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Can a haircut change your life?continued by Max

I kept my eyes closed. Michael was standing in front of me. He was moving the clippers through my hair. I felt the applications of the machine pressing against my skull. It was moving from the front to the back and also diagonal. The sound was loud and intiminating. Michael didn´t say a thing too. The buzzing sound was stopped. He changed the application and started working on the sides and back of my head. His left hand was resting on my shoulder while he was moving the guard with his right one. This was very calming and i was breathing rhytmically.
Still there was a side of me that was rebellious. I thought to myself:"What will my family say when they see me with a buzz?" I have never worn such a short and rather radical cut."Will my brother tease me?" I thought also, "Will he laugh at me?" It was this last thought that triggered my eyes to catch a glimpse of my new style. I could see avery clean and stylish clippers cut. On top there were about two inches left; on the sides (and back) about nine milimeters. I was relieved because i found that it suited me well.
Unfortunetaly Michael stopped the procedure when he noticed i was cheating. "I f***ing told you to keep your eyes closed!" he yelled at me. I immediately was in a state of shock. My body was frozen. I wasn´t able to move. I´ve never seen this young man in rage before. He turned off the clippers and put them aside. I was looking up to him, he was looking down on me. Crossing his arm he spoke:"Why don´t you trust me, man?". He sounded sad. Then he grabed some other attachment from the table and put it onto the clippers. He now cleared his throat and said in a deep, montonous voice:" I was giving you s neat short back and sides cut. It suits you extraordinarily. Seems though you can´t trust a friend!" His voice turned louder as the said:"I´m going to punish you for that lack of trust!"
Punish me? Those words were really freaking me out. I tried to stand up. But he put both of his hands on my shoulder and pushed me back into the chair. "Stay exactly where you are!" he screamed at me angrily. I notices his eyes watered a little. I was in such a shock I cried. It also hurted how he had put me in that chair aggresively. Now Michael said loudly:"Don´t you dare to move out of my chair!" I was sobbing. "You hear me?" asked sternly, "you little piece of s**t, do you HEAR ME?" he yelled. I just nodded. Now my body was so exhausted it was completely paralysed.
"So instead of this beautiful short back and sides, you´ll get something different." There was something dangerous in his voice now. He turned the chair in the correct position again. I was now facing the mirror. He stood behind me. He started speaking:" If you want to see what´s going on so badly, you do now. Watch closly how I´m giving you an even shorter haircut." he told me. Now he laughed like a crazy person. He put his left hand on the top of my hand. In his other hand he held the clippers without any gaurd on them. Michael put it on. It was buzzing so loud and close to my hear. "I am now going to shave the sides and back. There´s not gonna be any hair left there." And so he did.
I knew that i had to remain still and let the procedure happen to me. Everything was so weird. I couldn´t understand how i could upset him so badly. I was broken inside and gave up. I heard him saying something. "If you remain still now, you will be left with a 0.5 stubble on top!" he threatened me. "If you try to escape again, I´ll have to shave you completly bald" he said with a low voice again. "So don´t disturb your barber again!" was added.
I felt a tear dripping down my face. I was ashamed and embaressed. So I closed my eyes. This time I kept them closed until the cut was really finised. I also felt dizzy. On my crying the commented ironically:"Oh now the baby cries...how poor!" But I didn´t react to that. I just sat there until the cut was done. My heart beated so fast. The dizzy state felt good in a way. I was tried and completely passive now.
After cutting the front with the balde on 0.5 he finished. Michael put shaving cream on the contures and back and sides. Then he took a razor balde. I let it happen with delight. I started even to enjoy the feeling. Still i was like dead inside. I liked how he carefully shaved me. Never had I dared to open my eyes. So i remained blind. Also there was absolut silence between us. The machine was the only sound. I couldn´t detect how much time passed. Might be an hour or two. I really had no idea.
In this state of delirium I suddenly hear him saying something. He slapped my face solftly with his right hand. It felt like he was waking me up softly. "Max!" I heard him say kindly. He came close to my shaved head and whispered in my ear. "We´re finally done!" he said in his normal voice again. I was relieved to hear the softness of his sound again. Yet I was very unsure about the situation so I asked:"Can I open my eyes now?" "Yes!" he replied laughing (again). I also felt his both handy gliding through my skull. It was just like he´d stroke me. So I had the bravery to really open my eyes.
Now I saw my shaved me. It was brutal. I had no hair left on the sides and back. Very little of my brown hair was left on top. It wasn´t really brwon anymore though. I lookes totally different. There was so much space in my face. No hair distacting from my expression. It was clean. And neat. And somehow I liked this person. The little stubble left on top was also nice. I dared to put my hand on it and was electicuted. I had so smile. I was grinning. And i loved to see myself happy. Then the tears came again.
"Max" Michael said to me. "You´re my man now!" I was so happy. He pulled me out of the chair and into his arms. While we were hugging he touched the back of my head again. I felt loved. He put the cape off me. Now he told me put off my clothes. I did as I was told. I obeyed completely and put off everything I wore. "Dont forget the shorts!" he said as he could read my mind´s sorrows. I did until i was standing completely naked in front of him. We were still in his barbershop with a all the windows hid by curtains.
It felt like a second birth. Standing there being bald and naked. He then gave me his shirt so wear. Also he leaned me some of his other stuff. Michael smiled when he lookes at me. "You´re my boy now!" he said happily. And I felt that I liked that. Being in his clothes felt amazing. He through away my old stuff. Now he took me by the hand and lead me out of the shop into this summer evening.

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