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David Gets Taken Down by Manny

The first time I saw David speeding around his front yard on his riding mower, my heart raced as my eyes clamped onto his mane of abundant, thick brown hair that fell past his shoulders. He was the most handsome thing imaginable. He must have seen me staring because he waved briefly and then stopped the engine.

Walking towards me with his abs showing through the tight tee-shirt made my pulse rate increase dramatically. A breeze rippled his flowing locks. Was this a mirage....or was the hunky new neighbor going out of his way to greet me?

"David Swanson, at your services," he said, extending his hand. He gripped my hand firmly and squeezed it. The brute strength was mesmerizing. "Working hard to get the house and shape in order, so we don't drag down the appearance of the neighborhood."

My eyes twinkled. I wanted to tell him with his handsome looks, no one could ever accuse him of that.

"And to show you I'm going to be a good neighbor, let me offer to mow your grass when I done with mine. Looks like it's a little past due. I like a tidy, closely clipped look," David said.

"I accept!" I replied gladly. And then, without thinking, I blurted out, "And I'll be happy to return a favor. You cut my grass for free and I'll cut your hair for free. Looks like it's way past due...."

"Good one!" he laughed back and gave me a bit of hug. "But, there would be hell to pay with my girlfriend if this mane were to be clipped close. She's a photographer...you may have seen these locks in one of the shampoo commercials. And she's wild about men with long hair. Me, not so much...." he laughed.

We agreed that the deal would be a free lawn mowed in exchange for a free beer.

Throughout the months of summer and fall, I never got tired of watching David whirling about his yard with his locks streaming past his shoulders. And I never got tired about dream of, one day, taking the clippers to him.

One day, I saw a U-Haul in the drive. His girlfriend was loading it up with boxes and taking out some furniture. I watched as the truck pulled away. Moments later, David pulled in driving his fancy sports car. He got out and stomped about. His look was angry. He roamed about the yard like a caged, irritated beast. He flipped back his lionesque mane periodically. I decided to go see what was going on.

"Hey, David. Everything all right?" I asked.

"I could use a beer," he said.

As we walked to my place, he poured out his heart. "That witch. Good riddance! I was so tired of trying to please her constantly. She wanted to control me...everything about me."

This lush locks looked so lovely on his pale yellow shirt. I imagined them nicely arranged on my barber cape.

I empathized with him as best I could, letting him babble away about all his frustration, anger and relief. The rocky romance was at an end. It had always been a stormy relationship, he confided.

After a lull in the conversation, he got quiet. Then he looked up at me and grinned. "Remember that free haircut you offered the day we first met?" He pulled his hair nervously together into a thick tail. "I'm ready for it, I think!"

I couldn't believe my ears. He was offering up his mane to me!

"Come into the kitchen. I'll get my barbershop set up...." I said, trying not to sound to eager.

He followed me, like a lamb. I pulled out a chair and told him to have a seat.

He fidgeted in the chair.

"Nervous?" I asked, as I got out my kit.

"More like excited, I think," he suggested.

Then I pulled out a huge set of clippers.

"Whoa! That's not what I had in mind," he gasped.

I took out the cape and cast it around him, subduing him. Once he had been caped, he would be totally at my mercy. I was in control and I was determined it would be "barber's choice."

I pulled the cloth cape snugly about his neck. My hands wrestled clumsily due to excitement and difficulty in fastening it under the mass of silken hair. The soft hair felt divine as it brushed over my wrist and hand. Then I began brushing the gorgeous mane. David's dark brown hair shimmered in the bright lights of the kitchen. He seemed to relish someone else plying the brush through his dense locks. I am imagined his ex was a pro at grooming his pretty locks.

"How do you like your lawn?" I asked casually.

Mechanically, David replied, "Clipped short, nice and tidy."

I plugged in the clippers. "That's the way your are going to like your hair too!"

He had a shocked look on his face. "Maybe not that short, at least not at first....." he stammered.

I snapped on the powerful machine and smiled.

His face was etched with fear, but I sensed that underneath it he was truly excited.

I grasped a huge shank that dangled to the side of his handsome face and raised it to give the clippers access.

"You're really going to do it?" he stammered.

"Because you really want it clipped short, nice and tidy. An old fashioned butch cut -- clipped to a single length all over, ultra short." Pronouncing the verdict almost made me giddy with delight.

I saw David's crotch jolt with excitement.

Then, I quickly moved the clippers up through his manly sideburn and took the first massive lock off at an eighth of an inch all the way up through the temple. I pulled off the severed hair and held it for him to clearly see that his makeover had begun.

He heaved with delight and I tossed the clipped lock right onto his lap where the action was.

"Now, you've just arrived at the boot camp barber shop, Buddy! Not a word from you and be compliant," I smirked as I wrenched his head back and brought the clippers up to the abundant forelock.

"Yes, sir!" he mumbled as he savored the clippers moving quickly across the top of his head. Mounds of his beautiful hair cascaded down in multiple directions. The tumbling locks were more entertaining than a fourth of July fireworks finale!

I felt a surge of energy and authority as I commanded the clippers and began obliterating the playboy look. David's face morphed from glee to panic as the clippers continued their task as reducing his locks to stubble. I loved shoving his head forward and making his stare down at the lap which was an overflowing cauldron of his glorious, long hair. "OMG," he stammered as he stared in disbelief.

"It's your independence day from your ex- and her demands about your hair," I said.

David looked up with a shy look of submission and delight, "And a new start with a new partner?"

I fondled the clipped stubble, "Yes, a new partner how demands closely clipped hair...."

"I've never had a boyfriend," David murmured, but I'd like to give it a try.

"A boyfriend who loves to play barber...." I purred as I stroked his tidy, clipped pelt.

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