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A barber assumes... by Jim

It had been about 10 years since my newly wedded wife had coerced me into getting my head shaved completely bald.  I certainly enjoyed the clean look and she did as well but I found the upkeep a bit much and honestly the style didn't seem as acceptable as it does in 2018.  I was a young professional and maintained a short but less extreme short back and sides.  Over the years the the balding had become more apparent but my wife never mentioned anything other than commenting that she like my hair when I kept it shorter.  Typically I wear a #3 on top and #2 on the sides.  I usually get it buzzed every 3 weeks.  While on a business trip I did my usual exploration for classic barber shops in town.  I really enjoyed trying new shops and experience of meeting a new person and having them buzz my head.  I found a clean appearing shop in a strip mall on the cusp of the suburbs.  According to the web site the shop was owned by two sisters and employed a combination of all female barbers and stylists.  I preferred a female barber, so this seemed like the place for me.I arrived just after nine when the shop opened.  It was already hot as blazes with full sun and no clouds.  The shop was rather plain but tidy.  An attractive lady with a bob haircut sat on the bench smoking a cigarette and thumbing through her phone.  She glanced up and said "Hi there." "Good morning" I replied.  She returned her gazed to the phone and put the cigarette to her lips inhaling deeply.  I tried not to stare at this attractive woman as I passed her and entered the shop.  The shop had four traditional barber chairs with three barbers busy cutting hair.  The woman at the first chair had long blonde hair and I recognized her from their web site as one of the owners.  She was cutting a short military style on an older man.  She stopped and greeted me at the the reception station.  Before I could open my mouth she stated confidently "Hi, I am Holly. Head shave, right?  Have a seat our barber with be right with you."  I paused assuming she really meant what I would call a buzz cut.  Many people referred to my haircut as shaved.  Hesitantly I replied "Ok."I sat waiting a bit nervously for 5 minutes hoping I was not misunderstood.  A bell rung as the front door opened.  The woman I had seen on the bench entered the shop making eye contact with Holly.  "Chris, the gentleman on the couch would like a head shave."  She turned her gaze to me as she approached, "Hey there, I'm Chris."  Follow me.  I stood as instructed and followed as she guided me to her chair.  She proceeded to place a red and white candy striped cape around me.  When the cape was fastened she placed her right hand on my should and inquired "I didn't get your name?"  "Brian" I said.  She ran her fingers up my neck as I could feel her nails brush my scalp, "You do need a haircut" she stated definitively.  "How long have you been shaving your head."  Still wondering if we were on the same page, "About five years or so I guess, I usually get it done every three weeks."  "Well you have let this get away a bit if you don't mind me saying. I can barely take the heat out there myself."  As Chris was talking she pulled her hair into a ponytail revealing her back and sides which were shaved to the skin all around.  Commenting with a smile "Holly gave me this undercut yesterday and It is the best feeling ever with the weather in August."  I am sure I was staring but could not help myself. Not only was she beautiful but the way she wore her haircut had me mesmerized.  "Nothing like a fresh shave if you ask me" she commented reaching for a pair of red clippers.  "Head down Brian.  We need to get this out of the way before I lather your up.  You really need to come see us more often to keep this look up."  In the moment I heard myself telling her that I thought she misunderstood and I only wanted a buzz cut with the guards that I usually get, only I hadn't spoken a word.  Before I knew it, her hand had control of my crown and she ran the clippers up my neck without stopping has she pushed them all the way through my forehead.  She continued peeling my scalp in a rhythmic fashion as she guided my head in a very sensual manner.  Before I knew it she had given me my first clipper shave in ten years.  My head was cool and exposed.  She touched my shoulder bringing me back into the present, "Let's get you washed up for the shave."  She guided me to a basin.  The other stylist were clearly watching what was going on with interest.  One commented, "You wear that well."  She guided me to the chair and leaned me back.  "Temperature ok?" she asked placing a steaming towel on my face.  "Yes I replied" still a bit in shock.  She proceeded to wash my scalp for what seemed like an eternity repeatedly massaging my neck while reaching into my shirt to massage my shoulders which surprised me a bit.  "My husband agreed to let me shave him slick 5 years ago and we have never looked back.  Your wife will love this, believe me!"  She must have noticed my wedding ring I thought as I wondered what Jan's reaction would be when I flew home tomorrow.Removing the towel she gently dried me with the stubble frequently grabbing at the cotton.  "Let's finish this job Brian.  You are gonna enjoy our shave service."  Back in the chair with a towel around my shoulders Chris applied warm lather to my scalp rubbing it in with her fingers. She continued massaging my temples, scalp and neck with a delicate but firm pressure.  "You ok if I go against the grain?  It will leave you baby smooth."  "Sure" I replied "You are the expert."  She smiled placing her fingers on top of my head "You are right Sir, I am and you will look awesome when we are done."  She began on my right side moving upward as I heard the scratch of the straight razor clean my scalp.  I finally at that point relaxed and began to really enjoy the experience.  She expertly shaved my head over the next ten minutes before cleaning me with a warm wet towel.  She then spent the next ten minutes applying aftershave and lotion while massaging my scalp.  This was exhilarating as the cool alcohol tingled on my freshly shaved pate.  She ran her fingertips across the top of my head completing the service as she said "You have a beautiful noggin. Wanna feel it."  As I reached up I was taken back 10 years.  I had forgotten how great this felt.  Chris guided me to the front as we past the other barbers with the same one commenting from before "That is the style for you!  So much better."  Feeling myself blush and becoming quite prideful I made my way up to the front as I passed a boy who looked about 12 years old staring at me in fright seated next to his mother.  I gladly paid Chris the $45 dollars.  "Come back and see us soon." she said with a wink.  "Ok" I replied knowing I wouldn't likely be back but had just received the experience of a lifetime.  I noticed some shaving products on a shelf and stopped for a glance knowing I would need some sunscreen!I could overhear Chris as she turned her attention to the boy and his mother.  "Hey Mrs. Sweat.  What are we doing with Clint today?  It is so hot and he would look great with a buzzcut!"  "Thats what we are hear for" Mrs. Sweat replied.  "Not quite as short as your last client, but let's get our money worth."  Chris nodded as she led the boy to her chair.  "I can do a five zero all over.  He will love it in the heat and it's honestly there is not much difference at this length."  Mrs. Sweat replied, "Your the expert Chris."  I then heard the clippers come to like and in a matter of seconds Chris was ridding the young man of his locks as his mother paid no attention reading her magazine.  Now exiting the ship I realized that a seat in Chris's chair had it's consequences.   I hoped the boy would learn to enjoy the experience, I know I enjoyed the ride.

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