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Made a mistake by James

I was looking at photos of boys hair cuts from the 1950 on my laptop, they had very short back and sides and above all knee length shorts and knee socks. So i went on a site that had school rules and Disapline for boys in the 1950, i clicked on a page and it read " press play" and i did what came up was a film of a 1950 all boys school, it showed a day in life of the school what went on etc. My brother Tim came into my room "what are you looking at Philip" he sat beside me " its a film about a school from the 1950's what they did etc why?" " nothing Philip have you done your homework yet" i looked at my brother "yes have you Tim""done and dusted" he replied.

I spent the hole afternoon going over the old film's of the schools and clothes from the 1950's, i put my laptop away fixed my shorts and socks when mum came into my room "Philip you and Tim are coming with me for shopping come along" i was the last to leave the house walked over to mums car and saw Tim in the front seat so i got into the back and mum drove off " OK you two no fighting in the supermarket" mum pulled into the supermarket and we got out " Tim hear is money for the trolley" mum handed him a pound coin and off he walked to get one "Philip you need a hair cut" "my hair is fine mum" mum looked at me and pulled me towards her "don't talk back too me Philip" mum was treating me like i was the youngest " mum let go of my arm " i replied " Philip did you not hear me i am shocked" i looked at mum " let go of my arm mum" she did still looking at me.

We spent a hour in the supermarket " Philip what happened " i told Tim "that's not like mum to do that Philip" mum walked over to us "Philip when we are done in the supermarket i am taking you for a hair cut understand " before i said a word Tim cut in " mum i was talking to Philip about that and i got him to change his mind about getting his hair cut ". I looked at Tim " yes i did mum"" ooh , right " replied mum and walked away " what are you talking about Tim" " Philip just get your hair cut".

I sat in the barbers chair and the barber smiled and started to cut my hair, Tim looked at me while i was in the chair and smiled, i looked up and i had a real short back and sides " there you go Philip a good 1930's short back and sides" "what did you do to my hair" mum came over " barber you did a great job on my son's hair" she paid him " come a long Philip" we left the barber shop, i was so angry i did not speak.

I put the bags in the back " Philip and Tim come a long " mum took us to a clothes shop " Tim pick what you need and i take Philip with me" said mum. Tim walked over to mum with jeans, t-shirts, boxers, trousers, " Tim take them over to the counter do you need school trousers" " yes mum" "i have Philip clothes picked out ""what did you get him" replied Tim " more shorts and underwear".

We where in the school shop Tim was getting his trousers and he saw school grey shorts at the back of the shop and called mum over " mum we have a choice to wear school trousers or school shorts...get Philip school shorts, hide his school trousers and when you pick us up from school Philip will be in a full school uniform..headmaster would not stand for a 6th year wearing shorts, knee socks, black school shoes with a 6th year tie and jumper, besides Philip does not look is age" the shop owner came over " yes my i have 3 pairs of school shorts" said mum.

I was in my room when Tim called me and i left, mum came in took my school trousers away and replace them with school grey shorts and left.
It was morning i was up had my shirt on 6th year tie and jumper but could not find my trousers put found 3 pairs of school grey shorts instead"Philip what's keeping you" called mum " you are going to be late" i put on the school shorts" bloody hell these feel great on me" i came down stairs went to the kitchen Tim saw me and smiled and said " your better off in them than those stupid trousers Philip" i did reply had breakfast and mum took us to school.

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