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The Barberette Emporium: After Hours by Barberette Fan

This story takes place after the events of The Barberette Emporium. I'm thinking of taking a break from this series, so please feel free to leave feedback and ideas for what you might want to see next. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.
Laura's business card had been burning a hole in my pocket from the moment she'd given it to me. It had been almost two months since I'd had my head shaved by her at the Barberette Emporium, and my standards for my hair had completely changed. The "sexy bald look," she had called it. I had tried to maintain it for a few days, but shaving in the mornings became too much work, not to mention the awful nicks I had ended up with as a result of my carelessness. I now had somewhere around an inch of hair all over my head and, despite having over 3 inches before Laura shaved me bald, I was feeling incredibly shaggy.

All day at work, I toyed with the idea of calling the number she had given me. I desperately wanted to see her again, and bask in the glow of her perfect smile and gorgeous features. The thought of getting my hair cut at her place was all-consuming, so at lunch I went out to my car and made the call.

"Hello?" she answered, her voice bringing me back to when she'd first approached me in her red lingerie and heels. I could tell she was at work. The hungry buzzing of clippers in the background gave it away all too easily.

Nervously, I stammered, "Yes h-hi, it's... It's Tom. Y'know, from when you, uh... From when I came to the shop, and you... Um you gave me your business card?" Man, I really should've figured out what to say before I picked up the phone. I'd been too busy fantasizing about her firing up her clippers and taking all my hair off again.

She giggled and said, "Well it took you long enough, Tommy. I bet you're looking pretty shaggy right about now, huh?" Her dominant attitude put me in a trance, even through the phone. I was incredibly drawn to it, and couldn't wait to be back in her chair.

"Uh, yeah, I suppose it kinda is..." I mumbled into the phone, "Do you think maybe you could""

"Shave it all off?" The bluntness of her response both surprised and aroused me.

"Um, y-yes please," I stuttered, doing a bad job of masking my excitement.

She giggled again, obviously in control of the situation. "Why of course Tommy, I'd love to buzz you back down to nothing again. We'll do it at my place this time so I can show you just how much I love a freshly-shaved man. Come to 650 Forest Avenue, Apartment 32 at 9 o'clock tonight and I'll take care of you."

Before I could respond, Laura had hung up. I couldn't believe my luck! Being sheared in private by such a goddess of a woman was almost too exciting. I had to take a few minutes before getting out of my car to let my erection wane. How was I going to finish out the day at work?

At exactly 5 o'clock, I raced out of the office. Only four hours to go, I told myself. I decided that I would sit in the parking lot of the Barberette Emporium until about 6:30, just to let my mind wander and enjoy the excitement of being near the site of my first headshave. I pulled into the parking lot and found a space facing the shop. For the next hour I enjoyed watching as one by one, shaggy-haired men walked into the shop, and bald men exited. Every once in a while, I could see one of the lingerie-clad barberettes come through the curtain into the waiting room, grab a man by his long hair, and drag him behind the curtain. 20 minutes later, the same man would walk out from behind the curtain meekly rubbing his newly shaved head.

By this point, my heart was absolutely racing. I decided to stop and pick up a bottle of wine to bring to Laura's apartment. I went home and changed, and after an excruciating wait, I arrived at her apartment at 8:54. Taking a deep breath, I knocked on the door. To my surprise, when Laura answered, she was dressed modestly in a t-shirt and leggings. Her face lit up when she saw me, and her perfect, white smile melted me on the spot.

"Hi there shaggy," she said with a flirtatious grin, "You're a little early!"

"Yeah, sorry, I just couldn't wait any longer," I explained.

"That's alright boyfriend, come on in." I stepped into her apartment and saw that it was decorated elegantly and immaculately clean.

"Wow, your apartment is really amazing," I said, handing Laura the bottle of wine, now thinking I had been too cheap in my purchase.

"Thank you," she said with a smile, "And what a gentleman you are for bringing wine!" She opened the bottle and poured us each a glass. Handing me one, she invited me to take a seat next to her on her leather sofa. "So, ready to be bald again?" she asked. The question caught me completely off guard, and I felt my stomach flip as I instantly began to get hard.

"Um, y-yeah, I think so..." I stammered, my hardness quickly becoming apparent.

"Well then what are we waiting for? I think it's time we get this mop shaved off," she said forcefully, grabbing me by my hair and yanking me off the sofa. She marched me down the hall to her bathroom, which was incredibly spacious. The surprising part, however, was the décor. In the center of the room was a salon chair facing a large mirror above the sink. Handcuffs dangled from each of the arms, and a barber pole hung from the wall, plugged in and spinning. Laid out on the counter were a pair of large, black clippers, shaving cream, and a razor. There was no doubt that I'd be leaving her apartment completely bald and bare.

"Strip," Laura commanded, releasing my hair. I pulled my shirt and shorts off before she aggressively yanked off my boxers as well, leaving me completely naked, my erection fully visible. Laura bit her lip as she looked directly at my dick. Grabbing it, Laura gently eased me into the chair. As she handcuffed me, she said, "You're probably wondering why I have all this stuff in my apartment. Truth is, before I started working at the Emporium, I had... A hobby. I'd go to bars in the area and seduce men with long hair, convince them to come home with me, and then force them into this chair and shave their hair off."

Her story made me even harder, as I'd often fantasized about being forcibly shaved bald by a gorgeous woman I had just met. Now completely restrained to the chair, Laura looked my entire body up and down, focusing on my hairy chest and pubic area. "Oh Tommy," she said, "We really have our work cut out for us, don't we?" She stepped back and began to undress. I expected her to be wearing lingerie beneath her clothes, but instead she stripped completely naked, only putting on a pair of stilettos that she had left near the tub. Her perfect body was completely hairless below the neck, and her large, firm breasts bounced with her every step. "Let's start with that mop on your head, shall we?" Laura asked rhetorically.

Laura's heels clicked on the floor as she approached the counter and picked up her unguarded clippers. She switched them on with a loud BZZZZZZ, letting out a slight giggle as I pulled against the restraints instinctively. "Okay boy toy, let's get you cleaned up!" she giggled. I began to leak precum thinking about the fact that her idea of "cleaning up" was shaving my head completely bald. Immediately, Laura walked behind me and shoved my head down so my chin touched my chest. She ran her clippers up from below the base of my neck all the way up to the crown of my head. I felt chunks of hair falling down my naked shoulders as Laura began to say things like, "It's allll coming off, Tommy," or, "Nice and short, a proper haircut," and, "You'll be bald in no time."

Before long, Laura had shaved the back and sides of my head down to stubble. She readjusted her grip on the clippers and began to take long, slow strokes over the top of my head. I watched in the mirror as my hair was mowed away, leaving only the tiniest trace of stubble behind. Laura ran her nails over the back of my neck as she buzzed the hair off of the top of my head.

Shutting off the clippers, Laura began running her nails all over my scalp as I felt her press her tits against my bare nape. "Muuuuuch better, handsome, all that long hair gone" Laura said seductively, "Now I'm gonna shave you nice and smooth." She sprayed a handful of shaving cream into her palm and then spread it around my head. She began to expertly shave off every bit of stubble while periodically checking my scalp for perfect smoothness using her nails and the backs of her fingers.

After a few minutes, I was back to bald. It felt so good to be shaved back down to nothing, and it felt even better to have a naked blonde goddess strap me to the chair while she shaved me. My hardness had not wavered, and my anticipation built as I prepared to be released from my shackles, but instead I heard the clippers start back up again and felt Laura running them down the center of my chest. "You're not getting up from this chair until you're bald everywhere," she explained in a dominant tone, "I need you smooth if I'm gonna have any fun with you." She said this as she finished buzzing the hair off my chest and began to lather it up in preparation for a complete shave.

Again wielding the razor, Laura scraped away the shaving cream as she said, "You'd better not try to get up again when I'm done with your chest, there's still something very important left for me to buzz down." She glanced down at my dick and then bit her lip, making deep eye contact with me and scraping away the last of the hair on my chest.

Starting up her clippers once more, Laura grabbed my hard dick which was now soaked in precum. She smirked as she held her vibrating clippers against my balls and gave my dick a few quick strokes. She began behind my balls and ran the clippers over them and up the underside of my dick. It was all I could do not to cum as she stood there naked and teasing me, smirking all the while. After what felt like hours, she had buzzed the hair off of my balls and began to work on my pubes above my dick. Holding it down, she ran the clippers over it in every direction, causing me to get harder than I previously thought possible before she mowed off the pubes above it. "That's much better," she teased, "This is how I like my men to look for me. Buzzed down and shaved bald all over. I want your cock nice and smooth if I'm gonna ride on it." Had I heard her right? I never in my wildest dreams expected that I'd actually get to have sex with this beautiful barberette.

In my stunned silence, Laura lathered my genitals and carefully shaved them completely bare. I'd never been smooth down below before. Laura immediately got on her knees and started teasing me with her nails and tongue, and the feeling was absolutely spectacular. I couldn't believe the difference. Still handcuffed, Laura took me into her mouth for a few seconds before climbing on top of me in the chair. She straddled me and allowed my dick to slide into her dripping wet pussy, moaning softly as I entered her. As she began to ride me, she shoved my face into her chest and started running her nails up the back of my shaved neck and all over my bald head.

"You were in desperate need of a proper headshave, weren't you?" Laura whispered in my ear as she slowly bounced up and down. "Aren't you just sooooo glad that I strapped you down and buzzed that mop off with my clippers? Doesn't it feel so much better to be shaved completely bald? I hope you like it because I plan to keep you this way. This is exactly how all men should look." With that, I came inside her harder than I had ever finished before. At the same time, Laura achieved a long orgasm, and began to dig her nails into my smooth scalp as she finished.

Completely exhausted, I was finally freed from the handcuffs. Laura helped me out of the chair as I took a long look at my totally bald self in the mirror, still not believing what had just happened. Grabbing me by the hand, Laura led me towards her bedroom, her heels clicking on the floor.

"C'mon baldy, I'm nowhere near done with you yet. I told you I'd show you just how much I love shaved men, didn't I?" The rest of the night was pure ecstasy with the most gorgeous woman in the entire world. What can I say? Being bald has its perks.

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