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Can a haircut change your life? by Max

"What are you doing to me?" I asked nervoulsy.
"Trust me." Said Michael. He was 19 years old, had long blond hair and a muscular, strong body. He put his Hand on my shoulder. Slightly stroking my neck. Then running his fingers though my brown hair. Then he put both hands on my head really getting a feeling for my hair.
"I´ll fix it. I´ll also fix you kind of" he said to me. I felt calmer hearing those words. "I know what your problem is" he continued. "All your life you haven´t been getting the right haircut. In a way it can save your life."
I was exited but also afraid what he would do next. But with every word out of his mouth i relaxed more. He then put his right hand on my cheek and coming closer he whispered into my ear."You perfectly right the way you are...But I want to make somthing even better out of you."
I swallowes and asked "What do you want to make out of me?"
"I´m just gonna change you" he replied. "change the way you look" he added.
He accompanied me to a chair and made me take a seat. We were in his barbershop. It was old fashioned and had the classic interieur.
Michael took the clipper in his hand and while he cleand it with a brush he continued:"You are just like many people are. Very insecure and extremely frightend of change. But just relax buddy. I´m here to change it. To change you." I sat in his black leather chair and made myself comfortable. Michael looked at me through the mirrow. He smiled softly making some arrangements with the clipper attachments. "Why are you here?", he asked me all of a sudden. I was not expecting that question. He now put the cape around my neck. I quickly said "because I want you to cange me."
"And I want to be a man, just like you" I whispered "a real one". Suddenly the clippers went on and he put his hand on the top of my head. "So are you ready to become a real men?" he asked me intensly. He was now standing behind me (in the chair) looking into my eyes through the mirrow. His eyes were fixing mine and he was highly concentrated. It appeard to me that he was waiting for the right answer. Everything would now depend on the answer i´d give him.
Michael turned the chair smoothly about 180 degrees. I was sitting in that barber chair with the cape on and my arm on the armrest. Looking up to him I asked: "What happens now?". He leaded forward and came again close to my face. "I´m gonna make you a man." he whisperd into my face. I panicked inside a little. We were staring at each other. I feld his breath. My mouth was opened and I didn´t know what to expect." In his dark and low voice he offered me a special deal. He said:"All you have to do is close your eyes and I am going to make a man out of you, boy"
I closed my eyed and immediately felt the buzzer going through my hair...

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