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Kevin's New Look by Faded Fanatic

The smell of hair gel flooded Kevin's nostrils as he walked into the barbershop. He had been going to his local shop for years, but finally decided to try the new high-end men's salon now that he had been promoted at his job. Besides, he thought he could use a change and what better way to get a new look than to get a new barber?

Kevin had always liked his hair. He had gone through a few different styles over the years, but currently he wore a modern fringe cut. His boyfriend Matt said it made him look hot, but Kevin ws starting to get bored with his look. As he approached the front desk of the shop, he noticed all the photos of models taken by the barbers who worked there displayed on the walls. There were all sorts of styles, from conservative side parts to artsy messy looks. The receptionist told him to take a seat at one of the stations, his barber would be out shortly.

Kevin took a seat and felt anxious. Maybe a new look was too far? What if his friends thought it was stupid? What would he even ask for? While he ruminated on this, a cute brown haired guy with a slicked back cut walked over. his name was Matt, and he was Kevin's barber. They walked back to the shampoo station, Kevin unable to take his eyes off of Matt. He closed his eyes and felt Matt's strong hands dig into his scalp. It took everything in him to keep from moaning, and he felt his pants tighten a bit. Back in the chair, they began the consultation. "So what are we today?" "Well," Kevin replied "uh I'm not so sure. Ya see I just got promoted at my job and I thought I'd try something new but I'm not so sure that's a good plan." "Oh man, that sounds great! I have a perfect haircut in mind for you. Can we try it out?" "Erm... I'm not sure, what did you have in mind?" "Trust me, I'm going to make you into a new man. You'll love it" With that, Kevin was spun around and the haircut began.

Matt started by separating the top from the sides of Kevin's cut, and clipped the top up. Then he grabbed the clippers. As they roared to life Kevin muttered "not too short please", but Matt didn't hear him. the clippers, with no guard, climbed halfway up his head, to the top of his ears. Kevin was in shock as Matt happily chatted away. Kevin suddenly realized he was going to have much less hair than he came in with by the time he was done.

Matt moved onto the top, trimming .5" off the front and even more off the back of Kevin's hair. Then he picked up a heat protectant and rubbed it through Kevin's hair. It felt much shorter to Kevin. His hair was blowdried up and forward, and shears were used to put loads of texture into Kevin's hair. Matt was visibly excited, and told Matt how amazing he was looking already. He walked away for a minute, returning with two bottles, a cup, and some foil. Kevin went white. "You're gonna DYE MY HAIR?" "Just highlights." said Matt. "They're going to look perfect with this cut." "I don't think that's gonna work with me Matt, I'm sorry." "Look Kevin," Matt leaned down and stared him in the eye. "You're a good looking dude. You've got good looking hair. But do you want to step up your look? It looks good now, but with some blond highlights you'd be the hottest guy in this city. So will you let me continue this transformation?" Kevin sat for a second. "Ok, do it. I'm in your hands." Matt got right to work, fussing over small sections of hair which he bleached and foiled. An hour later he washed out the bleach and toned the blonde hair. Finally it was time to style. Matt spent a long time with the blow dryer, trying to get as much volume as possible out of Kevin's short hair. He grabbed a messy clay product and rubbed it through his hands. With a quick raise of his eyebrows and a grin he rubbed his hands violently through Kevin's hair. He spent 5 minutes picking out little details and making it look perfect. At last, he spun Kevin around to see his new look.

Kevin was shocked. His brown mop he had walked in with had been transformed into a spikey messy fohawk, highlighted blonde. He looked like a movie star on vacation. Kevin smiled at Matt, and as he was checking out he slipped Matt his number. Hopefully Kevin would get more than just a new look today!

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