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Call your mom. I. by Chovanec

Call your mom. I.
In 1975 I was 14 years old. I live with my mom. My father left us when I was about 6 years old. They are used as boys in these years. My mom tolerates my hair and I go to her hairdressers 3 times a year. My best friend and classmate from the class decided Martin. He has a very strict father, I have seen him punished many times. Martin waved the shortest hair in the class.
The end of the holidays was approaching, we were swimming at the lake. We talk as a beginner to the new school year, remembering the holiday experiences. I admit I envy him for my father, but I wouldn't want to have such a strict, just a normal bag that goes to football and the like.
After arriving from the lake, we went home to Martin. Martin's mom gave us to eat because we've already starved. Later, Martin's father came and told him that they were going to the barber shop in half an hour. Martin begged him that there is now me, that the next day, when the school year is possible is already 5 days. There's no dad. I knew Martin's short hair was waving, so I became a gossip that I had an agreed deadline for my little girl. Martinov, the father looks on the phone and smiles to me that he may be your friend or asked if he has anything against the barber I go with them. I wasn't sure whether my mom was home from work and buying or picking up the phone. If he's not at home, he certainly won't want me and Martin to go to the barber.
No mom was at home and no phone number. Hi Mom, I said. You know Martin is perfect for families with children ....... but I don't take the handset Martin's father from my hands. Hello, gracious lady. The picture is shown in the picture, which is used to start a new school year. Should you be against it? I didn't understand what mom was, but it was after she was all right. Then you can say hello. No one of your moms has been approved, nor does she have much time to find a girl and have nothing to walk with us. My stomach tightened and I didn't know what I could. Mum betrayed me knowing available Martin waving short hair.
No boys, let's go, so far Martin's father called. It'll probably be closed, I'm thinking the way. After about 15 minutes of walking we came in front of an old-fashioned barber shop. From a distance we noticed that it was open to the barbershop.
We went to the barbershop and exchanged greetings. In the barber's chair there was an elderly gray man. There was another senior gentleman waiting for the chairs besides the son and son. We sat down. We were silent, I was still wondering how the haircut happened, but I didn't think of anything. I was with my father the last time and I was 5 or 6 years old and I'm 14 now. A gentle waiting chair stood up, and so the sons went to the barber. Whoever prepared some wooden chair for small children. I look at the barber's wall, where old photographs of boys' or men's hairstyles about 50 years old are hanging up.
The barber called on. Martin punches me if I'm going first. It is not possible to choose that I thought it was possible to win a haircut in this barbershop. Martin got up and walked toward the barber and sat in his chair. Meanwhile, she was a very special-purpose son. While Martin was in the barber's chair, I figured that if the barber asked how I wanted to trim I would say that I would only shorten the end by about a inch. From my speeches I was interrupted by the barber's voice and the familiar sentence. Other! I get up and go to the chair. Martin had his traditional claim. He smiled at me, not me at anyone who still believed that I would receive only a small challenge. The barber wrapped me in a white sheet. He combed my hair. Then he asked, for example, I want a hairstyle. I haven't found the one to just cut ....... no Martin's father called, from the waiting chair. It's us, he's Martin's friend, his mom agrees to cut him like Martina. The barber lifted my comb's hair and cut it off to continue past his heads. It was quite acceptable. No more barbers' electric cables, leaned my head, my chin touched the tarpaulin in which I was wrapped. I like cooling metal teeth on my neck, which are made of my fibers and rise to the top of my head. This movement was repeated about 5 times. Then I put my head on the right side and I felt the teeth of the clockwork like a left sleep cage. Later he uncovered the left ear. Similarly, this also happens on passengers' journey. I finally fired. I only had hair on top of my head. After a few years, I saw both ears with only a stubble of hair around them. The hair did not last, and the barber cut my hair from the top of my head and my hair did not catch my eyes. Learn to point my hair at the top of my head to my forehead, pick up sharp hand scissors and cut my hair around 3-4 inches above my eyebrows. When I thought the barber was finished with my scalp on my head, I was wrong. he took another scissors that were finer and removed by removing the stubble about 2 centimeters above my left ear and possibly running to the right one. The column cleaning was possible. After the Dutch water that is open is on its head, it can be found on Martin when we changed it in the barbershop. Controlled your purpose and remove removed cases. Before he was released from his chair, he took a smaller mirror and stood by his own. Now I saw how to clean the skin and stubble with hair up to the top of my head. I'd love to cry but I don't want Martin to laugh. Under the sail, I pinched my hands if it wasn't just a dream but it was on its way. I was finally free from the sail and Martha's father paid for our hairstyles. Farewell to the barber, Martin's father. In my mind I know, proclaim it again. We left the barbershop with exactly the same moments of hair.
When I came home, I expected my mother to be horrified and to call Martin's father what he did to me. No mommy praised my goals. The beginning of the school year was disastrous. Everybody laughed at me, more than Martin, when I had always had long hair and now such horror. I believe I will never get into the old-fashioned barbershop and now I have 7 to 9 months of room, none of which will grow to me.

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