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Why did i press enter on my laptop by James

I was on my laptop looking at this site called experience real history by pressing enter on your laptop, pick a year and you be there in no time. Now i am a 6th year at school, i am 16 years old so i picked 1952 on the screen when a blue flash covered my bedroom and the next thing i knew i was standing in a street in 1952. I looked at myself i was wearing a white short sleeve shirt, grey tank top, dark grey knee length shorts, grey ankle socks, black shoes and i was 14 years old.

I looked round and saw a barber shop, walked over to it and went in " someone needs a hair cut" said the barber , i sat in the barbers chair next thing he started to cut my hair. When the barber finished i looked up " what did you do to my hair look at it" my boy its short and back and sides" i paid the barber and left.

It was London in the 1950's, what a great experience for me so i went into a ice cream shop got myself coke and ice cream and sat down at a table, i couldn't explain why i was 14 year old and had to gate back to my own time. I went back to the street and said "34567" and i was back in 2019 in my room. When i was in 1952 it was for 1 hour and when i got back to 2019 it was night time but something was not right, i looked at myself in the mirror i had still the short back and sides and i was 14 years old " holy s**t".

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