.

Then behind me a small boy came through the door and walked in, he asked me if anyone was here and I replied " seems so"

Suddenly a older barber in a black nylon barbers jacket surfaced from the back room and said" hello gents. " The younger fella almost looked disappointed to see the barber as if he was hoping he wouldn't be there.

"Both of ya come in" said the barber as he approached his own chair. He picked the cigarette up from the armrest ashtray and took a drag. " Your new" he said to me as he exhaled.

"You mind if I give this little fella a quick trim first, his mother just called and sent him over, but I can clean you up shortly." " sure" I said.

And with that he spun the chair to face the young boy and I, " hop on up, time for a trim" he said glaring at the boy. The barber pulled the silk maroon cape off the back of the chair and shook it free of any remaining hairs from the last use.

The boy slowly made his way to the big black chair and climbed into it. The barber pulled him back as he sat in it with both hands and I thought that seemed a little aggressive.

The chair with the young boy in it was swung around to face the mirror. With the cigarette hanging from his lips, the barber whisked the cape out in front of the boy and pulled it fastly towards his body. Once the maroon cape settled in place he allowed to sit loosely as he took a drag from the cigarette and put it out in the ashtray on the counter.

I noticed the young boy was looking very timid and I started to wonder just where I had walked into. The barber pulled a neckstrip from the dispenser and wrapped it around the boys neck tightly and then pulled the ends of the shiny cape up around his neck and closed it shut.

" We have to give you a real haircut today, your mother didn't like that last one" he said as he positioned both his hands on the boys caped shoulders. Then his foot jerked down on the large chairs lever and he started pumping it up higher and higher.

The young boys face started to look grim as rose up into the air more and more with every pump of the petal. I could clearly see the barber was really enjoying this part of the process . With his foot firmly on the chrome lever he boosted the black shiny leather chair slowly with intensity like I had never seen.

And then with a loud thud, the barbers chair stopped in mid air and he said " let's get started "

I couldn't take my eyes away from the scene in front of me, it seemed sinister. And then the barber ran his fingers up the back of the boys neck into his hair and gave it a stir exposing the true shagginess of his mop.

The young boy seemed very uncomfortable as he squirmed at the sensation of not knowing what to expect next. The barber started to spray down the mop of hair until it was soaking wet and hanging flat. Then pulled a pair of shiny silver shears from his front pocket and pulled the top length from the boys head straight up and snipped it at the base. The bush of locks fell down straight to the silky cape and was followed by mounds more of the boys hair.

Snip ..snip..snip.. Was the only sound heard in the shop as he worked efficiently. If he was going to cut that much hair why not just use the clippers I thought to myself. It seemed he wanted to maximize the experience for himself. This barber was making me nervous.

As I sat waiting I began to reconsider having a haircut here, I thought to stand up and leave but couldn't make myself move. The barber grabbed the back of the leather chair and spun it to face back at the mirror with the boy looking right in it at himself. His long hairs rested in a pile on his lap atop the maroon cape.

He placed the scissors back into his pocket and walked over to the counter, fiddling for a moment he turned back around with a set of clippers and flicked them on and off fastly. The barber positioned himself behind the elevated barbers chair and placed his hand on the top of the boys head. He pushed it forward with the boys chin pressed into the cape and placed the clippers at the base of his neck under the hairline.

I was almost in a trance when the hum brought me back and up the back of his head they went, spiky little hairs fell to the floor and onto the caped shoulders. The barber worked around the ears and held his jaw while he tilted the boys head sideways to mow to the weight line he made with his shears.

The loud hum came to a halt and the clippers were placed back on the counter. He reproduced the scissors snapped them open and shut besides the boys ear loudly. He put the hair on top the boys head in between his fingers and continued to snip away putting the final touches to the haircut. The barber pulled the boys head back so he was looking straight up and sliced away at the front portion of his hair, snipping the already short bangs to splinters, leaving them spiky.

I could see that the young boy didn't like this, this final part of the cut completely exposed his forehead and showed the real significance of the haircut. And the blow dryer was all of sudden blowing into his face, removing the itchy hairs from his head and neck.

I realized I was still here, not having made my excuse to leave and it soon to be my turn in the chair. This haircut was basically finished and I felt the weight of my stress as I started to squirm now in my seat.

The barber looked over at me and said " don't go anywhere, we're done with this one." As if he could sense my desire to leave.

And with that he kicked the barber chairs petal and it slowly descended to the floor carrying the shorn boy with it. The barber swiped the cape off from the young boys body and gave it a snap in the air, this meant I was seconds now from the same fait.

He climbed out of the chair and payed the barber before leaving. " see you soon son" he said sarcastically. The boy basically ran out the door and down the steps.

Then I heard the barber pat the back of the chair and call out " your next!"
I turned to see the puffy black leather chair open and facing its new victim...me. He ripped the cape from where it sat dormant on the armrest of the chair and shook it out again. The sound of the silky material sent chills through my torso. " come on now" he said firmly as he looked right at me.
Here I was with no choice left but to stand and make my way to the waiting barbers chair. I couldn't feel my legs as I walked to my doom, I was in shock that I was still here letting it unfold. I turned and eased back into the barbers chair when I felt his palms on my shoulders, " not me too " I thought to myself as he pulled my back into the huge chair.

It was too late now, I was chaired and soon to be caped. The barber spun me to face the mirror and I looked at my reflection and realized I wasn't that unhappy with the current state of my shaggy hair, it looked kinda good on me. This made what was approaching all that worse.

The shiny maroon cape was suddenly in the air in front of me and making its way closer to my body. It dropped to my chest and felt like it weighed fifty pounds. The barber allowed it to sit loosely unfastened while he wrapped my neck with a tight neckstrip.

He grabbed the ends his cape and pulled them up around my neck closing it shut. Through the mirror I could see his satisfaction with how things were proceeding, " sick bastard" I said to myself.

He looked up and commented that I my hair was in need of a serious trimming. I didn't agree but said nothing as I sat there helpless. The barber held my shoulders firmly as he pumped the chairs lever.

I now felt that jolt of the large chair that had the client before me squirming in his seat. I inched towards the ceiling as he pumped and pumped and began to really realize I had no control over the situation. He put me way higher than the young boy before me which made no sense, I was taller.

This haircut experience was taking on a life of its own. My past barbershop experiences had nothing in common with this one, why was vulnerability such a big part of this one?

Once I reached his desired working level the chair stopped violently and he patted my shoulders before he put his hands into my hair and pulled it away from scalp, displaying just how badly it needed to be cut no matter what I thought.

" Dont worry, I can clean this mess up nicely." He said confidently.
The barber released my hair from his fingers and said " but first we gotta loosen you up".

"what could that possibly mean???" I wondered anxiously.

Then the barber grabbed a lever on the side of the chair and lowered my back until I was laying flat in the chair, cape still covering my entire body.
As he lowered the back rest my legs rose up with the foot bar and I was completely parallel with the white and black checkered floor.

I was confused but continued to lay there in the big soft chair. The barber left the chairs side and walked to the counter leaving his back to me.

" Um sir" I stammered softly. " I think I'll just go and come back another time"

He ignored me and pulled a cigarette from his pack lighting it and taking a slow drag. He placed it down in the ashtray and turned back to me.

The barber approached me as I laid there flat and again put his foot on the barbers chair foot lever.

He stomped it down hard several time boosting me up level to his waste.
" If this isn't for you, you can get up and leave at anytime young man" he said.

I heard the words but the tingle in my legs made me stay.

The barber picked up the bottom of the maroon cape and slowly pulled it up above my belt line allowing it to lay there.

I was unaware of the buldge in my shorts until he put his hand around it and squeezed it.

" Looks like your staying right there." He said.
And he was right, I was wildly aroused and no point in leaving that chair now.

I leaned my head back and looked at the ceiling, he undid my zipper and pulled my erect cock from my pants. It throbbed as it pointed straight up.

The barber placed his entire hand around it slowly and started to massage it. The motion began to speed up and I was eventually being full on jerked off.

I moaned as I laid there wanting it to end but trying to last a little longer.
I felt the silky cape tight around my neck and the softness of the leather chair that held me flat on my back.

And then right before I blew he jerked extra hard and he pushed my cock upwards towards my chest so I spilled the mess onto the silky cape. I laid there flat panting in pleasure.

The barber continued to massage softly, working the remaining fluid out gently. Once I was empty, he released me and let me lay there for a moment.

My cock had gone back completely limp when he said" now put that away and let's cut that shag up".
I had forgotten I was even there for a haircut.

I manipulated my soft prick back into my shorts and zipped my pants back up.

The barber lifted the back of the chair upright and I saw myself in the mirror. I couldn't believe what had just happened, and I didn't protest any of it, how did he know I wanted that.

The barber unsnapped the cape and whisked it off me.
He threw it into the corner and pulled another from the counter.

He shook out the thick black vinyl cape and tossed it around my body. As it settled on me I could smell the richness of the material. It meshed well with the smoke from the cigarette still burning in his ashtray.

The barber, back behind me now, had the clippers in his hand.
He placed his palm on my forehead and pulled my head back so I was looking straight up.
He held me there as he said " can't protest now"
The clippers shot on and sounded like a lawn mower as they hit my bangs and plowed through my locks headed toward the back of my head.
My soft hair drifted over my nose down my face and onto the black cape.
The loud clippers hummed and hummed as he clipped without a guard. I was receiving a authentic buzz cut .
He gripped my jaw and pushed my head sideways as he worked from behind my ears up to the center of my head. My neckline was buzzed and eventually I was left with nothing left to clip away. Regardless, he made more continuous and welcomed passes over the top of my head.
I wanted that hum to never stop, I was paralyzed as I sat there and took it.

Then they were clicked off and silence filled the barbershop until the roar of the hairdryer filled it again. The warm air hit my face and neck blowing spiky soft hair to the floor. The barber blew the front of the black shiny cape off and again the room was silent.

He placed himself behind my trapped body in his chair and pushed down on the chrome petal. Air hissed from the barber chairs hydraulics as I was lowered to the checkered floor. As he ripped the cape from my frame the stream of smoke from his resting cigarette flurried.

I sat leaning back comfortably not wanting to rise from the soft pouty leather barbers chair. My cock stirred again at the site of me freshly buzzed in the mirror with him standing behind me with his hands back on my shoulders.

At that moment he slapped the back of my buzzed head and ordered me out of his cutting chair. I rose up promptly and without anything to say, handed him a twenty and turned to the door and walked out.

I made my way down the narrow hallway and down the steps out into the street. I was still in pure shock at what I had just been through.

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