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The Razor Part by Jay Jay

This story is 100% true, from my own barbershop experience on June, 2nd 2019. Also, I would like to play a haircut game. You tell me what to do with my hair in the comments, I will choose one randomly and do it.

I walked into the barbershop and sat down. The barbershop only had one chair, and one barber. He was just finishing up the guy before me. It was just a regular haircut, nothing too special. I took off my jacket and hat. I was left in my hoodie.

"Hi, you can have a seat." I sat down in the chair and he said "Could you please take your hoodie off?" "Sure." I took off my hoodie while sitting in the chair and he took it and put in on the coat rack. "What are we doing with your hair today?" he said as he played with my hair, combing it with his fingers. I still had no cape on. "Could you do a low fade from a half guard? And taper the neck?" "Of course." he said. "Also could you take about an inch off the top?" I said. "Yes, I will cut the top after the fade." He snapped on the cape, and went to work.

He took out his clippers and slid on the half guard. He started plowing through my sideburns. He switched guards many times making sure it was even. I had an over hang on hair at the part. He took the clippers are went right over it and it all went on my cape. I was shocked but excited.

Once the fade was completed, he took out the scissors to cut the top. My bangs were down to my nose. He took my bangs and cut about half an inch off. But that wasn't enough for me. I asked him to cut a little bit more. He took the scissors and cut it up to my eyebrow. I didn't say anything. I was actually very happy with how short it was. He cut alot off the rest of the top.

He then took out the detailer, to go around my neck, and clean up the edges. I took up the courage and asked a big question. "Could you do a razor part line?" I was so excited. "Sure, why not." He said in response. He started to spray the part to make sure it was perfect. The clippers came to life, and I have never felt them like that on my head. I closed my eyes. I could feel it going farther, and farther back. I loved it. He then took out the razor and cleaned up the line. I opened my eyes to see a razor line go from the front of my part, right to the back. He asked how I wanted my hair styled, and I just told him to do whatever he wanted. He put gel in my hair, and slicked it back with the razor part showing. It looked amazing.

I still have one more haircut until my big summer haircut that you guys will choose. Put in the comments what you think I should do. Not too short on the top. I will not buzz the top or anything. The rest is fair game.

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