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The Surprise Barber 2 by Armando94

Summer was definitely in full swing now, with school over and camps begun. Which meant Aidan was even busier with work now, not only having to work on weekends for the public to use the pool but now during the week. Luckily, since he wasn’t a camp counselor and just a lifeguard, it wasn’t mandatory he be there during the day every day Monday through Friday. This meant he had some days here and there were he could stay home and relax by the pool…or really just stay cool inside where the air conditioning was most preferable.

But working so far hadn’t been so bad, he was one of the most senior lifeguards working there so he felt a sense of seniority. And his first weekend on the job he felt cool, calm, and collected, but above that, confident. As he strode on through the pool area on the first Saturday he was working, having tried to get some of a tan worked out on his body during the week and actually actively going to the gym every day and devoting a good amount of time there as well. Besides all that and being in his tank top and swim trunks, he was sporting his new haircut.

It had been a week at that point since he had met and was transformed by the barber Bruce at the salon. And his fade was still in complete check. Aidan was getting used to and really liking the new look and was glad he took the plunge after all. His appearance caught many people’s attention and when he sat in the high chair or walked the perimeter of the pool, no one was messing with "hot lifeguard Aidan".

But one thing was constantly on his mind, or really one person was constantly passing through his thoughts: Bruce. He couldn’t think about that strong-armed barber with his devilish grin and flashing smile, yet super charming and persuasive personality. How Aidan had let this guy chop off the hair Aidan had been growing during college and mercilessly commit his new client to a totally new look. Aidan longed to be back in his chair, but at the same time didn’t. It hadn’t been that long since the haircut and Aidan knew he could wait a bit more till he paid another visit. He had to get into the swing of summer anyways and then when June was over and July was starting then maybe he’d get to go back in Bruce’s chair.

Aidan would laugh it off why he thought about this all too much. But he also couldn’t help it when so many people complemented his look. None of his buddies had asked for the recommendation to go to Bruce and Aidan figured none of them would anyways. Besides, he kinda liked having Bruce all to himself. Why was he thinking this way? Aidan couldn’t shake it, and didn’t know why. So he just ignored it as much as he could. Even though at night or when he was home alone he found himself imagining and dreaming of being back in the clutches of the handsome surprise barber.


On this Tuesday, Bruce was wrapping up with a client for the day, just a middle-aged woman who needed her hair color touched up and ends trimmed. A friend’s mom actually, he was glad that the recommendations from close friends and his newly met clients were paying off. He was starting to establish his own set of clients and was finding himself to be pretty booked. When he was finished with the client and was done cleaning up his station, he went over to the front desk to hang out with Genna, the receptionist. They had become pretty close of friends since she was only a couple years younger. Her boyfriend was a new loyal customer of Bruce’s, even though all he needed was a weekly head shave and beard line-up. But Bruce enjoyed the fact he received a weekly customer out of this.

"Good day?" she’d always ask Bruce.

"They’re all good days," he winked back at his coworker.

Genna laughed and said, "I guess this is your daily time of checking out what you have in store tomorrow or the rest of the week, huh?"

Bruce laughed and didn’t answer, but Genna let him look at the computer. He didn’t want to really give an answer, and she was right anyways. Even though the schedule never changed too much there usually was a newly booked appointment somewhere in the week. He saw some familiar names and some new ones, different kinds of appointments listed. Hair coloring, highlights, trims, haircuts for women and some men. He was looking for one name in particular but ignored this thought. Just like what he did pretty much each day he looked. "I see a couple new booked for the week."

"Yep, you keep getting more and more popular it’ll be hard to find room in your schedule for the future."

"I’ll make it work," Bruce commented. He finished cleaning things up for the night, changed out of his work attired into a plain tank top, basketball shorts, sneakers, and a zip up hoodie, and then was on his way out.

Before going home, he was heading to an old stomping ground. Pulling into the strip mall lot about twenty or so minutes away from his new job, he felt a sense of comfort. He saw the neon light sign "OPEN" still on and the barber pole spinning to it’s left, with the sign on the roof of the strip above this particular storefront saying, "Ray’s Barber Shop". He sighed and smiled in his car, looking at the old place he worked before the salon gig, definitely made him feel happy to be back this way. Not that he didn’t like his new job, he loved it! But the sense of comfort of seeing this familiar place where some of his friends were made or worked here, gave him a warm feeling on the inside.

Eventually he got out of his car and walked in, the shop was closing up soon and he was getting a cut from one of his best friends, Mike. He fist bumped and shook hands with all the different barbers there, most of them finishing up with clients or cleaning up for the night. Mike was finishing up with his client but when Bruce came by his station he said, "The night’s just begun fellas, be with you in a bit bro." Bruce had enough other people to catch up with anyways while Mike continued to work. They joked around, asked him what the new job was like, teased and thought what he was wearing was his new uniform and maybe they should all go work there. He saw all of them though, in their pants and barber tunics, something he could still definitely wear at work but he’d opted not to. It felt good about being back here with the old gang, but he knew he’d made the right decision of moving on.

Once Mike was done and some of the other barbers and clients had shuffled out, it was just Mike, Bruce, and Adam, the owner of Ray’s and grandson of its namesake. Ray’s had definitely seen some change in its time since the grandfather who started it. Most the barbers now were in their twenties, thirties, and even forties. There had been a time when it was much older gentlemen too but they had all retired by the time Adam had changed things around, but he still kept the tradition of a true barbershop alive at the establishment. Adam was cleaning up and doing a bit of housekeeping while he let the old friends get on with their business.

Bruce felt at ease sitting in Mike’s chair and told him that, Mike saying that he was still dying to get over to Bruce’s new front and sit in one of his pretty salon chairs. They laughed over this but Mike was only teasing, he commented to Bruce about all that he’d been posting on Instagram with the different clients he’d had. "You even have men coming to you man, your getting the best of both worlds," Mike stated as he started the tight skin fade on his old coworker.

"It really is," Bruce said with a smile as his hair was starting to get buzzed off and he sighed, thinking about all the different heads he had touched since starting the new job. The two barbers chatted more about Bruce’s new job and what else they had been up to recently since they last saw each other two weekends before. "What were you doing for the Fourth coming up this weekend man?"

"Not much, laying low, will have to work that weekend for a bit."

"I hear ya, I’ve got some appointments too, not complaining though."

"Nope, not one bit my brother," Mike said as he began to fade the hair and skin even closer. "Were you thinking of going to that party on Friday at Shawn’s? I know it’s the day after the Fourth but I’ll be working that day and the next which is why I’m not going anywhere this year, so I figured I’d go to the party. How about you?"

"I might go too, man. I don’t really have any plans at all even for the Fourth to be honest. But I’ve got work to the next couple days after that. If you go I’ll go for sure."

"Cool, and maybe we could do the beach or something on the Fourth? I’m sure some of the other guys here will want to go too. You’d be in?"

"Yeah man, absolutely, I’d love to hang out with the gang again." The two friends continued to chit chat and talk about other things rather than work and weekend plans and the usual trash you throw around with your barber or best buddy.

Mike seemed to be done with the fading and was putting things down and picking things up from his station. Bruce was looking back at the mirror at himself. Seeing the styled coif he had become so precious and careful about. It reminded him of Aidan, perhaps the one new client he couldn’t stop thinking about each day or every time he checked his appointments list, in the hopes he’d see his name again. But to no avail, liked today too, no Aidan on the list. He was thinking about this younger guy a lot, he hadn’t really confided in anyone about it yet though, so it was really just him dealing with his emotions

Mike could tell something was wrong with his old pal. "What’s up man?"

Bruce knew of all things, he couldn’t lie or ignore things, not around Mike. He bit his lip and looked down at the cape on him, with the sides and back of his hair sitting on top of his lap now. Then he looked up and said, "So," taking one last deep breath in, "there’s this guy-"

"Oh boy, here we go man," Mike laughed a bit. He stopped himself short though when he looked back at his friend through the mirror. "Oh, sorry man, I just… I know you’ve been around the block and all and… sorry, don’t mean to say that either."

Bruce laughed out loud at that to relieve any tension that was almost created between the two friends. "Go on, go on, slut shame me or whatever man."

This relieved Mike and he laughed back and said, "Nah, nah I won’t," he had a duster and was brushing around the sides and back and face of Bruce. "But, you know, if you want to talk about it, I’m all ears bro."

Bruce took his phone out of his pocket and opened it, opening his Instagram app and going to his profile, scrolling through to one post in particular, and lifting it up to his friend, "Him," was all Bruce could say as he handed the phone to Mike.

Mike inspected the young man and the photos, "I remember this post from a little while ago, maybe a month?"

"Nearly five weeks to be honest," Bruce let out with a grin. "I haven’t seen him since and, I know its always hard to keep hopes up with a new client if they ever come back for a round two, but I was just hoping he might."

"Have you tried messaging him man?"

"No, its no use, I don’t want to scare him off or anything, I’d rather let him be. And I don’t want to get ahead of myself anyways, what’s the use. It only messes me up each time and I get hurt more and more, you know that bro."

"Well, you gave him a great haircut, I’m sure he wouldn’t up and leave you for that. He might just be busy and hasn’t been able to get in, he’s a younger guy they are more relaxed with their hair bro," Mike exclaimed. "You really did give him a great haircut, exactly like yours to be honest."

"Yep, what I was going for," Bruce looked down at his lap thinking about that memorable customer and appointment they shared together.

Mike could tell his friend was hurting, and he definitely wanted to cheer him up. "Look I’m sorry man, just give it time though, I’m sure he’ll come around, how could he not."

"Thanks Mike, you’re a real good friend, you know that right?"

"Yeah I do," he smirked back at his friend through the mirror, which made the client in the chair smile again. "Now will you let me get on with the rest of your haircut so we can go to Chipotle or something?"

"Yeah, yeah, go for it man," Bruce said, but looking back in the mirror at himself, having a moment more of reflection. He couldn’t stop thinking about Aidan and it was bugging him, but what was he gonna do about it. "You think its been getting hotter out recently man?"

"For sure, and I’m sure this weekend it will too," Mike replied. "Why? You thinking of going a little shorter on top? Taking off some length."

Bruce ruffled his hands on either side of his head one last good time, feeling his locks up like he did with his clients, getting one last good feel of them before he made a bold move. "Nah, buzz it man."

"Buzz it? For real? When was the last time you did that?"

"Easily five years or more ago. Your already halfway there with the tight fade on the side, just buzz the top the way you think."

"Wow, alright man, one buzzed head coming up." Mike picked up a set of clippers, putting on the number three attachment, clacking on the machine and going directly for the center of Bruce’s forehead. "Summer haircut it is man," he said before he gracefully passed the clippers down the middle of Bruce’s head all the way to the back. Returning each time to the front of the forehead and removing another swath of hair, leaving a wider strip each time of buzzed hair in the clipper’s wake. Bruce looked at the transformation in the mirror occurring. Change was good, Bruce knew this, he was one to usually make it happen on customers. But now it was his turn to feel it. It easily had to of been more than five years since he last let someone pass clippers all the way across the top of his head. It felt good though, why hadn’t he done this sooner? The long, dark locks falling across his face, sliding down onto his lap. He couldn’t help but smile back. He did enjoy styling his hair but this would be a nice change, especially since summer was in swing now.

Mike continued to even out the top of Bruce’s head, making sure there wasn’t a single stray out of place, and then connecting the fade to the now buzzed top. By the time all of this was done, Mike took out another set of clippers and started to line up his friend’s bear around the sides, front and beneath the neck. Bruce was looking more and more crisp and clean by the moment with his fresh cut. Mike was brushing down Bruce after the transformation when Adam came around the corner and said, "Damn, is that still you Bruce?"

They all laughed, but complimented how good Bruce looked. The dark buzzed top hair contrasted with his bare sides, and with possibly getting even more tan this week and the rest of the summer, it would all look extremely sharp. Mike took out his phone and snapped a few pictures of Bruce, still under the cape with his new haircut. "I’ll send them to you bro." Bruce stood up from the chair and helped Mike with cleaning up his station for the night that way they could get going, as Adam was probably keen on leaving soon to get home.

Bruce and Mike grabbed a quick bite before parting ways for the night, back to their separate places. In the mirrors of Bruce’s car and in his bathroom one once he got home, he couldn’t help but keep admiring his new look. And feeling his buzzed head with both hands, a much different sensation than what he was used to. He chuckled at all the different hair products on his counter in the bathroom, realizing they might not be getting that much use in the next couple weeks or even months…


Aidan had to go into work in a little bit, which was bothering him because he had to work today, Wednesday that is, and the next day which was the Fourth of July. Even though camp wouldn’t be in session, they would have the pool open to the community to use and it definitely would get some use. Luckily, he had off on Friday which was a nice trade off, but back to the grind working on both Saturday and Sunday. His parents were going away for the weekend and since he was working he couldn’t go with them. Didn’t really bother him anyways, it was turning into a couples’ retreat anyways. Aidan would just hang out with his buddies who would be around on the Fourth once he got off from work. Although that might be later, damn.

Aidan had been hemming and hawing now the last couple weeks of whether he needed to get his haircut, or more so see Bruce again. That was mostly why he wanted to get his haircut, not just for its needed upkeep but to see the barber again. But he’d been so busy recently with work and the changing schedules he didn’t know what to do or when to go. He half considered messaging Bruce to say he would be in soon for an appointment hopefully, but who does that? And Aidan didn’t want to sound weird or dare he say "desperate" to this man he barely knew. He had only let him cut his hair once, but he was dying for its sequel.

Before leaving for work, Aidan figured why not call the salon and see if there was anything available, possibly for Friday otherwise it would have to wait and Aidan had pushed this haircut to about five weeks since the first. He dialed the number on the fridge and waited, for after a couple rings, the other line was picked up by the friendly receptionist, Genna. After she greeted herself on the phone, Aidan said, "H-hey Genna, I was wondering if I could make an appointment. I don’t know if its too late to book with Bruce or not."

"Unfortunately, Bruce is all booked for today-"

"Oh no, I meant for Friday actually. I’m working today so I can’t come in anyways. It would be for a haircut, a men’s haircut. I was in a little over a month ago, my name is Aidan."

"Oh Aidan, yes I remember, absolutely. Let me definitely see what we can do," Genna said as she looked through the schedule of Bruce for that Friday, "So we could fit you in at eleven in the morning, that’s what Bruce has available unless you came in at five-"

"Eleven is perfect!" Aidan cut her off, and then felt bad he did, and didn’t know why he was so eager anyways.

"Okay great then! So we will see you this Friday then, Aidan, with Bruce for a haircut."

"Thank you Genna, see you then," Aidan hung up the phone, letting out a sigh of relief. He didn’t care if he had to go in the morning, he was just happy he was going and finally getting his haircut by Bruce again. Turns out, this Wednesday was starting to go from negative to positive.

Work that day was pretty mundane, same old usual stuff. Becoming extremely routine but at the same time Aidan felt like he was on cloud nine thinking about what was coming up for him in just a couple days. It was so hard for him to concentrate on his job when all he was thinking about was Bruce. Bruce, the surprise barber who would take his man hands through Aidan’s hair, tell him how he had let the sides grow out and they needed to be shaved down again, and he needed a trim on top so his fair didn’t fall so weird. Oh Bruce, it was definitely a treat to look forward to. Fireworks would be going off this Thursday and on Friday as well. But Aidan had to calm himself down and just remember that this guy was practically a stranger to him and just his barber.

Aidan had to work the late shift today so he had to do all the clean up and prep that comes with it. When Aidan got home that night, had the dinner his parents left out for him that they ate earlier that night. They sat and talked with him, asking about work and he asked them about their trip. Normal conversational topics, they still had some packing to do so they had to get to it. Aidan cleaned up his plate and took a shower to cool off and clean up from the day of being outside. He went into his room and was thinking maybe he’d play some Fortnite or Skype with some friends. He ended up getting distracted on his phone on different social media apps or reading news articles, trying to stay up to date with the world around him. His parents came in and wished him good night and that they’d be in touch while away, since they were leaving early the next morning and he wouldn’t probably see them before he woke up.

As Aidan was laying in bed and the house was silent, he scrolled through his Instagram, liking photos here and there, until he came across the jackpot. A new post from Bruce. Now, Aidan had been pretty much a stalker, always checking to see if his barber posted something new each morning or night. But right now he was casually scrolling so when he saw this new picture, Aidan nearly screamed. The caption read, "Summer haircut bzzzzzzzzt" with the barber pole emoji on each side of the caption. Not only did Aidan want to scream, but he felt like drooling. He felt himself get instantly hard between his legs and a throbbing sensation like never before. He was looking back at the new Bruce with a buzz cut. He looked even more manly and attractive than Aidan remembered. Aidan almost felt like he could even smell the barber’s cologne just from looking at this picture of him. Aidan was so nervous what to do, does he like the picture or skip over it? He figured since it was a recent post, maybe Aidan would get caught up in the mess of names who liked the post. And he really liked the picture, like really did. Wow, Aidan audibly mouthed the word. So he liked the picture in the end, closed the app, turned his phone to silent mode and got under the covers and went to sleep. But as he drifted off slowly, all he could think about was Bruce’s new look. How that must have felt to have your hair cut like that, and how now it must feel to wake up with that sensation that you could just rub your hands across. Prickly and short, so much so it would feel like a nice tickle. Now Aidan was all hot and bothered and needed to relax, but he just couldn’t. Eventually he would drift off to sleep with a smile on his face, thinking of that picture of Bruce.


Fourth of July was pretty good, minus having to work and all, but Aidan got to hang out at a friends BBQ once he finally got off. All the while between work and the party, every time he snuck off to the bathroom, he’d look at the photo of Bruce’s haircut. In total admiration and awe of the barber’s new look. Aidan just couldn’t help himself and he fully allowed himself to do so. Now the only fear was having to pay a visit to Bruce in person today. Wow, was this going to be difficult, but also exciting. So much so that Aidan made sure he wasn’t out late the night before after the fireworks so he could get home and sleep so he could wake up early enough to go to the gym and have a decent breakfast. Not that this would matter to some people, but Aidan just wanted to be ready, like real ready for Bruce. Maybe his arms would pop a bit in his t-shirt or look bigger than last time, his tan more noticeable from all his working. Aidan was so focused on this appointment not just for his own hair that needed to be attended to but all the other factors going into this morning’s appointment, especially dealing with seeing Bruce in person for the first time in over a month and now with his new haircut.

Aidan made sure he had enough time to get to the salon so he was five minutes early for his appointment. He entered the salon and saw a few other ladies waiting, none of them looked up from their phones or magazines except Genna behind the desk who greeted him, "Hi Aidan, glad you are back."

"Thank you, Genna, and thanks for squeezing me in last minute."

"Not a problem, I think Bruce is all ready for you if you wanted to head back?"

Aidan quickly nodded his head and then walked right to the barber’s chair. Hopefully he didn’t look overly eager or too fast while walking. Didn’t want to make a scene or make anyone think he was weird. But most likely no one was paying attention to him.

As he turned the corner around the partition, he saw Bruce sitting in his chair on his phone. Bruce did not look up and that was fine by Aidan. He was able to get a good view of the guy’s back. The super close fade from the nape up to the occipital bone and then the crown, with the cropped hair on top. All Aidan really wanted to do was carefully glide his hand from the neck to the top of Bruce’s head, that way he could see if that prickly sensation was real. But he knew he couldn’t do that, that would be weird. So all the boy could do was muster out a, "Hey," probably sounding like his balls hadn’t dropped.

This caught Bruce’s attention as his eyes popped up from his phone and looked in the mirror to see who was behind him. He flashed his great white shark smile just like the last time and said, "Hey Aidan, man am I glad to see you," as he started to get up from his chair to shake Aidan’s hand and bring him in close for a slap on the back. Ohh, and there was that sweet smell of cologne, engulfing Aidan in during this embrace.

"Same here, I’ve been busy with work but was able to fit this appointment in today. Sorry if I’m a bit early."

"Not a problem, better that you are early. Means we get more time to work on your hair," Bruce said as his right hand pushed through the front of Aidan’s hairline and glided down to the back of the grown out sides. He winked and said, "Have a seat man, so we can get you started."

Aidan sat in the chair as he waited for Bruce to cape him up. Which he did, and real tight around his neck. Bruce said they should probably wash Aidan’s hair first so he took his client to the back where Aidan was able to enjoy another one of those deep head massages and shampoo/condition washes like the first time Bruce cut his hair. Except this time Aidan knew what to expect and he was more relaxed than ever. Having Bruce’s man hands sift through Aidan’s hair and hard pressing knuckles against Aidan’s skull. This was exactly the sort of Friday treatment that Aidan needed on his day off. He was so happy to have made an appointment with Bruce, and mostly to see Bruce again.

After the washing, they walked back to Bruce’s station and he began to towel off Aidan’s hair so it was less damp. "Less hair to dry off this time, man," Bruce joked.

"That’s for sure," Aidan laughed a bit. He saw this as the opportunity to compliment Bruce’s new cut. "By the way, I saw your post about your new haircut the other night. It really does look good on you in person."

"Gee thanks man, yeah, bit of a change but its good to do that," Bruce blushed a bit and Aidan could tell. "So what are we thinking for you, man? Just like we did before?"

"Yes, that would be great I loved it."

"Alright, no problem," Bruce said as he opened a drawer and picked up the pair of clippers he would start the haircut with and begin the skin fading.

Their conversation back and forth was good, Bruce remembered Aidan was a lifeguard and asked him how it had been going so Aidan had some stories for him. They also discussed what they both did for the Fourth and how they both had good times. All the while, Bruce was fading Aidan’s hair just as perfect as last time, if not even better and closer to the skin. Aidan was quickly and quietly taking glances when he could through the mirror to get a better look at Bruce’s buzz cut. He wanted to talk about that, in fact could talk about it the whole time. Listen to Bruce describe the process, how it all went down. "So what made you decide to go short?"

Bruce smiled a bit and stated, "Well my buddy was cutting my hair the other night, starting out the usual with a skin fade like what most of us do, like what I’m doing for you. Then, I don’t know, we were talking about life and stuff. One thing led to another and I decided to change things up. It is summer after all, it will only get warmer outside these next few weeks. And a change is always good. Plus I hadn’t buzzed the top of my head in what feels like forever."

"It is summer, that’s true," Aidan commented. "Do you like it though?" Aidan felt like that was a weak question, but he was just flowing with the moment.

Bruce chuckled a little and said, "Yeah, its growing on me," as he rubbed one of his hands against the top bristles. "It is a shake up but that is fine by me. Definitely shocked everyone here at the salon when I came in Wednesday morning with my hair short. So far no one has said it looks bad so that is good I guess," the barber laughed some more. "What do you think, man?"

"I-I think it looks great on you," Aidan stuttered. "Definitely, it contrasts your sides and all but I think it looks great with the rest of your…face. I mean, also like you said, good to shake it up."

Bruce smiled a bit, "It definitely is, just like what I did for you my friend."

"Yeah, I’m definitely glad to have changed my style, thanks again for that. All my friends from home and school were shocked but no one gave me reason to think it was a bad decision. Just was a shock to them all."

"Sometimes a shock is a good thing though," Bruce winked through the mirror. Bruce then started worked on the top of Aidan’s head, wetting it with a spray bottle and then trimming it up, reworking some of the areas that needed to be updated. They talked some more about the summer and any other plans. Neither of them really had large vacation plans. Aidan mentioned his parents were away this weekend but it was fine because he would be working Saturday and Sunday anyways.

After the cutting was done and Bruce was ready to start the hot shave, a part that Aidan loved from last time. That is when Aidan was thrown for a loophole. "If your not doing anything tonight, there’s a party I’m going to with some friends of mine. I don’t know if you’d be interested or not. It isn’t necessarily your age group, but there would be drinking and all and no one would catch you. I don’t know if you want to tell friends of yours to come to, or, I don’t know if you wanted to come with me…I think I’m going alone but meeting some friends there."

"Oh," Aidan said, and he restrained himself from getting red in the face. Holy s**t, was Bruce inviting him to go to a party with him? And really with him, like bringing Aidan? As if this was a date? He did offer that Aidan could invite other friends too, that it wouldn’t be a problem. But also the thought of going with Bruce to the party alone, that was what was making Aidan stop and consider that as his only option, the only option he wanted to go with, to go with Bruce. "I don’t have any plans today or tonight actually, most my friends are working because they all had off on the Fourth unlike me. So… yeah I-I could go, if you wanted me to?"

"Yeah man," Bruce said, "Yeah… yeah I would love it if you came to the party with me… or not, whatever, your choice. You could meet me or, or I could pick you up?"

Aidan noticed Bruce was tripping up a bit, not as charismatic as he usually was. This was very interesting. Not the kind of impression he had already built up of Bruce. But Aidan didn’t know what to think of that, Bruce could just be preoccupied in his mind, with both work and then going to a party later on. Aidan pulled himself together and said, "That would be awesome if you could pick me up actually."

"Alright, awesome man," Bruce said with that flashing, show-off smile of his. The barber wrapped up with styling Aidan’s hair so it looked good in all the right places, just like last time. Except now the barber and client did not match each other when they looked at the mirror together. "All done, man," Bruce said as he swiped off the cape from Aidan’s body.

"Looks great, just like last time," Aidan complemented but Bruce wasn’t looking in the mirror, but he knew he was probably grinning and bearing it. Bruce helped Aidan up from the chair by the waist, which was a little weird. They both looked at each other in a confused state of What just happened. But then both shrugged it off and bro-hugged it out to white it out. Bruce told Aidan he would swing by his house after eight o’clock, Aidan gave him his address and they exchanged numbers. Then Bruce walked Aidan up to the front desk so he could pay and Aidan gave him a tip.

"See you later man," Bruce said, "I’ll text you," he winked at Aidan before turning to greet his next client.

When Aidan got home he ran to his room and began stripping everything out of his drawers and closet, to figure out what he was going to wear. He practically forgot about eating lunch so he threw a sandwich together eventually and brought that upstairs while he rummaged through his belongings to figure out what to wear. What sort of top? Should he flex with a tank top? And then what, wear a pair of gym shorts or nice pair of jeans? Which one read off more as being an "adult"? Or should he wear a polo? But did he want to look overly preppy? With a pair of khakis or boat shoes? Aidan didn’t know if that was him. But Aidan didn’t care what was him or not. He just wanted to make sure he looked good for Bruce and all his friends. How hot was it gonna be? That would be a game changer if Aidan could wear jeans or even a hoodie. A hoodie seemed pretty sensible. Also incase it got cold he supposed. Aidan missed being in school mode where he could basically walk up in sweatpants anywhere and not be judged. But this was different, even different from school parties.

He settled on a newer, cleaner pair of sneakers. He wanted to look adult like and felt like shorts and a tee weren’t cutting it. So he pulled out a pair of skinny jeans and a band tee, that seemed reasonable. He also grabbed a light flannel and figured he could wear that open so the t-shirt underneath showed just a little and he felt both warm and cool. Well, until then, he had plenty of time. Perhaps he could do with some tanning outside so he looked fresh. And he’d also need to make sure he ate something before he went out later on, thankfully his parents had left him enough leftovers to choose from for the weekend.

When it was finally a reasonable time to get ready, Aidan did so, making sure to brush his teeth, rinse with a wash, and definitely add some cologne. Of course his didn’t smell as good as Bruce’s but it would have to do. Aidan waited in his living room, sitting on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter as he waited for Bruce to arrive. Now this is what was stumping Aidan all afternoon: was he going with Bruce as a friend or with Bruce as a "date"? The only reason Aidan was viewing it this way was because why would Bruce invite him to go out with him? Especially if there were other friends of his there, what’s the point of bringing a stranger like Aidan along? Was this all part of some bigger joke? Was that the point of this party that everyone had to bring some random victim along for the ride?

Aidan didn’t hear the car roll up to his driveway at all and only stopped his conscious when he heard the doorbell ring. Aidan jumped up from the couch and sprinted to the door to answer it. When he opened the door, he found Bruce with his fresh cut and he swore his beard had grown darker in the last few hours, a true five o’clock shadow effect. He was wearing a v-neck but in a pastel color, a pair of washed out, ripped-up jeans and white sneakers. He sheepishly grinned back before flashing his brilliant white smile and a "Hey."

"Hey," Aidan mustered to come out of his mouth. "Thanks for picking me up."

"No problem," Bruce blushed a bit, "Thanks for coming along, man."

Aidan smiled back, an awkward smile with his teeth. He was embarrassing himself so he quickly had to make up for that, "I-I like your outfit. Different than your work clothes."

"Thanks Aidan, I usually don’t wear much color unless I’m going out," Bruce looked down at his outfit, which gave Aidan a perfect view of the top of Bruce’s buzzed head. "Shall we go?" he pointed to his car. Aidan quickly nodded and locked the door behind him.

The car ride was pretty silent for the most part. Bruce asked Aidan if he didn’t mind him playing some music. Aidan casually asked where the party was. "Not too far from here," Bruce stated. Aidan asked him how the rest of his day went "Busy, but good. Glad to be off, how was your day?"

"Good, pretty good I mean. Sat outside for a bit to get some sun."

"Wish I could have done that too," Bruce grinned as he focused on the road ahead.

Eventually, they pulled up to the party, a bunch of cars already here at the house. Looks like it was going to be a hopping place tonight. Bruce knew the hosts and others going he told Aidan. He said it would be fun. When they found a spot to park Bruce got out of the car real quick to let Aidan out from his side, which was strange but really nice. "How do I look?" Aidan asked Bruce.

"Good, but," Bruce started, "Do you mind if I change it a bit?"

"S-sure," Aidan wasn’t sure where this was going but he was letting Bruce have his way, especially if Aidan wanted to fit in with this crowd.

Bruce opened the trunk of his car, rifled around a bit till he came back with a pair of scissors. He took Aidan’s flannel off and wrapped it over one of his own shoulders while he asked Aidan, "I know this is weird, but do you mind taking off your shirt?" Aidan obeyed the command and then was stripped down from it. Bruce quickly eyed over Aidan’s body and said, "Someone’s been working out a bit?" Aidan blushed and didn’t know what to say. Then, Bruce was cutting the sleeves off his t-shirt and handing it back to Aidan saying, "There, try this on," as he shoved the cut-offs into his back pocket. Aidan shrugged it on and Bruce responded, "Nice," with a smile and then he took the flannel off his shoulder, opened it and wrapped it around from the behind of Aidan, bringing their waists up and close to one another. Bruce put his head down to fix the flannel arms slowly around Aidan’s waist. As he did so, whether on purpose or not, the front and top of Bruce’s head grazed itself across Aidan’s face. The tickle from the short bristles was enough to make Aidan want to moan out loud, or nuzzle his face into the head even closer. This was turning on Aidan so much he was nervous Bruce would lower his hands and feel below the waist at any moment. "Cool, you look so cool man," he said looking up from his work, and he then fussed a bit with the front of Aidan’s hair while their fronts were up against each other ever so close. "Ready?"

Aidan nodded his head and breathed a "Yes," as they separated bodies and walked side by side to the party, with an obvious inch or two of distance between them.

The party was in full swing by the time they had arrived. Everyone was much older than Aidan but he didn’t feel discouraged by it. Bruce introduced Aidan to some of his friends and old coworkers like Mike and the girl he brought to the party. Some people were splashing around in the pool out back while others stood or sat around with drinks in their hands around the patio or inside the house. Bruce offered to get Aidan a drink which he thanked him for, and he continued to do so throughout the rest of the night. Bruce had only had one drink to start and then stuck with water, since he was the designated driver he kept telling Aidan and everyone. Aidan was thankful for that, and everyone else around would say things like "Right, sure," and make faces with their eyes. It didn’t bother Aidan though, not one bit. Although he did have quite a lot of beers in a short amount of time that when they were all sitting around on a couch in the one room, he found himself getting closer and closer to Bruce’s side, and he reaching his one arm further back and around until it was over Aidan’s opposite shoulder. After two hours of being at the party, they were basically attached at the hip and at times Aidan felt his head falling to the right landing towards the opening of where Bruce’s collar bone was, getting an ever better smell of the signature cologne he wore.

"So what did you all think of Bruce’s new look I gave him?" Mike asked the group finally. Everyone nodded and said it looked good. Then he asked, "Aidan?"

Aidan was shocked to have been called out like that. He didn’t want to look or be awkward though, he looked towards Bruce who looked back at him, waiting for a response as well. "I like it… I like it a lot actually."

"Have you given it the good old rub yet?" Mike asked.

Aidan was now totally star struck and looked back towards Bruce again, then quickly away, and then back again at him. Bruce grinned and said, "Go on, if you want," as his arm around Aidan grabbed for Aidan’s left hand and brought it to the top of his head and placed it there, beginning to move the hand back and forth a bit before letting go and letting Aidan have full control.

After being teased from the looks and accidental feels of it, Aidan was finally getting to touch the top of Bruce’s newly shorn head. It was truly everything and more. As he kept moving his hand back and forth a little longer, Bruce flashed his bright smile and laughed a bit saying, "Feels nice right?"

"Yeah…" Aidan said, as he felt like he was drifting off on a cloud. Eventually, he caught himself and stopped. No one commented or judged him though, and he casually just sat back and Bruce resumed one hand across the younger boy’s shoulders and tugged him closer to his own body as they sat there.

They hung out a little while longer at the party, Aidan having another drink and not realizing how many he’d had at this point, having lost count for sure a while back. Bruce turned to him and whispered in his ear, "Wanna get out of here soon?" Aidan nodded his head real quick in agreement to leaving, Bruce giggled a bit and then moved his face from the ear region to closer to the cheek and gave Aidan one real quick peck, but it was the best peck ever as Aidan caught the sweet smelling cologne as well as Bruce’s scruff rub up against Aidan’s youthful cheeks.

This was new to Aidan, as much as he enjoyed it, he was not anticipating Bruce to act this way. So he sat up straight and Bruce took his leftover drink from him and put it on the table in front of them. Bruce wanted to say goodbye to a few people before they headed out so Aidan tagged along behind him, some of them saying and hugging Aidan too saying how it was nice to meet him. But then they were on their way out of the party and in the car.

As they started to drive, no one was looking to start the conversation, so Aidan figured it was the least he could do at least to say a thank you. "Thanks for bringing me along."

"Thanks for coming along, Aidan, I hope you had fun. Or, at least enjoyed yourself."

"I did," Aidan quickly reassured the older boy. "I did, different than college, but I enjoyed myself. Did you?"

"Absolutely," Bruce grinned as he kept his hands on the wheel and continued to drive. Then it fell silent for a bit and no one said anything for a good while. Then it felt extremely long the awkward amount of silence between the two passengers. Bruce cut in with, "Look, about what happened back there-"

"I’m sorry I didn’t mean to rub your head for that long," Aidan said before Bruce could finish. "Wait, what were you going to say?"

"Oh," Bruce said, "No, I was just going to say, sorry if my kiss... err, kiss on the cheek was too much for you. I didn’t mean to, well, I meant to do that but I didn’t meant to make you feel uncomfortable or if you didn’t want to. I don’t know, never mind."

"Its okay," Aidan said, "I’m glad you did."

Brue quickly turned to look at Aidan, and then kept making quick looks back at the boy and the road ahead. "Ohh, oh, nice. I mean, okay. I didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable, or if you don’t like that."

"Its okay," Aidan said again, "I didn’t mind it, I enjoyed it. Just like I enjoyed getting to spend time with you."


Oh boy, the alcohol was definitely working on Aidan now, "Yes, really. I, I don’t know what’s going on Bruce but I’m definitely attracted to you. I don’t know why or how but I just know that."

Bruce tried to conceal his grin and said, "Well, I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but I can’t stop thinking about you. As weird as it was I was just waiting for you to come in for another appointment for so long, I was nervous you weren’t going to come back. Be a one timer and that’s all."

"I thought I might too, I thought that’s what would be best. But I couldn’t stop thinking about you, I knew I’d have to go back. And see you again. So when I saw you earlier today, I… yeah, I’m just glad I did I guess."

Bruce smiled sheepishly and blushed even though it was dark to see that. He asked, "And, you really like my haircut? You really do?"

"Yeah, man, I loved feeling it before. It was like a whole new sensation. I don’t even know how to describe it other than…good. Great, awesome, cool, I don’t know!"

Bruce bit his lip and said, "What are you doing the rest of tonight?"

Needless to say, Aidan was not getting dropped off back home. But that was fine, no parents around this weekend and not like he had to take care of any sort of pets in the house. They were on their way to Bruce’s personal condo. Aidan was way in over his head, not really knowing this guy but at the same time feeling like he really did know and trust Bruce. The condo was pretty modest, nothing flashy or overdone and it wasn’t a mess or pigsty either which was great too. Bruce put down his keys on the kitchen table as Aidan looked around the living room. Then, up from behind, Bruce grabbed Aidan from around the waist, lifted him off the ground, spun him in his direction, and allowed their lips to meet. Even though they were making out at this point, Aidan was creeping his hands from Bruce’s scruff all the way to the sides of Bruce’s tight fade up to his buzzed top where he rotated his hands up down and around the skull from that central point.

Bruce was able to carry them to his room where he threw the younger boy onto the bed and they continued to play with each other. Taking each other’s shirts off, then their socks and pants, until they were in nothing but their underwear (Bruce in briefs and Aidan in boxers). They continued doing this for a good while, just making out with each other, nothing other than that. All the while Aidan kept feeling the top of Bruce’s buzzcut, back and forth the friction and pointy feeling it gave back to Aidan. He was in heaven, this feeling was incredible, unlike anything ever before. Bruce was rushing his hair through Aidan’s short sides and lock locks on top until finally he calmed the younger boy down and said. "You really like my haircut?"

"I do, Bruce, I do."

"What would you say if, just like your first haircut with me, we have matching haircuts again?"

Aidan was absolutely stunned at this point. "Us? Oh, I mean, we’d have to wait till you have an opening then I guess Bruce."

"Aidan," Bruce said on top of Aidan, breathing down heavy, "I have things here at my place. I could give you a home haircut, what do you say? Matching number three’s on top?" he added as he slowly graced one hand through Aidan’s hair.

Aidan loved the feeling Bruce had, and he wanted to make the older boy happy, because he really did like him. And oh boy how hot would it be if they looked and matched haircuts again. Aidan didn’t want to listen to his mind, he wanted to listen to his heart and so he said, "Another barber’s choice please," as he lifted his head up and kissed Bruce’s lips. He could feel Bruce’s smile underneath the kiss and then continued to as the older boy wrapped his arms all around Aidan and tightly squeezed him.

Then he grabbed his hand and brought him off the bed and led him to the kitchen where Bruce pulled a chair away from the table and said, "Have a seat please, welcome to my shop," and Aidan now knew what he was getting himself into. "Please wait while I get my things together." Aidan waited in the chair as Bruce ran off into another room and soon after came back with a pair of clippers and some attachments, nothing else.

"No cape?" Aidan asked.

"No, since we are in the comfort of my home, I figured why not. And this haircut won’t take too long," Bruce winked at his victim. He plugged in the wire to an outlet so the clippers could get started and then asked, "You ready man?"

"I’m ready, Bruce."

"Cool," Bruce said, as he put one hand on the back of Aidan’s head, and raised the other hand with the clippers to the front of Aidan’s forehead. Only earlier that morning had Aidan had his haircut in the salon by Bruce, and now he was getting another haircut from him. Although, this was quite a different sort of haircut and totally different place and scenario to have it. Bruce turned on the clippers and slowly brought them down the middle of Aidan’s head. Aidan felt the rush of the metal across the top of his head, making quick work of the locks that had been pampered and styled that morning by the same hands wielding the clippers now. Bruce continued to peel away at the hair, turning the locks into shorter bristles across the top. With each swipe, Aidan felt and saw hair fall onto his shoulder and his lap. Tuffs and tuffs of hair that he wanted to catch as they fell. But he couldn’t, he was enjoying the transformation he was undergoing even if he couldn’t see it.

Bruce continued buzzing his head and evening it out with the already faded sides from that morning’s appointment. This really wasn’t going to take long at all. And before they both knew it, Bruce was stepping back from his work, beaming. Putting the clippers down on the counter and grabbing Aidan up from the chair, and rushing him to the bathroom to show him the final look. Aidan’s jaw dropped as he looked back at the mirror and saw them both. He grabbed for the top of his head, not believing it was him. "Oh my god," was all he could say. Bruce smiled back and let Aidan take it all in, feeling his new haircut. Short, short, short, all across the entire surface of his head. A completely new look, even more than the first appointment with Bruce ever. Aidan was both speechless but overjoyed.

Bruce had a go at feeling his client’s top and said, "Just like me," kissing Aidan on the cheek. "Come on, let’s wash you off," and so they hopped into the shower together, cleaning each other off, and especially feeling up each other’s shorn heads before saying enough was enough and that they needed to towel dry off and get some sleep.

And so they did, Aidan woke up curled and cuddled by Bruce in the early morning, waking up before Bruce’s personal alarm set for the day. Both of them were going to need to get ready for work. Bruce’s day starting earlier than Aidan’s so they needed to get going as they were going to be distracted by each other’s presence. Bruce was going to make them some breakfast and then drop Aidan off at home. While Bruce was busy in the kitchen, Aidan kept looking at his reflection in the bathroom. He could not believe he had gone forward with letting Bruce buzz the top of his head. He loved the feeling and loved the look, he just could not believe it all happened so quickly. He crept up behind Bruce in the kitchen while he was scrambling some eggs, kissed him on the side of his neck from behind and said, "Thank you for last night."

Bruce turned around and said, "Which part?" as he felt the top of Aidan’s head. "Man, do I love that feeling."

"I think I’m gonna love it too," Aidan said. And then the two sat down and ate some breakfast and enjoyed each other’s company on this Saturday morning, before Bruce had to drop Aidan off back home so they could both get on with their days. They had actually exchanged numbers at this point, hoping to see each other soon. Or at the very least, they had each other’s numbers now to text or call if they ever wanted to. Aidan didn’t know what this friendship or relationship, or whatever you want to call it, was going to lead to but he sure was enjoying it and was looking forward to the rest of the summer with Bruce.

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