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Barbers choice by Jack

Here’s some context. I’m a thirteen year old male who needed a haircut.
I walked into my usual barber and sat down I looked about and suddenly realised my usual barber was not there at the time I was not acquainted with names of hairstyles and just asked for the usual. I should have walked out then. It was too late a barber called me up to his chair . I asked for the usual. He looked confused but proceeded with the cut anyway. I closed my eyes and heard the clippers roar to life. Then I felt it, they ran straight over the top of my head. They kept going for a while then sides and back. He pulls out some other guards and cut the sides. Then as if it could get any worse. He pulled out a razor to add a design . I felt the razor move from the sides to the crown. I opened my eyes and looked in the mirror. I had an almost bald cut maybe a 1-2 on top with an extremely high fade . It looks like I had joined the military. I hated it in some ways but in other ways I loved it it felt great and made me feel all around healthier. Now I walk into random barber shops and ask for the usual since that time I am twenty now. My advice mind what you say or don’t you’re more likely to end up loving it!

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