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Short to shorter... by Tom

This is a follow up to my true haircut story ‘Long to Short…’

The haircut that I wrote the story about happened when I was off university for the Easter break and I went back to my university’s town today (19th June) to pick up some of my stuff from uni halls. I had been in a barber shop in the town a few times this year and had haircuts from two friendly female barbers and they had both done good jobs. That was when I had long hair, I had obviously had my hair cut short since then (because that’s why I wrote the first story!) and needed my hair cutting again. My hair was over an inch on top and a bit shorter on the back and sides.

I got off the train at about 11 and went straight to the barber shop, there was one guy having his hair cut and one of the female barbers that had cut my hair in there before standing by the counter, she asked me take a seat and put a cape over me.

She asked “Haven’t you been in here before, but with longer hair?

“Yeah, I just got sick of it”

“Oh right, what will it be today?”

“Erm, when I had it cut last, I had a number two on the back and sides and cut with scissors on the top…

Before I could continue, the woman went to get a clipper guard from a small drawer, I assumed this was the number two guard. She asked “Same again then?”

I had been thinking about what haircut to get for a few days and had decided to get a short buzz cut.

So I said “Actually I’d like something a lot shorter, like a buzz cut”.

“Ok, what number?”

“Maybe a number two on top and a one on the back and sides”.

“Are you sure, that’ll be very short” she said.

“That’s actually how I want it” I replied.

“Ok” she said as she put the number two guard on the clippers and turned them on.

She put the clippers at the back of my neck and pushed them up the back of my head. “I’ll do it with the number two all over first and then the back and sizes with the number one”.

I just sat there watching my hair fall each time she pushed the clippers up the back of my head, I already had a hard-on! She moved onto the left side and pushed the clippers up the side of my head several times until all the hair was cut on that side, she then moved onto the right side and cut all the hair. She then put the clippers at the front of my head and pushed them back, she had a slight grin on her face (she was probably enjoying it as much as I was!). The hair was tumbling onto my lap and onto the floor as she passed the clippers over my head again and again, at this point my dick was throbbing like crazy and I’m sure she had noticed.
She turned off the clippers, took off the number two guard and put on the number one guard. She turned the clippers back on and began cutting the hair the back of my head again, she worked quite quickly and before I knew it, she had moved onto the left side, pushing the clippers up the side of my head quite fast. She then moved onto the right side and cut the hair on that side, she turned off the clippers and took off the guard, leaving the bare blade. The clippers were turned on again and she began edging a line at the back of my head and cleaned up the stray hairs, she edged around the sideburns and ears and turned off the clippers.

“How’s that?” she asked.

“Great, thanks”.

She took off the cape and I rubbed the top of my head and then the back, it was fantastic.

“That’s £8 please”

I gave her £15, she looked surprised.

“Keep the change, thanks”.

I walked out the barber shop, I couldn’t stop rubbing my head!

I’ll certainly be going back, maybe for a shorter cut!

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