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My Fist Haircut By A Barber by Jay Jay

This is the story about my fist haircut with a barber. It is 100% true.

Since I was a teenager, I wore my hair in a side part hair style. It was never super short. I went to a total of four different woman at salons for years. I've went to the same few people forever. But there was a new barber in town. I seen many men with his tight faded haircuts and it looked amazing. It looked so clean. I researched him and then, I went home and booked an appointment. It would be my first time going to a real barber. I didn't know what to expect, but I was exited.

I stayed up all night searching haircuts, trying to find the right one. I wanted to stick with the side part. So I ended up on a picture with a low fade from about a number two guard blended into the side part, and it was way shorter than I was used to. But not too different. I was ready for a change.

The next day I drive to his barbershop. I watched a man leave with a high skin fade. I thought I could never get a hair cut like that. It would look too different. I sat down in his waiting room. I was very nervous. What would the outcome be.

He said my name and I went to sit in his chair. Once I sat he put the cape around me. I became nervous but was exited for a haircut. He stared to clean the clippers. He asked what I would like. I showed him the picture and told him I did not want a razor part line or too much off the top. He complemented my haircut and asked who cut it last. I told him about my past haircuts, he was very intrigued.

He started to comb my brown thick hair. My hair was twirling around my neckline since it hasn't been cut for two months. It was over the tips of my ears. I was about an inch and a half at my ears and sideburns. He complimented my hair. He said it was a very beautiful dark brown with a bit of black. I was exited.

He made a part with a comb and then shoved the comb in the part to create a line between the long and the short. He asked if a number one was okay to start with at my sideburns. I said okay not knowing how short it really was, I had no clue.

He put on the number one guard and grabbed the top of my head, and pushed it to the side. He violently pushed the guard into my sideburns and went all around my neck. My hair was falling to the floor at no time. The noise was burning my ears. I then relised how short my hair cut would be. I panicked. My ears were sticking out. All I could see were extremely short sideburns with long hair draping over it.

I should have stayed with the woman at the salon. I would have had a normal hair cut. But I was too far in already. He went over to his stand and put another guard on the clippers. He pushed my head again even more violently. He drove the clippers into my hair to create a fade. I have never had a fade in my whole life, since this was my first trip to a barber.

There was even more cut off. The top of my side part was hanging like a bowl cut. My stomach hurt watching it. I was staring at myself in the mirror wanting to escape. He grabbed another guard, and spun my chair to the back wall. He was pushing my head in circles to get around my hair. I was staring at my cape wondering what was happening.

He then took out a small pair of clippers. He edged them around my neckline and gave me a line up. I have never had one before. I didn't know what I looked like. Once he finished that, he took out scissors. He clipped to a rhythm blending the guard to the long hair on top. He went all around my head blending my hair.

Then he spun me around. I looked great. He combed my bangs to the front. I was thinking in my head that I had to tell him I didn't want much off my bangs. But I kept my mouth shut. My bangs touched the tip of my nose. It was the longest they have ever been and I was growing them out. I blanked out and heard a snip. I watched them fall past my eyes. Half of my bangs were cut above my eyebrows. I should have spoke up.

I was thinking in my head that they would grow back. But it would take forever. He snipped across my bangs until it was a straight line across my eyebrows. I was saddened to watch them fall, after months of growing them out. It felt like a forced haircut.

He then pushed my bangs back and cut the top just like normal. He didn't take much off the top. He combed through my hair and I though he was done. He spun me to the right and I heard him open a box to get a blade. He was going to shave my neck. I have never had that done before.

He pushed my head forward, and put hot foam across the nape. I could hear the straight razor cut the hairs across my neck and around my ears. He rotated my head to cut my sideburns and line up. I felt like a new person.

He spun me around and I stared at myself in the mirror, thinking "What have I done, you really pushed it this time." I was confused but it felt right. I wanted it even shorter, but this was a big enough change. He brushed the hairs off my neck and took out some paste.

He rubbed it through my hair and slicked it back with a comb. He took out a blow dryer and blow dried it up. It was very high compared to how I usually wear it. After it was styled he cleaned up the edges again and parted my hair once more. He went to put the straight razor on my part line to create a hard part. I said I didn't want one. He agreed and went on with styling my hair.

I didn't want anything too different.
I know that a hard part is not a big deal, but when you wear your hair the exact same for so long, it is a big deal. He finished the haircut and took off the cape. I loved it. He told me next time ask for a low fade from a number one. I was so exited.

I learned today was full of first. It was my first time getting a haircut by a man, having my hair cut by a barber, getting my hair short, having a low fade, and getting my neck shaved and a line up. I was nervous the whole time, but exited to see so much hair falling off my head. I already started to think about my next hair cut, maybe I would get a line or a skin fade. Who knows. I went home and booked another appointment with him right away, I was so exited.

I've been going to this barber since October, and now I have a low hade from a half guard. With about 6 inches on top. I'm getting a couple inches cut off on Saturday. This summer I would like to experiment with hard parts, and skin fades. Any suggestions on a future haircut?

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