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Call your mom II. by Chovanec

Call your mom II.
By the end of the holidays in 1975, when I was 14, I got an unwanted haircut in an old-fashioned barbershop with my best friend Martin. Time passed, and our hair grew gradually. After 10 days, bare skin was not visible, but the whole head was covered with short hair. As before, I used to go to Martin every day, I forgot the promise of Martin's father who gave the barber a month to come for another haircut.
Once on his way from school, Martin noted that the slow pass would be a month since his visit to the barbershop. Blood stiffened in my veins at the thought of going with them. When you come to us, Martin asked when we said goodbye .... Well, I don't know, probably not today, my mom wanted something from me and I have to wait. I continued with similar excuses for another three or four days. I longed eagerly to see Martin cut off so I could go back to him without fear.
One afternoon the phone rang. My mom answered the call. I heard: Yes, he's home ..... I'll be glad. ..... I'll send him. Good in an hour ...... I'll give him the money. ....Thank you again. Goodbye. Then my mom calls to me. Martin's father called. That you stopped coming to them, if you were angry with Martin. ... Not angry, he's the best friend, I replied .... That's nice to hear. Here's the money and go to it right away. You'll get a haircut. No mum, I don't want that from me. The barber makes drastically short hairstyles. This is not modern. They'll laugh at me at school. But my mom got angry. I said you were going to have a haircut and I didn't want to hear a word. It is not a fashionable haircut for Martin and yes for a young man. I see you are taking advantage of my goodness. I haven't seen such angry mom yet, so I took the money and slowly went to Martin.
Martin's father welcomed me warmly, called Martin and we went to the barber. Along the way I told Martin how my mother was angry when I didn't want to go to the barber. Martin laughed and answered. I know about that. I'm watching how he can know. He replied that Mum then phoned Martin's father that why I think the boy's hair is fashionable.
The barbershop was empty. Barber reading newspaper. He welcomed with us and immediately pointed to an empty girl's chair. Who will be the first. Martin pushed me forward with words. Today you are the first. Reluctantly I sit in the chair and the barber wrapped me in a sheet. I was expecting to ask what it would be like, but instead he just put my head forward and I can feel the teeth of the electric scissors rising up to the top of my neck. I begin to feel the coldness of the autumn weather on my exposed head. The barber spins my head according to his needs. I don't see what he's doing, I just wondered how I was trying to avoid this situation, and I didn't even know it, and I'm sitting in this nasty chair again. My thoughts were interrupted by the conversation between the barber and Martin's father. The barber asked if it was enough or higher. Father said he could be even higher. I didn't know what they were talking about, but the barber took the finer scissors bent my head back and I saw a larger piece of bare skin above my left ear and temporal bone. When the barber finished his work, he stood behind me with a mirror, I did not believe with my own eyes. My back of my head and hips were completely hairless. After the liberation, my hands flew to the back of my head and examined if what the eyes saw was true. I didn't understand why the hairstyle was even more drastic than it was a month ago, but I was silent. In the barber's chair, Martin replaced me, but he did not end up with such a drastic haircut as I did. I kept rubbing my head and wondering what was going on. On the way home Martha's father came to me and put his hand on my shoulders. And the conversation started. I heard you treated your mother very badly today, right? Well, I just didn't want to go to the barber. I know, Martin's father replied. Ask Martin how he would end up if he did. You got this haircut for a warning today, but that's the last time. Your mom and I agreed to go to the barber with us. We'll always alert you the day before and your mom will give you money to pay the barber. You understand, Martin's father tightened in his voice. Yes, sir, I replied.
We went home together. Martin told me in the room. Welcome to the Crop Sheep Club ..... I didn't ask and I asked Martin how it would end if he refused to go to the barber. He smiled and answered. But I would certainly get a spanking and if my father was in a bad mood, the hairstyle wouldn't end as you did but worse. WHAT? Can there be anything worse? Yes, completely shaved head. I don't know for sure, but your mom probably gave my father a free hand. I was angry with my mother and I wanted to shout it all to her, but on the way home I changed my mind.
Upon arrival, my mother praised my new hairstyle and told me the agreement between her and Martin's father that he would decide how often and what short hair I would have. And to make matters worse, he's allowed to give me a spanking.
At school, Martin wasn't the center of attention, but me. I had the shortest hair in my life but I was afraid of my father's beating.

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