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Barberette Given Me A Haircut Part 2 by Marshall

Read the First storie Please which is the "Barberette Has Given Me My Last Haircut"

This is the Part 2


At work I got a lot of compliments from the ladies about my bald head, some would rub it and feel it. The ladies even teased Simon who was balding and asked if he is going for a number zero all over this hot summer haha.
Our job at the firm is mostly digital and a bit of outdoor field work. Such as designing outdoor spaces that compliment and combine with the architecture aspects. I still miss my hair but I am very glad that I made the choice to go bald, as my boss amber always compliments me on my professional tidy look of bald on top, clean shaven and dressing formally , and she sees some leadership skills in me and she says that it also gives professional appearance to the clients and other staff members. Well if my Boss loves that, then I know I’m doing Good.

I found out that keeping a bald look requires lots of hard work and dedication to keep shaving it and keeping it smooth, I decided to grow my hair out for the next 10 " 12 days. I wanted it to grow it out because I wanted to go back to my Barberette and let Trisha Shave it and show her my new haircut. Anyway in the 12 day period my sides and back were grown into a thick dark stubble, but top was sparse, light and thinning, which gave me the impression of being old and having a old man haircut.
My boss was not impressed as it made me look old and dirty but I told her that I would work extra hard at work to make it up for doing this, she agreed and said get it shaved in the next week Ok Tom and and home, Yes you guessed it they were laughing and but I was punished by uncle and two aunties due the form that we all signed, which stated I was meant to shave my head at least 2-4 a week times for 5 months and no wearing a cap, which I was. I had two options No TV for 2 weeks and 2 weeks of strict hard chores or that I extend my headshaving punishment by a extra month, so I chose to extend my Punishment by a Extra month, which means 1 Extra month to be bald and following those boring chores, yay.
Doing back home just for a Haircut..
Was Friday Morning and I know that Trisha is working early today, so I jump out my bed, had a shower and put my cap on and went out for the haircut. As I got their I was greeted with a good morning and I removed my cap and then Trisha Recognised me, asked me what happen to all that buetiful hair, staring at my head, I told her I been shaving it and ive been to lazy lately to cut it. Please take a seat and then capped me very tightly, she asked me ‘You have balded fast’ she replied examining my head with her nails, maybe women see baldness of guy differently, but don’t worry we can get you tidied up in no time. Just After I said Trisha could I ask you a question, she said what you have in mind, Hey Trisha Im able to regrow my lost hair back I asked, Trisha and the other Barberette started laughing.
Without even asking me what I wanted " she gets out her bare oster clipplers with no guard and starts to take of all the thick stubble of hair from the sides and back and then clean the top off, the constant passing of the clipplers was hurtng me, but I could tell she was enjoying it, then she says thas looking better and more like your style, the other barberette agreed to in amusement. Anyway Trisha wanted to do the works and got a very hot steamy towel and placed in on my head for 10 mins, I sat their relaxing and contemplating on what was going to happen next. She took the towel off my head and she brought a another hot towel, which she vigorously rubbed on my head, she said that this will remove and loosen all the lose hair follicles on my head to make the shave easier and smoother. She got some hot lathers and smeared on my scalp and let it sit for 5 Min, while she was working on her straight razor of changing blades, She started at the top due to the fact thin hair gets loose fast as appose to thick hairs of side and back which takes time to get soft. Scrapping bit my bit, she was rough I was I great pain but she was focused on scrapping it against the grain on top, sides and back I was bald in no time. She got a another hot towel and used to clean up the excessive hair and creame on my head. Then She rubbed some cheap alcohol lotion oil, which smelt nice but was stinging like crazy, I could feel it destroying my hair follicles, this made my so called head even more shiner. Before releasing me from her chair she said, now listen young boy in a strict tone, "I don’t ever wont to see you get a hair transplant, take finasteride’s/hairloss medicine or wear a hair system ok she asked" and I said I Promise Trisha. She said that this is a best Hairloss Treatment for you. Both the Barberette were serious about this. She then rubbed more of that cheap alcohol lotion again to teach me a lesson, I was really burning, but I didn’t want to show Trisha the pain. Ok now she untied the cape and playing with a comb on my bald head and then she asked me "Now hows That, would you like some gel" with a smirk and the other Barberette laughing. I said No Trisha No gel please. Trisha Are you sure, we can spike it up for you, again playing with her comb on my head. The other Barberette couldn’t stop staring at my head and said this hairstyle is for me as I really suited me.
I went to pay for my haircut, but she said, this haircut is on the house young man. I told here I have time to kill so let me help you in the shop I asked, she agreed and gave me a broom and said clean this mess up. I admitted It was pretty fun, helping two beautiful lady’s, They I needed to install a printer software or something on the computer, so I did that as well, We are closing for lunch, but your not leaving until this this place brand spunkin new just like head got she said in a loud tone, I said yes Maam you’re the boss. So as the two Barberettes left for lunch at the back, mopped the floors, cleaned the bins, vacuumed, made sure the furniture was organised, made sure the place was hairless as possible and etc, they were really pleased. They took my Photo placed it on the wall of fame at their shop, it was embarrassing I know.

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