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New school by James

I sat with my mum in the office of the headmaster of my new school, i didn't like him at all from the start "so Philip i looked at your report from your old school and it seams OK, new school new rules, new school uniform and short back and sides" "short back and sides really at my age 15" i thought " there's same to be a mistake Philip is 15 and my husband and i put him down for 5th year headmaster" said mum " no miss Wilson its 4th year you have Philip Down for" replied the headmaster" Philip go outside" said mum.

The door to the headmaster office opened and he stood at the door waved me in " Philip when your dad and i registered you with this school we put you down as 5th year but the school computer made a error and registered you as 4th year" mum said "was the error fixed" i replied " no Philip.. i am afraid it can't " said the headmaster "once the error has been fixed you can move from 4th year to 5th year" " what about this, i don't start this school until its fixed mum" before mum said a word the headmaster butted in "you can't do that Philip Monday morning you star at this school" i looked at him " Philip dear once the error has been fixed you can move over" mum said and smiled.

I sat in the barbers chair and he was cutting away at my hair mum was on the phone to dad and told him everything " what a bloody school Susan how long would this take to fix this error"" headmaster said 3 weeks John""how is Philip taking this Susan" dad was not happy "John i asked Philip for me to do this until this over" dad turned his phone off.

I looked up at my hair"what the hell did you do to my hair" it was cut 1930 boys short back and sides mum saw it "oh god!!!" walked over to the barber "that's too bloody short..Philip lets go" mum threw the money for my hair cut at him. I sat on the passenger seat not saying a word when " my hair cut look at my hair " i was pissed off "Philip don't get angry it be OK" when i was talking to mum she looked at my list of school uniform "oh god knee length school shorts and socks" i took the list and saw what i be wearing"Philip" that's all mum could say, i looked at her "right i will wear this uniform for you mum" she hugged me "mum people are looking".

Mum was happy, i have not seen my mum happy in a long time, i looked over at her and she was smiling " is that a smile on your face mum" i said to her when a tear came down my face " Philip why are you crying ""because you are smiling mum and i haven't seen you smile in a long time" mum hugged in the school shop "ah mum not in front of every body"" pick up your school uniform and lets go.

Dad came back from work "Philip lets see your hair cut" dad called, i came down the stairs "bloody hell Susan did you a load this to happen""no the barber started cutting Philips hair before i knew it""dad its OK my hair grows quick any way" "OK Philip did you get your school uniform ""its up in my room" dad took a look at it " thank you for doing this for your mum Philip".

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