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Working holiday by James

Got myself a summer job in Cornwall working in a old 1930 mansion, the job was to repair the doors, window frames from the inside of the house and to help out in the big garden that sounded the mansion. There was a big group of us for the job and it be done in no time, the group had there own rooms picked out and mine was at the end of the mansion so I unpack my clothes put them away. I was the youngest of the group 16 years old and the rest of them was in their 20's,30's, 40's.
We all had dinner round this big table in the kitchen of the house, we talked to get to know each other and went to bed early because we had a big day ahead of us. It was one in the morning and I went to the toilet, came out when I heard voices coming from downstairs, thought it was Paul talking to someone on his mobile phone so I looked and none was there " that's strange " I thought and went down the stairs to see who it was. None was around when the voices started again and this time they were coming from a room in front of me and music, the voices where from a man and woman so I slowly walked to the doors that opened into the room, put my hands on the handles and opened them and walked in, what I saw was a man and woman dressed in 1930 evening clothes talking " OK you don't see this often ghost" I said when the man and woman walked passed me down the great hall and disappear.

I closed the doors to the room and did not look in because if I did the room would be empty, went up the stairs walked to my room and closed the door behind me and did not realise the man that I saw in the room was standing at the top of the stairs smiling.
I was up early got dressed fixed my shorts and went down stairs for breakfast, walked into the kitchen and saw Paul at the table having a cup of coffee " morning Paul sleep well last night " he looked at me "once we have breakfast we are going into to town to get supplies " I had my breakfast so Paul and I headed into town. Paul parked the land rover we were in and turned off the engine " Philip do you believe in ghost " I looked at him "why Paul""do you""yes already stop stressing out Paul why" he did not say a thing just stared AT me "I did last night it was something I can't explain to you....as I lifted my right leg up on my bed to fart real loud I looked down at the bottom of my bed and saw a man screaming with his arms out to me, let me tell you something Philip I could not get out of my bed between farting and saying bloody hell, bloody hell, fart,fart,fart oh God the smell, I feel out of my bed looked up and the ghost was gone".

We were in the supplier shop when the owner came up to us and said it be a few hours to get this order, we walked round the town when Paul spotted a barber shop "I need a haircut " I went in with Paul when the barber came up to me " I take you to the barber chair young man""I don't need a haircut sir" I said to the barber "go on Philip get a haircut it's going to be warm " Paul said with a smile.
The barber started to cut my hair, razor all around the back and sides then got a pair of barbers scissor and come and started clipping the rest, I looked up and saw myself in the mirror with this old fashioned hair cut "what type of hair cut is this" I said to the barber "young man every boy has short back and sides"" in the 1930 yes not in 2019"" it suits you" Paul looked at my hair "great haircut Philip thank you barber".

We drove back to the mansion unloaded the supplies and started work on the garden, Paul left me on my own for a few minutes to get some tools when from behind me "young master Wilson you shouldn't be here you should be at the house" I turned round and standing in front of me was this 15 year old boy in 1930 clothes knee length dark brown shorts, I looked at him "its Tom I live not far from your house master Wilson, I work here with my dad when he needs help, are you feeling alright" Tom looked me up and down "what strange clothing you are wearing""Tom I am feeling OK and stop calling me master Wilson""I have to my dad says" I looked away from Tom then back he was gone.

When Paul came back i told him what happened "the boy called you master Wilson who is Wilson ""that could have been the owners of this place " we didn't say anything just went back to work . The rest of the day was a strange one at that at what we saw, we where at the entrance of the drive way too the mansion when a 1930 rolls Royce drove in with a old lady at the back, I walked over to Paul "may I ask you something, all this strange things are happening to us and not the rest of the group""yeah Philip "Paul replied "why".

It was later on during the day Paul and I had are lunch and we needed it, we where sitting on a wall when Paul pointed at something I looked round and saw four sea Scots walking towards us "come on this can't be happening " I said in disbelief "it is happening Philip at what we have been seeing all day this takes the biscuit "Paul just laughed. The sea Scots stopped one handed me a flyer and said "like to join""Philip would love too " Paul said in a annoying voice "is that the uniform he would be wearing son" I looked at Paul "yes sir we see you tonight Philip at the town hall we Know you don't like to be called master Wilson " off they went.

I opened the door to my room walked in and saw Paul on my bed "get that idea out of your head about me going to that sea Scots hall" Paul put up a photo of a 14 year old boy that looked like me"this is master Philip Wilson the 1st, when I saw this it all came together, the staff and the local people think you are Philip Wilson the 1st""the barber didn't Paul ""I know" I took the photo from him and looked at it, Paul got off my bed took a box from under my bed "I found these clothes by chance and you be wearing them tonight to the hall" I was wearing a white shirt,tie,dark brown tank top, cream knee length shorts, cream ankle socks, brown shoes. I stood in front of the mirror and Paul holding up the photo l looked like him"how do the clothes feel on you Philip ""great" I replied .
We were in the town hall watching the sea Scots do there thing and for some strange reason I was enjoying myself, Paul saw that I was becoming Philip Wilson the 1st for real and I was fighting it, Paul ran over to me and pulled me out of the hall and slapped me"Philip pull yourself out of it""I was becoming him, i felt him coming into my body, I was hard for me to stop him Paul "" I saw it that's why I pulled you out".
For days nothing happened to us, no going back to the 1930 just work and having a good time, we went back to the barbers got the same haircuts and went back to work.
We where having ice-cream talking away about different things "Paul before I left my room someone called my name looked round and saw PW in the mirror looking at me and told me that he did not live his life someone took it"" he was murdered Philip " said Paul " yes that he wants to live his life again " Paul looked at me " don't tell you are going to let him take over your body"" maybe just for a day"" don't be stupid Philip what happened in the hall lucky I was there to pull you out and if you do this he take you over all together and you say no he might force his way to take you over""OK Paul I won't do it""don't listen to him altogether Philip ".

Went back to my room and sat on my bed look at the mirror and there he was "sorry Wilson not doing it""you address me as master Wilson work hand and you will do as I say, when I find away to get out of this mirror I take over your body and you only be a work hand just like john""what do you mean by john"" john came here just like you and he wouldn't do what I asked, he was 22 years old and I made him go back and became a work hand the boy you where talking to couple of days ago".
I ran out of my room out of the mansion went to the garden and out of blind luck I saw john, took him back to my room and showed him the mirror "no I don't want to look at this mirror it's evil please ""john he told me what he did to you and it's wrong, tell him to change you back""I can't I like being who I am""you are not a 15 year old boy you are a 22 year old man""a long time ago""change him back" I shouted and he did "go home john".

We finished the job on the mansion and Paul and I where the last to go "got everything Paul ""yes you""just one thing " I went back to my room took the mirror from it and put it in a empty room walked away from it when "work hand you are going to love working for us from the start" I turned round and standing in front of me was Philip Wilson the 1st " yeah think so" fight started and it lasted for a few minutes, I put him back in the mirror "nooo" he screamed.
I picked up my bags looked up and saw Paul standing at the drive way when he shouted "Philip bloody run now" I looked round and saw Wilson running towards me and I took off, Wilson was gaining on me "run keeping running Philip " shouted Paul. I got closer to the drive way an jumped over it,Wilson stopped I got up "tuff luck" I said and we went home.

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