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Blind Date . Part One (recovered) by Tyler

‘I don’t know about this…’ I said as my best friend, Mary Alice Brandon, applied a bit of mascara to my eyelashes.
‘Bella stop moving,’ Alice said before putting the mascara down and picking up an odd-shade of red lipstick, ‘And stop worrying, everything will go fine,’ she said before carefully applying the lipstick to my somewhat full lips. ‘From what Jazz has told me, he’s a really nice guy,’ Alice. She smiled before putting the cap back on the lipstick. She picked up a small brush and applied some light pink blush to my cheeks.
‘But you know how I feel about blind dating!’ I protested. Alice rolled her eyes before putting the brush down and stepping back to admire her work.
‘You look great,’ she said with a smile before pulling me off the stool I was sitting on and dragging me over to a floor-to-ceiling mirror. I looked at my reflection and couldn’t help but smile. I was dressed in a knee-length, light blue, sleeveless dress, a dark jean jacket, and white high heels. My rich brown, mid-length hair was curled and framed my face perfectly. ‘When Jacob sees you, he’ll die,’ Alice said with a smile.
‘Jacob?’ ‘Yeah, that’s the guy’s name: Jacob Taylor Black,’ Alice informed me.
‘Alright,’ I said, ‘Well, let’s get this over with,’ I said with a small smile. Alice jumped up and down with joy before taking my hand and guiding me downstairs. She pulled me outside and helped me into her yellow Corvette…her baby, as calls it. Alice quickly climbed into the driver’s seat.
‘I swear, you won’t regret it,’ Alice said before pulling away from my house and taking off down the street. She was right, I wouldn’t regret it…I already do…

I sat quietly at a small, round table in the center of La Push Café, waiting patiently for this Jacob guy to show up. I picked the cup of water I ordered and took a sip.
‘Bella?’ I looked over and saw a man, about 6’7, standing behind me.
‘Bella Swan?’ I nodded, realizing that it was Jake. Wow…he was…very attractive. He was wearing a white button up shirt, the first few top buttons undone; revealing a chest full of jet black curls, and he wore black slacks and black dress shoes. His skin was naturally sun-kissed and his eyes were the color of melted chocolate. His most noticeable feature was his hair. He had jet black, silky thick hair that just went past his waist. Curls formed at the ends. After I nodded, Jake walked around the table and took the seat across from me.
‘You must be Mr. Jacob Black,’ I said after putting my cup down.
‘That I am, although, everyone just calls me Jake,’ Jacob said with an ear-to-ear grin; revealing a set of perfectly white teeth that really stood out against his skin.
‘Well, Jake, Jasper has told me so much about you,’ I said, ‘So has Alice for that matter.’
‘Hah, Jazz has told me quiet a bit about you as well,’ Jacob said in his husky voice, ‘One thing he failed to tell me, though, was how attractive you are,’ Jacob said. I looked down at me cup, my cheeks red.
‘Thanks…you’re not bad looking yourself,’ I said, looking back up at him with a slight smile, ‘Your hair is beautiful,’ I told him. Jacob chuckled before sitting back in his chair, ‘No really, it is.’
‘Thanks,’ Jacob said, still smiling, ‘It’s taken me about six years to grow it out,’ he informed me. My eyes widened and my jaw dropped, wow…six years? I’ve never met a boy that was willing to grow his hair for that long. He laughed at my expression, ‘I started growing it when I was fifteen. Last haircut I ever got was a head shave by my father,’ he told me. Ah, so that’s why he’s growing it. To irritate his father. I nodded my head in understanding. ‘So, tell me about yourself,’ Jacob said after a few seconds. I looked at him...

‘I had fun tonight,’ Jacob said as he pulled his truck up in front of me house. ‘I hope we can hang out sometime soon,’ Jacob said before turning his engine off. He looked over at me, and I looked over at him. I leaned over without a warning and kissed him. His lips were so hot against mine. I could tell he was caught off guard, but after a few seconds he started kissing back. I pulled away after a few seconds and looked at him.
‘Wanna come in?’ I asked, smiling a little. Jacob nodded his head. I sat up straight before climbing out of his truck. Jacob got out and followed me inside. I turned the main hall light on and looked at Jacob. Once he closed the door, he walked over to me and pulled me to him. He wrapped his muscular arms me and pressed his hot lips firmly against mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed back as firmly as I could. I wasn’t too surprise when I felt his tongue brush against my lips, begging to be let in. I pulled back and looked at him. ‘Not here, in the bedroom,’ I told him. He nodded his head before lifting me up off my feet and carrying me upstairs.
‘Which door?’ he asked, look at the two doors.
‘The first one,’ I told him. He nodded, walked over to the door, somehow opened it, and walked inside. He kicked the door closed behind him before lowering me onto the bed and climbing on top of me. He pressed his lips firmly against mine again, and once again, I felt his tongue brush against my lips; nonce again begging to be let in. I opened my mouth, granting his tongue access. His tongue searched my entire mouth before wrapping itself around mine. While our tongues were busy, I raised my hands and started unbuttoning the rest of the buttons on his shirt. Once they were unbuttoned, he pulled back and sat up straight. He pulled his unbutton shirt off and threw it onto the floor. I reached up and ran my hand through the tiny curls on his chest. I grabbed a handful of tiny curls and pulled him down; he yelled a little in pain. I pulled him close, so close that my lips were next to his ear. ‘F*** me,’ I whispered. Jake pulled away and looked at me with a smile on his face.
‘Gladly,’ he said…

I was awoken by the sound of a soft, lullaby. I sat up in bed and looked over at Jacob. He was out cold; his hair was cascading all over the place and even fell over the edge of the bed. The blanket was just barely covering him; the only part of him covered was his dick. I looked around the room, trying to find the source of the lullaby. After a few seconds, I spotted the source. It was Jake’s cellphone. I reached over and gently shook Jake.
‘Your phone’s ringing…’ I told him. He moaned and turned onto his side. His eyes opened a little and he looked at me.
‘Can you get it for me?’ he asked, his voice tired. I nodded and climbed out of bed. I walked over to his slacks. I bent down and picked the cell up and flipped it open. He had a text message from a girl named Leah Clearwater. I was gonna tell Jake when I accidently opened the message. I looked at the screen and gasped…Jacob…had a girlfriend?
‘Who was it?’ Jake moaned from the bed.
‘I don’t know…they hung up,’ I told lied.
‘Okay…I’ll call whoever it was back tomorrow…’ he said before drifting back to sleep. I re-read the message over and over again.

‘Hey Jake, can’t wait to see you! I miss you so much! Paris was so much fun! We have to go there together some time. Oh, honey, I can’t wait to be back in your arms. Love you! XOXOXO!’

I closed the phone and looked over at Jake, who was sleeping peacefully on my bed. I blinked when all the sadness and hurt I had just felt a few moments turned into anger. He wasn’t gonna get away with this…

The End

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