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A Birthday Surprise by Barberette Fan

Hi, my name is Tom. I'm in my late 20s and have average length hair, about 2 inches on the back and sides and 3 and a half inches on top. It's been about a year since I shared my fetish for having my hair cut with my beautiful wife, Laura. She's always been supportive and encouraging of my fetish, but unbeknownst to me, she planned to take it to an entirely new level tonight...

"Man, this sucks," I thought to myself. Having to work late on my own birthday was the last thing I wanted. Having my birthday smack in the middle of the week on a Wednesday certainly didn't help. As I watched the clock tick past 5:30 and inch dangerously close to 6pm, I finally finished my work for the day and managed to escape the prison of my office. I shot my wife a quick text letting her know I was on my way home and apologizing for being so late. I knew she had beaten me home by at least an hour and no doubt had a romantic evening planned to celebrate my birthday.

One brutal commute later, I walked in the door and called to Laura to let her know I was home. In the distance I heard the distinctive clicking of high heels against the hardwood floor as my gorgeous wife came to greet me. There she stood, all 5'5" of her, boosted by her 6 inch black heels, hands on her hips. Her golden blonde hair cascaded down her lacy black bodysuit, ending just before her ripped, skintight black jeans. Her 34D chest practically spilled out of her lingerie, leaving next to nothing to the imagination.

"Welcome home boy toy," she teased as she flashed her perfect white smile. I took off my tie as she approached for a deep, passionate kiss. "Happy birthday darling," she said softly. We walked to the kitchen where I found a magnificent meal had already been set out. During dinner we chatted about our respective jobs, the highs and lows of the day, and I took a moment to appreciate having someone to share everything with.

As we finished eating, Laura brought back that perfect smile and cheerfully stated, "by the way, I've made plans for us in half an hour. Go get changed into something comfortable and we can get going. I'll drive." I wondered what she could've planned for us since we'd just eaten, but I knew better than to ask questions. I went upstairs and changed into a nice t-shirt and shorts to accommodate the 90 degree, mid-summer heat. All the while, I thought about how sexy my wife looked and what she could possibly have planned for us. Excited, I walked back downstairs and prepared to head out.

While Laura drove, I couldn't take my eyes off of her. The girls were busting out of her lacy lingerie and it excited me to no end that we would be walking around in public while she wore this outfit. Eventually, she turned into the parking lot of a small strip mall and found a spot in front of the local chain salon. She turned the car off and turned towards me, a seductive and dominant look in her eye. "C'mon babe, let's go," she encouraged as she raked her long, perfectly manicured nails through my hair. When we got out of the car, she grabbed me by the hand and began leading me towards the door of the salon. I grew nervous as I always do when I'm about to get a haircut, although my excitement was winning over as I wondered what my lingerie-clad wife had in store for me.

A small bell above the door dinged to signal our arrival as Laura pulled open the door to the shop. The smell of the salon hit me like a tidal wave and I was instantly aroused by the idea of having my hair cut. Much to my surprise, nobody was in the salon save for three beautiful, mid-20s barberettes. They stopped their conversation and turned towards us, offering warm smiles and welcoming words. The one closest to us was a petite woman about my wife's height, with a slender build and Auburn hair that fell just below her shoulders. She approached us and shook our hands, introducing herself as Samantha. The other barberettes had walked past us to the door and windows. The woman who had just locked the door and put up the "Closed" sign was tall and nearly as slim as Samantha, sporting a chin-length black bob. She smiled and said her name was Jessica. The stylist who had just closed the blinds to the storefront windows was about 5'8" with a bust size rivaling even my wife's. Her bleach blonde hair reached just past her collarbone and she had a flirtatious demeanor as she complimented Laura's top and introduced herself as Kelly. All three were wearing the same salon uniform: tight red t-shirts with the company logo across the chest, black short shorts that hugged every curve, and sneakers.

By this point I was overcome by a mixture of both confusion and excitement, as it seemed highly irregular for a chain salon to be completely empty, and for every stylist in the shop to introduce themselves to me and my wife.

"Uh, honey? What exactly is going on?" I asked, doing a bad job of masking my obvious eagerness. The barberettes giggled to themselves as my wife approached me and took my hand.

"Well sweetie," she grinned, "I think you're well overdue for a haircut! And since I know how much you love getting it cut, I decided to pay these nice ladies to stay late and close up the shop just for us so we can have a bit of fun on your birthday." I couldn't believe my ears. This was a dream come true! Having the entire salon to ourselves was a fantasy of mine, and she knew it. Making it come to life was more than I possibly could've expected from this birthday. I planned to savor every second of it.

Jessica cleared her throat and spoke up. "If you could come right this way Tom, Laura's told us exactly what she wants," she stated with a smile. I followed her and listened to the clicking of my wife's heels on the tile as Jessica led me to one of the salon chairs and I took a seat. I was immediately caped up and the pure excitement of the coming experience washed over me. Jessica stood behind me with her hands on my shoulders and explained the situation. "Right, so you're gonna get three cuts today, one from each of us. I'm going to go first and get some of this bulk out of the way," she said as she ruffled her hand through the longer hair on top of my head. I looked over towards my wife where she was standing with her arms crossed, pushing her boobs up even further and giving me a knowing grin.

Jessica walked around me and pulled her clippers out of the drawer, attaching a longer guard to them. When one has a strong hair fetish, they tend to get familiar with the tools of the trade. I could tell immediately from the dark red color and the shape of the clippers that they were none other than Wahl Balding clippers. For now I just considered myself lucky that Jessica had attached a longer guard, which I guessed to be about a 6. Returning behind me with a comb and her clippers at the ready, Jessica quickly combed through my hair before depositing the comb back on the counter.

"Here we go!" Jessica exclaimed as she turned the clippers on, allowing a low buzzing sound to fill the shop. With one hand on the top of my head, she gently nudged my head forward as she placed the clippers at my hairline and made a slow path up almost to the crown of my head. She repeated this motion across the entire back of my head as I relished in the long clumps of hair falling down my neck and sliding down the cape, either to the floor or the growing pile in my lap.

As Jessica moved to the left side to continue the shearing, I noticed in the mirror that the other two barberettes were smirking, and looked as though they couldn't wait to get their hands on my remaining hair. I began to get hard at the thought of them wanting to cut my hair brutally short. Before I knew it, Jessica had buzzed the hair around my left ear to a uniform 3/4" and had moved to my right side to repeat the process. She bent my ear down as she ran the clippers tight around it, ensuring no long hairs escaped the clippers' path around my ear.

Once she had finished clipping the back and sides, Jessica turned off the clippers and set them on the counter. She procured a pair of scissors and picked up her comb and a spray bottle as she wet the top of my hair and began to comb through it. She used her scissors and comb and trimmed the top of my hair down from 3 and a half inches to just over 2 in a matter of minutes, leaving me with something resembling my usual hairstyle.

To finish off the cut, Jessica pulled her edgers from the drawer and turned them on with a loud buzz. I instantly became more aroused as she approached the back of my next with the vibrating edgers. Goosebumps covered my neck as she shaved the wispy hairs off and ran the edgers up around my ears for a clean finish.

Jessica placed the edgers back in the drawer and stood behind me once more. Placing her hands on my shoulders, she made eye contact with me in the mirror and asked, "What do you think?"

"It looks good," I said hesitantly, "but I'm a bit worried about having two haircuts to go. This is already shorter than my normal haircut!"

"Well sweetie, you don't have much say in the matter, so you might as well enjoy the ride," Laura half-mocked from behind me, knowing how much I loved being completely under her control. I smiled nervously as I grew ever harder under the cape. Jessica smiled at me one last time in the mirror before Samantha took her place, the same smirk still on her lips.

"Took you long enough Jess," she said to Jessica's reflection. Turning her gaze to me, she finished her thought, "Don't worry, this cut should be quicker. No scissors needed!" She could obviously sense my arousal as she held eye contact with me after that final remark. No scissors? Was she about to buzz me? One look towards my wife gave me my answer: Absolutely.

"Head down," came the command from Samantha behind me. She had picked up the clippers and attached a slightly shorter guard, most likely a 4, and was holding them at the base of my neck as they buzzed hungrily in her hand. She pushed my head forward so my chin touched the cape as she ran the clippers up the back of my head the same way Jessica had only moments before. Small pieces of hair went flying as Samantha clipped the back and sides down to a shorter length of 1/2". She finished as quickly as she had started, turned off the clippers, and changed the guard to a much longer one, probably an 8. She took her place behind me and leaned forward so her face was next to mine. "I hope you're ready to get this mop buzzed off," she whispered as she started up the clippers once again.

With her left hand on my shoulder, she brought the clippers up to my forehead and held them at my hairline. I glanced at my wife in the mirror and she bit her lip, giving me a look that said she couldn't wait for me to be buzzed. Suddenly, Samantha drew the clippers through my hairline and over the top of my head in one long, slow path. The feeling was absolutely euphoric. Seeing the inch long buzzed strip surrounded by the longer hair on my crown felt so erotic as the clippers vibrated over my head for a second pass.

After buzzing the top down, Samantha went over the same area again and again, holding the nape of my neck with her free hand and making sure every hair had been uniformly mowed down. I felt like I was going to explode. Looking in the mirror at the other two barberettes, I saw Jessica had grabbed a broom and was beginning to sweep my shorn hair into one large pile on the floor. Kelly, however, was looking rather impatient as she crossed her arms and tapped her foot, clearly waiting for her turn to cut my hair.

Although Jessica had already shaved my neck, Samantha pulled the edgers out of the drawer again and turned them on. "I just wanna make sure every last hair is gone," she smirked at me in the mirror. Pushing my head down firmly, she ran the buzzing edgers over every square inch of the back of my neck, once again going over and over the same parts and adding to Kelly's impatience.

Finally she retired the edgers to the drawer as she ran her hands through my freshly buzzed hair. She smiled in the mirror and glanced to my wife, asking, "Short enough for you?"

Laura approached the chair and her heels clicked sensually against the tile floor. She stood in front of me and leaned towards me ever so slightly to give me a perfect view of her impressive cleavage. She ran her manicured fingernails through my buzzed hair and against my sensitive scalp, sending shivers down my spine while she smiled, knowing just how turned on I was in that moment.

"Y'know babe, you look SO much better without that mop, but I'm afraid it's just not short enough yet. Kelly, could you do me a favor and clean up his buzz for me?" she asked as they shared a knowing smile.

"Of course I can!" Kelly exclaimed enthusiastically and she took Samantha's position behind the chair. Kelly leaned forward to grab the clippers off the counter, offering me a long look at her breasts which threatened to bust out of her tight red shirt. She quickly changed guards to a much shorter one than either Jessica or Samantha had used. "How about a 2, Laura?" Kelly asked excitedly.

"That sounds like just what he needs," Laura stated matter-of-factly. She caught my eye in the mirror and noticed the nervous look on my face as she reassured me, "Don't worry babe, it'll look so good buzzed nice and short and tight to your scalp." At this point I could tell that I had made a stain on my light-colored shorts beneath the cape. Laura knew exactly what was going on under the cape and she smirked once again as she winked at me in the mirror.

BZZZZZZZZZ. Kelly had started up the clippers and they seemed to buzz more menacingly this time. Kelly noticed me tense up, and she put a hand on my shoulder. "Relax and enjoy the clipper ride," she said teasingly while the clippers buzzed in her hand. Unlike her fellow barberettes, Kelly started by bringing the clippers up to my forehead. Before I could process what was happening, she had pushed the clippers through my hairline and left a stubbly, shorn path down the middle of my head. Without a second's hesitation Kelly began to run the clippers over my entire scalp, mowing down every single hair and leaving a mere 1/4" behind. My scalp was clearly visible through the short bristles which helped me realize that this was the shortest my hair had ever been.

Kelly ran the clippers over my head for what felt like hours, allowing me to enjoy the vibrations against my scalp while she buzzed me over and over again. Looking at her in the mirror, she had a wide grin spread across her face as she did her best to make sure that every single hair was shorn down to her liking. I still couldn't believe this was happening to me. I walked into the shop with a shaggy mop and was going to walk out with a number 2 buzz. That thought alone was incredibly arousing to me, not to mention the entire experience that my wife had tailored perfectly to my preferences.

Kelly shut off the clippers and smiled brightly at me in the mirror. "There ya go boyfriend, all done! One tight buzz cut, as promised!" She said flirtatiously. She ran her fingernails up and down the back of my freshly shorn neck as my wife approached for a final inspection. Laura rubbed her hands vigorously over my shorn hair, a feeling unlike anything I had ever experienced before.

"Actually, I think a fourth cut is in store for our victim. What do you think, ladies?" my stunningly gorgeous wife asked the panel of barberettes. All three stylists giggled softly. They had known all along that I'd be receiving a fourth cut, but had played along with the "three cut" charade so marvelously that I never had a clue.

All three barberettes sat in different salon chairs and Laura walked up behind me. With a wide smile, she ran her long nails up the back of my neck and all the way to the crown of my head. "Hi, I'm Laura and I'll be your barberette today," she teased. Leaning over me to grab the clippers, I couldn't believe her boobs didn't completely bust out of her lacy bodysuit. "It's time for you to get a real haircut," she said as she removed the guard. She was about to expose me to the full force of the balding clippers, but I knew I was in no position to complain.

Laura turned on the unguarded clippers and they buzzed loudly, as if announcing to everyone within earshot that I was about to be shaved bald. My wife gripped my head like a basketball and pushed it forward until my chin was buried in my chest. Holding me forcefully in place, Laura put the naked clippers at the very base of my neck. "Let's get this shaved off," Laura said softly, barely above a whisper. As she said this, I felt the bare blades of the clippers slowly advancing up my neck, growing ever closer to what remained of my hair.

The second the clippers bit into my hair, I came. Watching my wife dressed in lingerie and shaving my head completely bald was simply too much for me to handle as I felt a warm stickiness between my legs. Strangely, my arousal never wavered. Before I could even get soft, I noticed my wife had shaved the back and sides of my head down to the scalp and was changing her grip on the clippers to take aim at my forehead. She gripped the back of my freshly shaved head with her free hand and I felt the slightest tickle of her nails against the back of my scalp while she mowed a strip right down the middle of my head. She continued her firm grip on my head as she made four more passes over the top, buzzing off the last traces of stubble.

I was completely bald. I couldn't believe it. For years it had been my fantasy to have my head shaved by a gorgeous woman and I had finally experienced it. I sat stunned as my wife continued to run the bare clippers over my head, ensuring that I was completely shaved to the skin.

All too soon, the buzzing was concluded and the clippers were shut off. I looked in the mirror at my four barberettes and every single one had an ear-to-ear grin on their faces, clearly relishing the fact that they had completely stripped me of my hair. Laura began to gently run her nails over my freshly shaved head, causing my erection to return full-force. Soon, Kelly was also at my side rubbing my bare scalp and teasing the exposed skin with her nails. Having two gorgeous, blonde, clipper-hungry barberettes teasing my shaved head with their nails was incredibly arousing to me. Behind me, both Jessica and Samantha were sweeping up my shorn hair into one massive pile, commenting on how much hair had been buzzed off.

"There we go, I've been wanting to shave that mop off for a while now. You look so much better totally buzzed down," my wife said, knowing that her words were going straight to my dick.

"I agree," Kelly chimed in, "I think all guys look better with tight buzzes or shaved heads." My wife enthusiastically agreed as she took the cape off of me, allowing her nails to drag lightly across my shorn neck one more time. As the cape was pulled off I worried that the stain on my shorts would be perfectly obvious, but luckily it seemed that it was gone, although my erection was slightly visible. I stood up from the chair, and Samantha and Jessica came over to feel my bald head, complimenting me on how it looked and felt.

Laura grabbed me by the hand, stating, "Well boy toy, it's time to get you home. We still have lots of celebrating left to do. I just really needed to get your head shaved first." As we walked out I thanked my barberettes, and Laura stated her intentions of bringing me back for a trim in the coming weeks. Laura's heels clicked against the floor as we exited the shop, the bell above the door dinging once more to signal our exit. As we approached the car, my erection now fully visible through my shorts, I couldn't help but imagine the feeling of my bald head rubbing in between my wife's shaved thighs. The rest of the night, as they say, is history.

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