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Michael and me by Max

We were outside. Michael laid his arm around my shoulder. Also was he rubbing the stubble left on the top of my head. He lead me down the street. The traffic was still busy. It was about seven pm. We were walking on the sidewalk. I felt very protected by him. So I could really enjoy walking through the crowed city. Walking besides him gave. Then i also laid my arm around his shoulder. We were just two guys hanging out together. We stopped and I looked at his face. I adored it. With his long blond hair he looked majestetic.
I myself was the total opposite of him. My shorn hair and rather skinny body couldn´t cope with his ellegance. Why would someone like me be around him? I was so confused. Me, the looser, in the pleasure of his company? Somehow he liked me though. I could feel that. Standing on this loud street i felt so alive. I didn´t care about my look and how others might preceive me.
He then guided his hand from my neck upwards. Putting both hands on my head he fixed my eyes. I looked into his shining blue eyes and was hypnotised. Again he looked highly concentarted. Holding me thight he said: "Now I need you to do something for me." I just knodded. He was kind of using magic on me. I followed his lead. He than grabbed my hand and pressed it tightly. I took a deep breath. Michael controlled me.
He told me that we would be visiting his favourite place in the world. We both got on the bus and drove out of the city. The journey took about half an hour. Michael sat next to me on the bus. I was looking out of the window. Also had my friend payed both of our tickets. I felt very tired. It was already becoming dark outside. Wearing his clothes and the buzzcut he gave me i felt extraordinary nice. I slowly let my head lean on his shoulder. Michael liked that too. He stroke my head again. "Close your eyes buddy" he whispered "I´ll wake you up when we´re there."
Immedeately I fell asleep. It was the deepest nap I ever had. Feeling his cheast breathing was exciting. As it has always a low temerature on the bus, he put his arm again around me. I was sleeping so deep it was a shock for me when he woke me up again. He tried not to scare me though. Softly he rubbed my head. "Get out now." he said. "we´re here".
We left at a busstation in the middle of nowhere. I was frightend because it has already become dark outside. He put on the little flashlight on his kees and guided me through the woods into a cabin. I could also hear a river. We entered the little wooden house. I saw one bed and a little oven. "Lay down now" he said. I was so tired suddenly, I did as he told me. I felt like I was knocked out. The soft bed was the best feeling. "Get out of the clothes first" he adviced me. So I tried to take off the shirt he gave me and the trousers as well. He meanwhile prepared the oven so we had it a little warmer. Summer night can also get quite cold. I was only wearing my shorts and sitting on the bed. Before he joined me in the bed he put off his clothes as well. He looked like an adonis. His muscular thorso could belong to a greek god. The next moment we were both lying in the bed next to each other. Michael looked at me and smiled. He said:" I love your new haircut" and put his hand on my head to feel it. "Tomorrow I´m gonna look like you" he let me know. I didn´t really understood.
The next day we woke up next to each other. I loved lying besides him. It was so protective. We got up and cleaned ourselves in the cold water of the river. Of course we would go in naked. It was so vitalising. After refreshing ourselves we lyed down on the beach. The sun was drying our wet and naked bodies.
I turned over to him. There was a big question in my mind. "What did you mean yesterday evening, when you siad you´re soon gonna look like me?" I asked. Michael just smiled. His blonde mane was shimmering in the sun. "Come and follow me into the cabin" he just said while he got up. Inside we stood next to a cupboard. He opened it and took out a manual clipper. "I need you do do a very speacial thing to me." he said in a stern voice.
After having shown me how the thing works he wanted to me to cut of his long hair by using the manual clippers. They had no guards on. This meant he would like to go bald. I couldn´t understand that. Why should I cut off his hair suddenly. I admired his thick and blonde mane. It was about five to seven inches long. He lookes beautiful. The hair was falling flat down. It suited Michael perfectly.
I was holding the manual clippers in my hands now. Nervously I looked him in the eye. Then I shook my head. I just couldn´t do it. So he slept me in the face to wake me up. "Max" he yelled "you´re gonna give me exactly the same haircut I gave you!". Michael took place on a chair. I was standing behind him. The boy was waiting for me to start. As you can imagine I was perplex. I first took a deep breath. Then I came close to the chair he sat on. Now I put one hand on his naked back. (He was just wearing his shorts.) I felt his warm skin. Knowing he trusted me I was running my fingers through his wonderful hair. I could also smell it. It was looking so healthy and gorgeous. But I was holding the manual clippers in my other hand.
"You can do it" he said "It´s quite simple." Then he put one hand on my hand resting on his shoulder. Michael was facing a window. He looked at the river we had swum in. "I´m just sick of this long hairmess." he explained. "Cut it all off please" Michael said. He was more a man than a boy being nearly 20 years old.
I started on the back of his head. Very carefully I pressed the clippers against his skull. While doing this I was working it like a scissor. Streaks of his hair fell down immediately. "Wow. You´re doing a good job" he laughed. I was very concentrated. It took me a while to completely shave the back of his head. Then I started doing the sides. While I was doing that his beautiful blond hair landed on his body. "I like it!" He said "I feel so free already". After havinh shorn the back and sides the great finally was waiting. I could have left it that way and it would be stylish. The long hair on top of Michael´s head remained now.
"Max!" he encouraged me "Don´t stop now!". I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Then I placed the clippers on his forehead right were his top hair started. I moved right through the middle of the hair left. It was just like mowing the lawn. Surprisingly I started having fun. I wanted to do a good job. So i moved form every side to the other to cut off all the remaining hair. This took me quite a while. But I was so concentrated that I forgot the time.
It was about midday when Michael was evenly shaved bald. When I was finished I sat down. Standing for ours on my feet was exhausting. I was sitting on the bed we slept in. He joined me there. When I looked at him I put both of my handy on top of his head. The feeling was amazing. Michael was smiling. "You did an amazing job" he told me. I was proud of it. "You´re like my brother, Michael." I said. He gave me kiss on the forehead. "We are brothers now" he taught me. "We goning to start doing business together. You will be working with in the shop from now on!" Michael said. He was my new boss.
Michael and I started working together in his barbershop. (His father was still the owner) My friend taucht me everything about haircuts. I soon could handle the electric clippers and scored amazing results. Sometimes I also used the manual clippers again. It had become a ritual between Michael and me to regularly cut each others hair.

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