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The Barber Made a Mistake by SheShavedMe

I have always had short hair. I always remember my parents asking the barber lady to cut it short but not to short. It was always a typical #3 buzz cut in the summer and maybe a #4 in the winter.

I never had a traumatic experience at the barber getting unwillingly shorn or shaved. In fact i kinda enjoyed the experience. I liked getting a haircut. I didn't really like my hair longer than an inch.

Then one day my dad and i go to get our haircut just like we always do. Everything plays out the same as it always does. My dad goes first and gets a short buzz cut. The barber moves the clippers up and around his head trimming his hair.

Then she grabs the detail clippers and shaves his neckline and sideburns. She brushes him off and then its my turn.

She always asks me "you want it short?" and i always say "yes". I try to get a shorter buzz then my dad. She then grabs the really nice silver wireless clippers and rummages through a drawer to get a different guide for the clippers.

She then turns the chair 90 degrees to the left from the mirror so im staring at the empty second barber chair. I was always slightly annoyed at this because i wanted to watch my haircut.

Then she puts the clippers at the base of my neck and runs them up my head. She applies slight pressure with the clippers and guides my head with her other hand. She works her way around to the right side of my head and then the left.

All thats left is the top. She then places the clippers at my forehead and runs them back with constant speed thats not fast but not slow. After going over my entire head once she goes over it a second time quickly.

This ensures that all the hairs are the same length. After she is satisfied she then removed the guard on the clippers and set them on the counter. Then she picked up the detailers and cleaned up my neck and sideburns.

By this time i had snuck a peak in the mirror and was disappointed that it wasn't shorter. (She was always a little inconsistent).

She brushes me off good but sees a few missed hairs sticking up on the top of my head. In deep conversation with my dad she picks up the guard less clippers and starts clipping the hairs off.

I had no idea at the time what she had done. But after she shaved that small spot on my head her body stiffened. She said calmly "Im sorry but i just accidentally shaved a spot on your head".

I did not freak out but was nervous and maybe even a little curious. She showed my dad and told us that the haircuts would be free. She then proceeded to go through the drawer and get a shorter guard for her to even out the shaved spot.

When she found the right one she popped it on and buzzed up my right side burn a little ways. She then asked me "is that OK with you?" as she showed me in the mirror. All i could say was yes.

I wasn't that upset over getting a shorter haircut but i knew that this one would be REAL short after seeing my side burn.

She went very quickly over my head just trying to get it over with. I could tell by the way the guard felt and the length of my already short hair rolling off my head that this was gonna be short.

She was apologizing constantly now and i told her it was ok. After she was done she released me from the cape and i walked to the second mirror where i could get a really good look.

It took me a second to comprehend what i saw in the mirror. I saw my face but on my head was just incredibly short stubble. White scalp showed through the dark stubble giving me an almost shaved look.

It felt like velvet when i ran my hand over it. We left leaving the woman beating herself up for doing that to me but after the initial shock of it i realized that i looked really good with it that short.

I kinda wanted it done like this every time i thought.

After that she always seemed to cut my hair way to long but i never had the nerve to tell her to buzz it shorter.

Then one summer day we went in for our haircut and I had told myself that i would tell her to buzz it real short this time. I step to the chair and she asked me in a real small kinda subdued voice "short?". I nod and say "yes".

I could tell from the way that the guard felt that it was short. Maybe not as short as the "accident" but it was close. She buzzed my hair down slowly but steady (i have really thick and coarse hair).

She finally released me from the cape and i went over to the mirror to confirm my suspicions.

Finally after many months of not getting my haircut the right way she finally buzzed it real short and left just slightly more hair than the "accident".

I love having a freshly buzzed head!

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