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At Mr. Lee's - Mr. Ennis' Discipline by Manny

After dinner the boys dismissed themselves from the table and went back to Steve's room to hang out.

"I sure wish I had a 'cool' father like yours, Steve. I mean he's even grown out his hair and he sports huge sideburns. My father still thinks flattops are stylish," Kenny sighed as they shut the door to the bedroom for privacy. He glanced at himself in the mirror and shuddered, "Look at me! It's like I'm stuck in 1965, not 1975! I can't believe how short the barber at Mr. Lee's cut my hair today! Of course, with my Dad hovering and commenting about how 'boys should look like boys' -- what could I expect? When I graduate from high school and am out of the house, it'll be bye-bye barbershop! I want nice long hair like yours, Steve. You don’t know how lucky you are to have a father who lets you grow your hair so long!"

Kenny looked enviously at his best friend's thick, shimmering honey-colored locks that hung down to just above the shoulder. Steve flicked the heavy forelock that was forever falling over his green eyes to the side.

"Your haircut is fine, Kenny," said Steve, trying to console his friend. "So what if it's cut short? Hey, you're the most popular guy on campus. Captain of both the basketball and wrestling teams, projected salutatorian of our class, lead in the school play, President of the Student Body..... I mean, short hair has had no effect on your popularity or success. And did I mention how handsome you are? So masculine looking. Every girl's dream date to the prom!"

Kenny smiled and blushed a bit. Then he quickly moved toward Steve and playfully wrestled him onto the bed, pinning him down. "But you have long hair, Steven Ennis! Something I don't have!" Kenny exclaimed as he gently touched the coveted tresses.

Steve broke free from Kenny's hold and mopped his hair back. The soft, silken feel affirmed Kenny's envy.

Kenny continued, "One day, I'll wear my hair as long or longer than yours! You'd understand how I feel if you were the one with the short back 'n sides and bangs snipped short and straight across the forehead. I look like I'm in 5th grade with the little boy haircut my father makes me get."

Suddenly, it was Steve's turn to pounce. He wrestled Kenny down and ran his hands through Kenny's short hair. The feel of a freshly clipped nape was divine! "Maybe I should visit Mr. Lee's myself and tell the barber to cut my hair just like Kenny Colton's!" Steve exclaimed.

"You're mocking me!" Kenny snapped. "Short hair sucks!!"

Suddenly there was a sharp rapping at the bedroom door. "How about we have a basketball shooting competition in the driveway?" Steve's father called out. "I was quite a star in my day. Winner gets an ice cream sundae on me at the plaza near the Metro station and the losers will have to settle for ice cream cones."

Steve motioned to Kenny to see if he wanted to do that. Kenny shrugged, but then gave the idea a thumbs up.

"Sure, Dad. We'll meet you outside in a few minutes," Steve replied.

The two boys got up off the floor. Steve brushed his tussled hair as Kenny looked on, admiring everything about the awesome tresses -- the length, the sheen, the volume.

"Have you thought of getting a man perm? They're all the rage now," Kenny noted. "I'd love to see you sitting in a beauty shop with your hair all rolled and a net covering the curlers. Imagine you afterwards, Stevie-boy, with a huge afro of curls all over the place...."

"I heard perms can damage your hair," whimpered Steve. "Oh, and just for the record, long hair can be a real pain. It's not all the delight you’re imagining. Sometimes I feel like having mine all chopped off! You'll find out once you're out from under your parents' control and your 'little boy bangs' become history."

The two teens raced each other out to the basketball hoop in the driveway.

"Let's warm-up with a little one-on-one before our shooting competition," Mr. Ennis suggested. "I'll take on Kenny first."

He tossed the ball to Kenny who was like a bolt of lightening and quickly landed a lay-up.

"Hey, what happened?!" Mr. Ennis demanded.

"All that hair in your face, I guess," Kenny laughed as he playfully pushed Mr. Ennis' heavy forelock back. He was still enthralled that Mr. Ennis sported a long, shag style. "Seems like both you and your son have given up on the barber shop!"

Mr. Ennis blushed. "Your father doesn't approve of long hair on men, does he?" Mr. Ennis asked.

"But I do!" laughed Kenny. "I think it's neat that you have long hair, sir. I sure wish I could grow mine out like that -- especially those sideburns. You look so modern and trendy."

Then Kenny tossed the basketball to Steve, "Hey, shaggy boy! Your turn."

Steve's locks danced in the sun and put on an amazing show as he wove about trying to shoot. But he couldn't get past Kenny, who had a height advantage. Suddenly, Kenny tried to grab the ball and a huge tussle between the teens ensued. Both ended up on the driveway, with Steve's locks artistically draped all over the asphalt. Steve admitted defeat since he could not score.

"Now it's longhair vs. longhair," Kenny announced. Steve easily defeated his father who was not as light on his feet as he had been in college decades ago.

The shooting competition held a similar result with Kenny first, Steve second and Mr. Ennis in last place.

"The ice cream sundae is yours, Kenny!" Mr. Ennis announced. "The longhairs will get consolation cones. Son, maybe we need haircuts, just like Kenny's, if we want to be true winners."

"Well, the barbershop I use, Mr. Lee's, is in the same plaza as the ice cream parlor. Don't make any plans for getting haircuts this evening, though, as the shop is already closed," Kenny laughed. "But, I can take you tomorrow morning, sir. Mr. Lee specializes in flattops and other military length haircuts. What about having that amazing mane of yours clipped down to the wood?"

"Thanks for the offer," Mr. Ennis replied with a chuckle, "but I have to cut my grass tomorrow."

Kenny glanced at the lawn, "Yep, I see that. A lot of overgrowth all over here. The lawn will look much better once it's all been clipped down to a short, uniform length. Perhaps, after the lawn is mowed, you'll be ready for me to drive you over to Mr. Lee's, sir?"

Mr. Ennis laughed off the insistence, "Hey, Kenny, I thought you said you liked my hair long!"

"Oh course, I'm just teasing you! I hate barber shops. I would be happy to never to enter Mr. Lee's again or to get caped up and tapered tight by any traditional barber. I'm the only guy in my class that looks like a nerd and it's lonely at times sticking out like a sore thumb." Kenny cast a wistful glance at Steve's luxuriant locks.

The basketball champ got to sit in the front seat as Mr. Ennis drove the boys to the ice cream stand located in the Metro plaza.

Steve sat in back, admiring and almost envying Kenny's tight taper up the back. He began to make a plan....a plan that would change Kenny's hated status as the "only guy in my class that looks like a nerd" and who sticks out like a sore thumb because of his short haircut.

As the trio strolled across the plaza, Steve's eyes locked onto the neon sign that advertised "Mr. Lee's Barber Shop" and the additional signage that boasted, "we specialize in flattops and military haircuts".

"There's Mr. Lee's, your barber shop," Mr. Ennis noted. "They specialize in flattops, I see. No wonder your father's crop is always so immaculate. It gives him a very commanding look, like he's got his act together. I hear your father is one tough boss in the office, Kenny." In the reflection of the plate glass, Mr. Ennis saw how messy his own mop was. He worked to smooth it into place a bit with his hands.

"He's one tough boss in the office, and one tough boss at home, as well! I can't even begin to tell him how much I hate my short barbered look," said Kenny. Then, he added playfully, "Picture yourself in one of those chairs tomorrow, sir! What time should I swing by to pick you up after you've finished mowing your lawn?"

"There you go again, Kenny!" Mr. Ennis laughed, spontaneously tussling the lad's short hair. "I wish you'd re-direct your efforts towards Steve. He's the one who really needs a haircut! Did he tell you a clerk in the grocery store yesterday addressed him as 'Miss'? I mean, shoulder-length hair is too long for a boy, in my opinion."

A shudder traveled down Steve's spine as he continued to think about his own plan for his shoulder-length locks. The big chairs looked inviting, but the line of clippers hanging from the counter looked totally menacing. 'Military length' was all he could think! When he walked out of Mr. Lee's tomorrow morning, Kenny would look like a hippy by comparison. Yes, Steve was very serious about sacrificing all of his glorious hair for the benefit of his best friend and also to get rid the hair care that was increasingly demanded of him.

"There's the ice cream stand," Steve pointed out, changing the subject. "I want chocolate chip."

"And, you, champ? What flavor sundae do you want?" asked Mr. Ennis.

"Make it a banana split, Mr. Moptop! With chocolate and vanilla ice cream," Kenny requested.

As the fellows consumed their ice cream, a breeze whipped up. Suddenly, Mr. Ennis' forelock was dislodged and ended up being dragged across the top of the ice cream cone. "Damn! What the...." he cried out. "Ooops, sorry about that language boys. Don't tell your father, Kenny."

"He detests vulgar language and any form of obscenities or profanities. If you were his kid, for that outburst, he'd lean you over the dining room table and take a paddle to your hind end, Mr. Ennis," Kenny replied with a mischievous grin.

Mr. Ennis imagined Mr. Colton administering some discipline to him. The thought of an adult spanking curiously stimulated him. Authoritative Mr. Colton with his short flattop leaning him over the table and then bringing the paddle swiftly to his bare butt! He felt a bulge in his groin, strangely wishing it were more than a fantasy or stray thought.

"And then, I suppose, he'd march me straight to Mr. Lee's barber shop for a proper haircut!" Mr. Ennis added. "He'd have the barber shear me extra-short for swearing! Damn, that would be some trip!"

"Too bad the shop isn't open right now," said Steve. "Kenny and I could march you over there and have the barber administer a proper punishment for swearing."

"I'd like to see Mr. Lee himself grab you by your girly hair, son, and take the clippers to that thatch! There's enough hair here to carpet the shop," Mr. Ennis said as he grasped Steve's shoulder-length locks. "Kenny's father would never allow his son to look like this!"

The trio ambled back past Mr. Lee's Barber Shop. "Maybe I should get my hair cut short," Steve mused. "I see it opens at 9:00 a.m. on Saturdays." He pawed at his long hair.

"Why don't both of you go?" laughed Kenny. "Mr. Ennis is also quite in need of a proper haircut!"

As they got into the car, Mr. Ennis asked, "Uh, Ken, do you want me to swing by your house so you don’t have to walk home?"

"That would be great, Mr. Ennis. Thanks."

When they pulled into the drive Mr. Colton was working in the front yard. He walked over to the car and greeted Mr. Ennis and Steve. "Oh, I thought for a minute it was Marge dropping Ken off! You’re looking rather shaggy, Ron. And is that Steve in the back seat under all that hair?! My goodness, has your whole family given up on haircuts?! If you’ve fallen on hard times financially, I can fire up the clippers in the garage and give you two old fashioned butch cuts!"

Mr. Ennis’ face reddened. "Oh, thanks for the offer, but Steve and I are going to Mr. Lee’s Barber Shop tomorrow morning. We are way overdue haircuts....quite true." As he said that Mr. Ennis felt his cock stir again. He eyed Mr. Colton's sharp flattop. As he leaned over a wide landing strip was clearly visible. The very top of his scalp exposed!

"You’ll come out looking like real men, for sure. All the barbers are excellent with the clippers. But if a flattop is what you have in mind, wait for Mr. Lee himself. Mr. Lee, Junior, I should say. The son has taken over running the shop this year."

Mr. Ennis stared at the muscular Mr. Colton with his amazing flattop. He imagined Mr. Colton taking the paddle to him. "So, do you think a flattop would work for me, Bob?"

Mr. Colton grasped a shank of Mr. Ennis thick, light brown hair and gave a tug that was just hard enough to hurt a bit. "Perfect! Thick and with body. Mr. Lee will have this top standing fully erect and these sides and back clipped down to the scalp in no time! Shall I take you myself in the morning to make sure you get the right barber and the perfect top? I’ll have it taken down to a very military length with a nice big landing strip on top!"

Mr. Ennis’ groin bulged, imagining himself being caped under Mr. Colton’s watchful eye and then sitting helplessly as masses of his shaggy mop fell in the wake of the clippers. "That would be perfect, I mean if you have the time. The shop opens at 9:00 on Saturdays."

"Then I’ll swing by your place at 8:45 and you two will be the first to get caped up and clipped down. Hear that, Stephanie? And I don’t want any whining from you. Weeping about getting a proper haircut or anything like that. A boy your age should have a decent ‘short back and sides’ with bangs no longer than mid-forehead. Is that understood?"

"Yes, sir! I’m looking forward to it, Mr. Colton. I only grew my hair long because of all the peer pressure," Steve confessed.

"And what was your father’s excuse?" Mr. Colton said, again tugging on the long hair. "Trying to look like one of the moptop boys?! Whatever the reason, it shows a lack of proper discipline!"

"Yes, I suppose it’s because I didn’t get enough spankings growing up," Mr Ennis replied in a semi-wistful tone.

"Well, if you act up in the shop tomorrow morning, I'll have to put my paddle to use, Ron!" Mr. Colton said, as he waved them away.


The following morning both Mr. Ennis and Steve were antsy as they waited for the Coltons to pick them up. "Scared, son?" Mr. Ennis asked.

"A little bit. I think there will be a lot of teasing to put up with at school," the teen replied.

Just then a horn sounded in the drive. "You can back out now, but I'm going for it. I've always admired Mr. Colton's flattop. Sorry I never got them when they were still fashionable."

The two quickly climbed into the back seat of the Colton's Monte Carlo. As they rode to Mr. Lee's Barber Shop, they carefully studied the clipped heads in the front seat. The amount of hair that would fall in shop would be copious indeed!

"I half expected you would try to weasel out of the haircut, Ron," Mr. Colton commented as they pulled out of the Ennis' driveway.

"To tell you the truth, long hair is a pain in the ass....uh, I mean, butt!" Mr. Ennis replied, quickly regretting his choice of words.

"You and I are going to have to have a little chat in private after we've finished at Mr. Lee's. As parents we need to set an example to our sons," came the firm rebuke from Mr. Colton. "Is that understood? At least while you're in my car -- no profanities or obscenities."

"Sorry, Bob. You are absolutely right. I've just been carried away by the more relaxed standards of the 1970s, I think," Mr. Ennis said in a very contrite tone.

The foursome rode to Mr. Lee's in almost complete silence.

As they left the car in the Metro plaza parking lot, Mr. Colton hissed in Mr. Ennis' ear, "I'm going to get you back on the straight and narrow! You'll be first in the chair. Understood?"

"Yes, sir," Mr. Ennis murmured as he fell into line, scampering behind Mr. Colton as he strode quickly towards Mr. Lee's Barber Shop. "You mentioned a private chat afterwards....."

"Same rules as apply in the barber shop. You will remain silent and submissive. No whining or weepy reactions. Take it like a man," Mr. Colton admonished. "And, when we get to my place, it's going to sting!"

Mr. Ennis hoped his bulge would not be visible.

The shop was just coming to life for the day as the four entered. Mr. Lee was still fastening the buttons on the left shoulder of his profession barber's tunic. "Good morning, Mr. Colton, Kenny. I hope there's nothing wrong with the haircuts you got yesterday. I'll be happy to take a bit more off, if you want....but I'm on my own this morning. Peter called in sick."

"No, we got fantastic haircuts. So much so that our friends, Ron and Steve Ennis, are here for matching haircuts," Mr. Colton said proudly. "Go ahead, Ron, you're first in the chair. Mr. Lee will take care of that thatch."

"The one by the window," the barber indicated.

Mr. Ennis hesitated for a moment as he looked at his stylish shag cut and huge mutton sideburns before ascending the steel foot rest of the large barber chair. He hadn't sat in one in a comfy over-sized chair like that in ages. Within instants, a huge white cape was sailing through the air. Mr. Lee pulled it tightly about the tissue-clad neck and secured it with a huge metal clip.

"So, a big change for you today, Mr. Ennis," the barber said, simultaneously asking and stating the matter. "An awful lot of hair's going to come off."

The barber plied the comb through the mane. The hair was so thick and long that combing it out was no easy task.

"Hair care was becoming a pain in the as...uh, I mean, uh, really getting tedious," Mr. Ennis said, feeling rebuked (again) by Mr. Colton's glare.

"So, how short?" the barber asked.

Mr. Colton stood quickly and took over the situation. "Like mine, ummm, but shorter. You know what, Mr. Lee, give Ron a high 'n tight. A nice skinned look!"

Mr. Lee reacted a bit aghast. "That short?" he asked, staring at Mr. Ennis.

Mr. Ennis squirmed under the cape. He gripped the arms of the chair and nodded a silent assent.

The barber reached for a huge set of Osters and then swiveled the chair to face away from the mirror. "One H 'n T coming up!" he exclaimed as the machine roared to life. "Did you see that movie, Tribes? All this hair falling will be reminiscent of the opening scene."

Steve squirmed in the waiting area. The opening to Tribes had always fascinated him.

Without another word, Mr. Lee cocked Mr. Ennis' head to the side. The first thing to go was the mutton chop! From the jaw, the Oster clippers were driven tightly up the side of the face. When the metal teeth hit the mass of hair for the first time, a muffled shriek went out. Masses of shimmering shanks of hair slipped down to the cape, resting momentarily on Mr. Ennis' shoulder before sliding down to collect in a huge cauldron of cut hair.

Mr. Ennis' eyes bulged as he surveyed the collection of hair in his lap. His cock stirred.

Mr. Lee was quick and efficient in clipping off all the growth from the sides and back. The barber forcefully manipulated the cowed Mr. Ennis as he tackled new areas, inflicting extreme, transformational shearing. Within minutes, not only was the caped covered with Mr. Ennis' cut hair, but the floor at the base of the chair was covered as well.

"Looking forward to your 'trim', Steve, my boy," Mr. Colton asked as he tussled the teen's mop. "You'll feel so much better looking like a man again!"

"That's quite a change happening to my father," Steve murmured in awe.

"How do you feel, Ron?" Mr. Colton asked the caped client.

"Lightheaded!" he said with a weak smile.

"Just wait till the rest of this comes off!" Mr. Lee chimed in. Then he gathered the massive forelock with the comb and ran a clippers across it to remove most of the length. The curtain of hair fell with a near-thud to the caped chest.

"How am I looking son?" Mr. Ennis asked in a somewhat numb state.

"Awesome, Dad!" Steve replied.

Mr. Lee continued snagging shanks of length at the top and removing them with the clipper-over-comb technique.

"Maybe you'll opt for the same haircut," the barber said to Steve, eyeing his shoulder-length mane.

"Are you sure you want to cut your long hair?" Kenny asked his friend with a nervous voice. "I mean, think how everyone will taunt you at school...."

"I'm sure of it! And when they see us together, you are going to look like a hippy!" Steve said firmly. "I'm tired of long hair and will be happy to be rid of it. All of it!"

The barber snapped off the clippers and then used a hair dryer to blow all Mr. Ennis' short hair straight up. Once the short, jagged hair was completely erect, Mr. Lee brought the clippers to life again and began flattening the top and taking down the length. Over and over he went, totally concentrating on his work. Shorter and shorter the flattop got. More and more scalp appeared on top. Mr. Lee was extremely meticulous with the final phase of Mr Ennis' transformation from the shaggy 1970s mop to the classic H 'n T.

"There! What do you think? Is that how you wanted it, Mr. Colton?" the barber asked.

Mr. Colton stood and walked over to the caped Mr. Ennis. "Well, this is a vast improvement, I would say. Yes, you did a fine job. A good first step to getting some much needed discipline in his life, I would say."

Mr. Ennis stifled a smile at the mention of discipline. He knew the paddle awaited him!

"Are you ready, sir, for your new look?" the barber asked Mr. Ennis.

He nodded nervously. The chair was slowly swiveled to face the mirror. Mr. Ennis' face was overwhelmed with shock, delight and horror at the visage in the mirror. It could not be him! But it was. He had only a hint of hair left! He looked manly and vulnerable all at once.

"What do you think?" asked Mr. Lee eagerly.

"I, uh, I, uh, think that I'm unrecognizable. No one will believe this....." he stammered.

Mr. Lee began unfastening the cape and carefully lifting it away so that the heavy load of shorn hair did not fall onto Mr. Ennis' clothes.

The first thing Mr. Ennis did was to touch his shorn head. Then he stood and looked down at the floor. "Oh my God," he stammered.

Mr. Colton was all over him for that remark. He hissed quietly in Mr. Ennis' ear, "Taking the Lord's name in vain! Shame on you. I see our private chat is going to have to be more forceful that I anticipated. You have quite a few lessons to learn!"

"Okay, young fellow! Your tresses are next on the chopping block. Take a seat!" the barber instructed Steve.

The teen stood and without realizing it imitated his father's approach to the chair. His heavenly hair looked wonderful in the glow of the shop's neon lighting. He glanced back at his buddy.

"Don't cut it, please," Kenny whispered.

"Next!!" Mr. Lee bellowed out.

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