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School hair cut by James

My headmaster told me to get my hair cut by Monday or i be expelled from school for not following school rules,i walked to the bus stop to get a bus home when John from my year came up to me " what did the headmaster want Philip" he said and i told him " don't listen to him Philip oh i got the new came god of war you can come over to my house and play it with me" john looked at me as i did not respond just got onto my bus and off it went " wow ".

Got home went to my room took off my school uniform put on some casual clothes t-shirt, shorts, socks, trainers and did my homework. I opened my laptop and turned it on and went on a web page for hair cuts and found one " old fashion boys hair cuts". I went threw it to see what hair cut i would like and came across one. In the morning i made breakfast for the family and put it out on the table when mum came walking into the kitchen " Philip i got a call from your headmaster saying that if you don't get your hair cut you be expelled" " i am getting it cut today mum" i Replied " i come with you" mum said " i be fine ". We all had breakfast " whats this Philip about you be expelled if you don't get your hair cut" said dad and looked at me " if that's the case i put you in the secondary school down the road from this house with the rest of the thick boys go to" dad said with a smile " i am getting it cut today dad""make sure you do i be checking Philip" dad and i did not get on well at all.

I walked into the barbers and sat on the chair tuned my phone off " what can i do for you" said the barber and i told him " OK" the barber started cutting away, i looked up and saw my 1930 short back and sides, paid him and said thank you and left the shop and walked down the street when John came up to me" that's a great hair cut Philip""thank you John" " all you need now is knee length school shorts with knee socks" " very funny John".

John and i were having lunch " the headmaster phoned my parents and told them what would happen if i don't get my hair cut John"" don't worry about it Philip" said John as he picked up his class of coke "dad told me that he would put me in that secondary school down the road from us for thick boys, its not nice saying that about that school" John got up from his chair and went to the toilet. The boy who was sitting behind me turned round on his chair " thank you for saying that about my school" i looked round " you like are school from the start" i looked at him " i am not going to your school""why" said the boy" i am in public school" i replied " oh public school whats the difference between them" the boy said with a smile "nothing"" you feel uncomfortable at your school to many rules, my school has rules, the rules you would like and are uniform would go well with your hair cut" said the boy.

I took John home my younger brothers where still there and they saw my hair cut " its just William where's your 1930 shorts" said Sam " Philip the headmaster see's your hair cut you be in a full school uniform in no time with shorts" said Paul " you too shut up" i shouted " Sam looks like we are the older brothers and Philip is the youngest" said Paul.

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