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Barberette Has Given Me My Last Haircut by Marshall

My Last Haircut.

My Name is Tom living in New Zealand, Iam 22 years im quite athletic and muscular and yes I have been blessed with MPB with a receding hairline and a high forehead and thinning on top. I always wanted to shave my head bald but I just couldn’t, due to all the outside obstacles of the world. But I also looked at remedies to regrow hair as I don’t want to be bald right now or this early for example nail rubbing, onion juice, oils and etc. When ever I get a haircut at by local Barberettes center, I say not to much of the top just a trim or 10/5mm of the top on the top and a number 5 or scissor cut on the sides, so I can hide my MPB and wont be to visible. The Barberettes are also very strict at this place and this generally pisses them off. I remember one Lady Barber her name Trisha, roughly in her mid 40s, gave me a Number 2 all over because what I wanted, really confused her so she couldn’t take it no more and got out the clippers and I guess she enjoyed the shearing she gave me, But then again I miss this Barberette Trisha as she left place, If I step into Trishas chair again ill let her choice the hairstyle or asked for a Number Zero all over. Any way im sitting there with a number 2 and I can tell that all the other Barberettes enjoyed it as well, staring at me with a slight grin. Thrisha said that this haircut will teach you a lesson young boy and its about time you grew up and accept your fate, you ae balding and there is nothing you can do about it. She was right One thing I learnt that day was you can never hide or fool a women with your MPB haircuts. Anyway that will be $14, as I payed her, she said see again sunshine, taking a dig at my shiny temple and forehead. As I left the shop with a Number 2 all over and my MPB horseshoe totally visible for everyone to see. This is going to take months to grow back, so I generally wore caps to hide this. It was embarrassing at times as women and girls will stare at this, kids will call be Ugly and Mr Baldy. I remember my auntie seeing me, she was shocked, like really shocked but she also had a slight grin on her face. She asked what happen, adding to her own amusement, I lied and told her I wanted a shorter haircut. My auntie really Liked my haircut, she even suggested that I take to a Number Zero all over, oh by the way My aunties husband is Bald for as long as I can Remember. Oh and guess what Im going to be living with my Bald Uncle and Auntie for 4-6 Month while working in Land Architecture Job, they generally live in a rural area now as they are retired.
So after 2 Months when summer is here and my hair all grown back, which I can get back to styling my hair. My auntie was unimpressed when she saw my hair all grown back and being messy, she told me that told me that Hairstyles are only for Women/girls not men. She was right as, Well I can’t argue with a MPB. So my first week living with them went really smooth and fitted in nicely. The place was very spacious and private. We had a mini gym, 4 master bedrooms and beautiful outdoor area. It was just the three of us, but I I think after 1 Week my aunties sister is also coming to stay and also after 2 Weeks I’m staring my Part time work in Landscaping.
The Bald Conspiracy against me Me
Ok my uncle is Bald and he has being shaving his head for about 25 Years or So, The Manager and some staff at the Small time Landscape Architecture firm are also Bald and my My aunties are also teasing and picking on me and asking me when are you going to get a girlfriend, they said if I shave my mop all the girls will coming running to me, just to motivate me. Btw my Auntie has a Long sleek bob and the other one has a bangs and pony tail/tied knot both with black hair, they look beautiful in their hairstyles.

Here is a Quick list of action that my aunties and uncle saw me do when staying with them.

-I was taking to long in the bathroom doing my hair and styling my combover.
-I would not open the windows in the car as this will mess my hair up.
-I would not get a shorter haircut as I wanted to hide my MPB.
-I was using to many Hair Products, which my uncle hated.
-I used avoiding to take photos with the Family.
-I wore caps inside the house during bad hair days.
-I had a Bit of Dandruff " due to all the Products
-Wind is always messing with my Hair

Enough is Enough, TOM!!! My uncle shouted loudly, Its time for you to get a Hair Cut, A PROPER HAIRCUT!!!!, my two aunties were also shocked and surprised when he shouted. My uncle also hadn’t been shaving as I saw his sides and back got to number 2s and the top being bald as ever hahaha, so he too needed a shave. Iam so not looking forward to this, but then what choice do I have, I wore a cap just in case the haircut might be bad, so I was prepared. We parked the car and walked for 5min and entered a old looking Barbershop with 3 lady barbers one was a blonde with a long bob with a front bangs styled straight and the other one was a brunette with pony tail and the other was a strict looking blonde with a shoulder length bob, I guess she was the boss.
Anway we were greeted by the 3-good looking lady’s, saying Hello, Please take a seat and follow us. Me and my uncle both took our seats. I was seated with the Blonde barberette with the long bob and bangs. She took my cap off and asked what are we doing and how much are we taking off today, Soon as I was about to give an answer on what I wanted, she shouted SHAVING IT ALL OFF ARE WE THEN. At this point all eyes were on me. My uncle heard her and had a smirk and but he is already bald so he doesn’t even care, he just wants me bald to.
This barberette started playing with my hair, revealing my male pattern Baldness for the other lady barbers to see, she said what do we have here you naughty boy, you’ve been hiding your MPB have you ? She said don’t worry after this haircut you will have no more hair to hide or play with, adding insult to injury.
She got the clippers with no guards, but She didn’t turn my shair around, she wanted to show me the shearing in the mirror. The clipplers started ROAARING very loud and BUZZED the middle of my head as I bent down, I looked up and I was bald through the center, She was really rough I could felt the clippers were pulling my hair , but she didn’t care. After 30 Secs the Top was at a Number 0 and my uncle next to me and all the lady barbers were smiling and laughing, staring at me. Anyway a few more passes of front, back and sides " I was Totally bald within 2 Minutes. I went to get up but was pushed back down by the barberette, Telling me in a strict Tone that WERE NOT DONE JUST YET YOUNG MAN!!!. She went back to get a hot towel and placed it on my Noggin for 5 Min, The towel was really hot and I could feel the heat destroying my hair follicles, It was burning, later hot lather/ shaving cream was smeared around my bald scalp, it felt really good and she got out here straight razor and she started against the grain, she was really focused I couldn’t even make eye contact with her, she had one motive in mind, which was to make me hairless as possible. She was shaving against the grain on the top side and back, make multiple razor passes to ensure I was smooth all over feeling it with her hand. She then rubbed the excess cream and hair off with a towel, rough.
My reaction " I couldn’t believe it I was so smooth, my head shined due to the over head lights it was gleaming and you could see my male pattern baldness pattern shadow, NOOOO what’s every body going to think now, as she uncapped me and I went to grab my cap, but she took it back and said no Caps for you, learn to appreciate your last and final hairstyle, show the world who you are and be proud of this haircut, she laughed. I said you can keep the cap it looks better on you then me. She was very supportive and said don’t worry just give it a few weeks and you’ll get use to it as this is the new you. She was totally right this is my hairstyle.
The barberettes asked if I could take a photo of my bald head/headshave for their social media page, well my uncle butted in and said go ahead and saying that everyone needs to see his bald head, everyone at the shop was laughing. We both took Photos with the 3 Beautiful barberettes. We Paid and left the shop, during the ride my uncle kept reminding me how good my haircut or bald head his. When we got home my two aunties were really shocked and amused at my transformation, they started laughing, making jokes like wheres all your hair, is that a mirror on your head, did you put gel,wheres your cap yea hahahaha yes Im bald, B A L D, and there’s nothing I can do about so make all the jokes you want. But at the end of the day they were really supportive and caring and say that I look million times better without the mop, with a small laugh/joke in between. I go to my bedroom and look in the mirror and see my shiny head and instantly my mind is racing, what will the other girls think " whill they think that im ugly and old ?? , What will the World think ?? , What will my friends think ?? and what will my Parents think?? But then I said to my myself TOM, THAT’S ENOUGH Lets look in the Brightside, My aunties think I look better with out the hair, My uncle is bald so he doesn’t mind as long I keep my dome Clean of any hair, My staff and manager at the firm are also bald so I blend Right in and manger also said that is look more professional and smart, The Barberettes at the shop, said I look more Handsome then before and I’m losing my hair and have a MPB so I guess Being bald is A WIN, WIN, hahah. This is my last haircut and no more hair gels, new hairstyles trends and products for me.
I was so motivated and wasn’t thinking right and made some big and tough calls I got out a piece of A4 paper and wrote some tough to do stuff during the next four 5 months and got it signed by Me, my uncle and my two aunties. between my uncle and aunties, and I told them if im slacking from this then you can punish me or ground me such as no TV, no sweets, doing more chores/cleaning and etc and they agreed. This list is tough, but it was right, Without the hair life needs to change as well and I need to stop being lazy.

-Gym 3-4x A Week.
-No Junk Food
-Head shave clean Bald at least 2-4 Times a Week " to keep it smooth and tidy.
-No wearing a hat indoors no matter what. This is a time no more hiding the MPB/bald head All the girls and women will see my shiny bald head.
-Quick showers " Save water.
-Do chores " Help the Maid with dishes, Vacuuming.
-Go to Bed Earlier and wake up Early
-Stop Being Lazy
-Dress more professional " no more Streetwear.

One week as passed and im following my strict routine, such as shaving 4 times a week, I can say that I have gotten use to the bald head and so has the family.
During my first day at work at the small time Landscape architecture firm. The Manger was delighted at my new professional look of wearing glasses, polo shirt tucked in and dress pants and of course the bald head, he jokily asked if I was shaving my head to please him, I said no Sir, im Balding so yea hahahah. We both laughed and said bald is good.
Here’s the staff at the Landscaping firm mostly 9 staff
Boss Amber " Sleek Long Bob
Manager Jim " Bald
Harold " Long shoulder length hair
Simon " Balding
Jacob " Undercut
Nina " Bob
Heather " Ponytail tied
Jess- Long Bob
Tina " Bangs
Tom Me " hahaha you guessed it (BALD)


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